@Julia_Schmeer 😁 Die Snacks sind derzeit ein heißes Raclette und die Show Diskussionen zu Software und Fields Of The Nephilim via YouTube... 😉

("Friday" almost left me drunk already ... 😁)

@rmdes Completely agree on most parts, especially this however: "Between the two I'll gladly help instead of rant, we need builders, not ranters."

@holgi :( Von wo hast Du das installiert? Gibts das außerhalb des Play Store?

Watch Saul Bass’s Trippy, Kitschy Short Film The Quest (1983), Based on a Ray Bradbury Short Story openculture.com/?p=100336 t.co/wHPaHEMv73

@strypey ... more lightweight and less complex than a full browser with a HTML and CSS renderer and a JavaScript runtime.


@strypey Yes. I pretty much like that approach, same as Vaadin designer - but that's also a good example of a tool made easy by providing an incredibly *overwhelming* complexity of things that need to work together well and that can fall apart even in cases of minor issues (we're running a cross-platform mobile app on top of ionic which isn't always fun). My "idea" (hope/...) would be to have something like that, as well as a "runtime", "browser", ... for it, which is *considerably*...

@strypey I agree fully - both on the aspect of language and code and on that elitist part. But it always has been this way, ever since C was invented and actually made people not work for a very specific machine anymore. That's why I am very careful with clinging too much to things that "used to be The Right Way"... 😉


@sophia Hmmm, I mostly agree but don't get that link between FLOSS and Google Home. What do you mean here?

@devurandom Yes. That's the actual question. 😉 We need to spend more time on that, rather than telling users that their use cases are invalid. We need to build better solutions rather than trying to argue these requirements away. 😉


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