Is anyone out here using #friendica on all along with #andstatus? I'd love to give it a try but somehow I already fail to get this to work while trying to connect the app to the instance in the (web-view?) based browser... 😑️
This is not a specific problem with It doesn't work via either.
@one Thanks for testing. I only do have this one account so I had no real good way to double-check. Too, meanwhile I learnt that just the same happens with #tusky and #twidere while trying to connect to #friendica, but in those I can use "some" other browser (checked Midori Lite off fdroid) where this works. Strange.
@z428 I use #tusky and #twidere myself. There are no problems for me. Do you use iOS or Android?
@one Both seem to work with a custom browser to open the OAuth(?) screen. #andstatus just has a few specialties I enjoy using once in a while (and unfortunately, most apps somehow seem ... limited while being used with #friendica ... 😔️).

@z428 As I remember, some years ago #AndStatus could connect to #friendica as to a GnuSocial type of a Social network. This means that you would use plain text password during login, and no OAuth authorization screen and a WebView (Browser) at all.


@AndStatus Just for completeness' sake: Figured out that at least for this seems to work by connecting as a GNUSocial network. Not sure if there are any other limitations with that approach, though.

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