... and an older one, same band, just because:

The Morningside - "The Shadows Of The Past".


Long and dense. Sort of autumn music.

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The Morningside - "Depot Only"


from Russia. From the albums bandcamp page:

"The special atmosphere of the album is made by a concept indirectly associated with the novel by Kurt Vonnegut "Slaughterhouse-Five". Character "Yellow", akin Vonnegut character wanders through time and the yellow tram from the album cover takes him, along with the audience, to a journey, inviting listeners to share it with The Morningside."

October File - "a munitions crusade"


(... the afternoon is for rediscovering weird disbanded artists... )

And another weird finding edging and : Myrkskog - "Pillar Deconstruction" ... they were way ahead of their time on their first album.


Noneuclid - The Digital Diaspora


Strange metal. Haven't been listening to this in a while...

Gamma Ray - "Men, Martians and Machines"


... flashback music, way too loud. my poor neighbors ...

Running Wild - "Bad To The Bone"


... even bands like Running Wild (who back then mostly had other topics to deal with) used to adress political issues then and now.

The Gathering - "Sand And Mercury" (live 1997)

I actually remember seeing them on stage during this tour, and this particular song (both in the live and in the album version) still makes me shiver...


The Gathering - "On Most Surfaces"

"... I am the snow falling down on you ..."

Feels like only yesterday. Still a great song. And a great band. Hard to believe they just had their 25th anniversary...


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