Thoroughly hate to admit, but so far, after replacing and with Microsoft all along with sending large parts of the teams to home office, collaboration quality this way has significantly increased, especially talking about features like chat notes or the ability to do live recordings of calls. And it just works, without custom infrastructure, even for mostly untrained people. Once again it pushes and open solutions back in one relevant aspect of day-to-day work. 😟

@z428 I don't think it's unfair to say that "just works" and "even for mostly untrained people" have never been super high priorities in most projects


@frankiesaxx Yes, unfortunately. 😟 And with that decentralization approach (and having dozens of "instances" hosted by "someone") makes it even more difficult, when your only two choices are either running things completely on your own or relying your company operation upon infrastructure provided by someone you (in worst case) barely know. We possibly need more services and service providers such as NextCloud for that.

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