I love #gemini as a protocol. But after browsing it for a while all the gemlogs start to look very samey. Minimalism, tech, free software, web 2.0 bashing etc. And there is barely anything that's not a gemlog on the network. I hate that people got this great protocol but aren't doing anything cool with it :(


@person Same for quite some spaces of the as far as I see, and a sad problem. These tools still often fail to attract people that want to use a technology for a particular purpose rather than because it's cool or aligns with their attitude. 😔

@z428 I think it's not as bad on the fediverse, I still find interesting content on it. But gopher and gemini? There is NOTHING on them, nothing at all!

If Fosstodon set up a gemini all the #100DaysToOffload bloggers who don't have their own website would have a perfect platform.
Could probably implement comments/feedback thru ActivityPub accounts too.

@dublinux Dude no that would be terrible. We have a protocol and issue is that people only use it to make gemlogs. Solution? Let's have more of them!

@dublinux Also that challenge really hurts the quality of the blog posts in my opinion.

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