Can we agree to push #xmpp or #Matrix into the tech bubble before pretending that the two technologies and the necessary environments are ready for mass adoption? #signal #whatsapp

@jom I would fully agree - with the limitation to push *either* *or* to the tech bubble and agree on *one* of the two technologies *before* we try to reach out for mass adoption?

Ok, more seriously. I don't believe in pushing protocols to end users. It makes zero sense to them. "XMPP" and "Matrix" are not things they can install, they just search for it and find confusing tech stuff. You can recommend solutions such as Snikket or Element and you'll have a far easier time.

@mattj @z428 @jom But then again you have the issue that this can lead to the impression that the user thinks that Snikket and Quicksy are two different chat systems. I don't know whether naming the clients like "Snikket for XMPP" and "Quicksy for XMPP" for help with that.

In the end, I think the biggest harm that the buy-out of Jabber to Cisco had done was the trademark issue with the name.


@ij Yes, Quicksy is pretty good as it also tackles another issue I see with end-users (the need to "choose an instance" before registering an account). Same way, I've always enjoyed what the folks did in terms of pubsub for social networking - which then again also is another "niche" even within the "open world", like, outside the ... 😟 ).

@mattj @jom

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