"Wayland solves no issues I have but breaks almost everything I need. And usually it stays broken, because the Wayland folks only seem to care about Gnome, and alienating everyone else in the process. "

This whole thing is thoroughly scary, not from a technical point of view but looking at the picture of the FLOSS community it is creating. 😐

@z428 Really not sure why a site like OSNews would be posting this (aside from the click-bait). It certainly isn't news-worthy. Would they cover someone who still uses WinXP ranting about how Windows 10 "breaks everything"? Or someone complaining about recent Linux kernel versions breaking their ipchains scripts so they're still running 2.2?

Like anti-systemd cranks, best we just let children like that have a cry to themselves in the corner and get on with life imho.


@mjog Personal guess is that Thom stumbled across this and ended up so pi___d that he wrote about it. 😉

My issue with all these things, be that wayland or systemd or whatever kind of technology, is: Either it is just me and these things becoming more obvious or the community is becoming more and more polarized and hostile towards such changes. Taking that ipchains/iptables example, I can't recall people being *that* upset about this change back then. Somehow it feels like people are ...

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