bubble out there: Can anyone recommend a sane, clean theme for use with a professional day-to-day device that doesn't have touch input? Definitely spoilt by the @elementary design which unfortunately isn't an option on that box - yet most of the themes I tried feel somewhat candy-colored or like ripped out of a comic strip. Isn't there something cleaner, preferrably with small window borders? What do you use day to day? The box is on Debian bullseye by the way. Boosts appreciated. 🙂

/ folks: Is there any way to configure an out-of-the-box F32 installation to make meaningful use of a smaller screen? I'm each and every time astounded to see how large many things (especially icons and window borders) in current GNOME are. Is there a default / recommended way to fix this...?

Something else on my production system that has brought me through the last three(?) weeks by now. My environment choice gets more stable it seems, for ... reasons.

Playing with different distros for the sake of it, I had the pleasant experience of finding out that System76s Pop! OS, despite the disputable name, provides a reasonably well-crafted, -designed and -preconfigured desktop experience on top of latest Ubuntu as well. I still miss very much, or even a sensible, desktop-focussed variant of plain Debian (stable, testing) with recent ...

I still mostly feel comfortable using as a desktop that hardly does get into ones way (and I've been trying virtually everything else just recently), but if there's one thing they never really managed to deal with in a meaningful way, then it's (legacy?) system . This is really strange and a bit annoying at times... 😟

At times I really wonder why can't "simply" build a browser with all relevant privacy settings built-in and easily accessible rather than suggest users to install additional extensions that only could make things worse... On another note, adopting browser is more challenging than I thought.

Trying to at least temporarily replace Firefox with web browser. Day 1. Let's see .... :)

Kristian, born 1977. Dresden. Software tech lead and senior developer by day. Dark music and literature enthusiast by night. Into philosophy, photograpy and FLOSS (mostly the political, social, business aspects). Firmly believes into technology as something that has to serve human beings as good as it somehow can. Desktop and user ever since the late 1990s. , dev. Sceptical user. practicioner.

@bleakgrey Running master on a 3 device, seems a bunch of icons are missing (see screenshot as an example). My fault?

Anyone out there knows how to make 60 screen fonts usable (a bit larger, at best adhering to the rest of my desktop) on / ?

Can anyone point me to where, in web browser, enable Do-Not-Track settings? Didn't manage to find it myself... 😐

Spending part of the morning installing once again after years on , mainly to figure out how much effort getting an up-to-date experience is, on that platform.


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