bubble out there: Can anyone recommend a sane, clean theme for use with a professional day-to-day device that doesn't have touch input? Definitely spoilt by the @elementary design which unfortunately isn't an option on that box - yet most of the themes I tried feel somewhat candy-colored or like ripped out of a comic strip. Isn't there something cleaner, preferrably with small window borders? What do you use day to day? The box is on Debian bullseye by the way. Boosts appreciated. πŸ™‚

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@z428 @elementary I couldn't stand anything else than the default theme of vanilla-gnome. πŸ˜‡

@rjayasinghe I generally like the GNOME default theme but the window borders are regularly giving me the creeps, both because they're huge on my screen and because I don't like that rounded borders very much. 😐


@z428 @elementary yeah.. I know. ;) I was coming from i3 with virtually no window borders.. ;-D

@z428 @elementary I am using the Matcha gtk Theme, the default of Manjaro. But I guess you could use any other flat theme.

@z428 @elementary do u know equilux? it’s dark and almost monochrome, made to not hurt eyes

@mousebot @moji

Thanks for your suggestions. Looking at the screenshots, I'm unsure whether they will work for me but I'll give them a try nevertheless. Let's see... πŸ™‚


@z428 Really love and currently use 'Skeuos' with "Flat remix' icons since I was tired of my former favorite theme 'Qogir' (completely flat) which I had used for several years.

Skeuos example:

Skeuos source:

Qogir source:

Flat remix icons source:

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