When rushing to adopt new proprietary technology in an emergency like now, be VERY cautious of future liabilities, post crisis.

The danger of treating acute pain with morphine is a long term, destructive, expensive addiction...

Many tech solutions are entirely analogous - by design. Their proprietors are delighted this crisis provides an opportunity to sneak past sensible procurement processes.

@lightweight Yes. But sometimes you *will* need to use morphine or some other proven painkiller - especially when the alternative is a crowd of people trying to "sell" you various strangely-looking ingredients and insist that you just get out of the comfort zone, overcome your laziness and roll your own painkiller just like everyone should do to ensure their independence... 😐

@z428 yup. The point is that each person has a duty to those affected by their decisions to be informed, and aware of their liabilities and other options. Most people don't bother raising the shroud of ignorance. And, remember: marketing (like a casino) never works in your best interest. See davelane.nz/marketing

@lightweight ... really much time to compare and evaluate alternatives. The bad thing: Once the crisis has been managed, there *will* eventually be an evaluation of alternatives, and we will much likely notice that there aren't really many if you look at the full feature set - no matter where you move, it always will most likely be about making yourself free from that very addiction and paying for that with more effort for less quality. That really bugs me, and I see no solution for that. 😟

@z428 well, luckily you're quite mistaken with your assertion about about the "more effort for less quality". In fact, I've always found the opposite to be true. Details: davelane.nz/marketing


@lightweight Well. Again, depends. I've been into that for a while. And I've been using FLOSS and self-hosted communication and groupware solutions for a while now. If you can recommend something that is on par with O365 and Microsoft Teams in example in terms of integration (video, chat, calendar, office/documents, ...), availability (desktop, web, all relevant mobile platforms) and feature set (including on-demand recording of video calls, in example), I'm happy to dive into ...

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