@charlag That's a pretty difficult mess, especially as it shows decentralization in its current way of doing things will come with issues hard to resolve, as well.

@charlag Cool.What are you about to do in Vockerode by the way? 😀

Heute ist Equal Pay Day!
Auch im Jahr 2019 verdienen Frauen in Deutschland im Schnitt 20% weniger als ihre männlichen Kollegen. Jetzt informieren:
equalpayday.de #epd19 #EqualPayDay

free solarpunk book!

The Weight of Light: A Collection of Solar Futures

"A collection of science fiction stories, art, and essays exploring human futures powered by solar energy, with an upbeat, solarpunk twist. What will it be like to live in the photon societies of tomorrow? How will a transition to clean, plentiful energy transform our values, markets, and politics?"


Joy Division - Shadowplay

Joy Division, 1979. "Shadowplay" from the 'Unknown Pleasures' album.


Sehr richtige Erklärung, warum ein dezentrales Social-Media Netzwerk wichtig ist. Dabei sind alle im Text aufgezählten Punkte bereits vom #Fediverse abgedeckt. Allerdings ist das dem Autor nicht bewusst zu sein, er kennt das wohl gar nicht.


#SocialMedia #SocialNetwork

@Hamiller Guter Text. Das, insbesondere: " There’s another sort of reason social media hasn’t been decentralized yet. Efforts in this direction so far—which have been substantial—have mainly, though unintentionally, been by and for geeks. That’s understandable. After all, to be sure, that’s where it has to begin. [...] But it is more important than ever that we geeks bear in mind that we are developing our tech for people who aren’t geeks."

@teufelsweiblein meint, dass Cyberpunk 2077 im November herauskommen könnte, weil Bladerunner im November 2019 beginnt.

I have written a small number of bots for Mastodon in Python but only today did I learn that somebody had written an entire framework for Python based bot writing. github.com/chr-1x/ananas „Ananas allows you to write simple (or complicated!) mastodon bots without having to rewrite config file loading, interval-based posting, scheduled posting, auto-replying, and so on.“ #Mastodon #Bot

Wir haben eine große Überraschung für die Feiertage!

Das Loriot-Soundboard: loriot.geheim.org/

“All men are islands, surrounded by the bottomless oceans of unthinking night.”
(Charles Stross)

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