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Später. Dann, wenn das Rauschen des Tages langsam stiller wird. Dort, wo man im bunten Grün verschwindet.

Late morning: Light of a slow sun dripping from the office roof. A second cup of coffee growing stale, calendar being flooded again. Watching office neighbors do a late breakfast on the terrace. Monday in a half-awakened soul.

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More often than not when people say "agile" they mean a lack of process and responsibility.

Lining in with the traffic heading for the city, again. Bright yellow fields, mountains of clouds all white and grey, and a small fragile belfry just above the horizon. Leaving and returning. Concrete and tiring roads bridging different worlds. Too fast for the soul to keep up.

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Es ist völlig ok, Social Media nur zum Spaß und freundlichen Austausch nutzen, statt um die Welt zu retten.

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Out in the hills, face in the setting sun, swimming in air filled with that warm scent that hasn't changed ever since childhood days. And just one step away from the cold early night already lurking the shadows of the village. Lost in moments, lost in opposites.

Miles away, a quiet village road is resting in early afternoon. Bees hovering above a meadow sprinkled with blossoms. Neighbours are resting too, and seems it's never too early to have a beer under these bright sunny skies.

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The thundering silence of hours in between. Clouds as white as they can be, late at night, and a single sparkling star in the corner of those windows. Drunk voices laughing and mumbling in dense air, amidst sleeping trees. Reaching for sleep - with arms too short to hold.

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The #Fediverse #flyer:

We still need your help. #FollowerPower

1. give feedback (this step is pretty much done, but some minor changes can still be made)

2. translate it (for now it just exists in English and German)

3. give feedback on the translations

4. volunteer to be a "superspreader" - someone who will have all the flyers for one country sent to them and distributie to smaller spreaders

5. donate. the more donations we receive the more flyers can be printed.

#JoinFediverse #JoinFediverseWiki #translation #donation

Halfway through the day: Stopping by to catch a bit of sun and try to find that loud-mouthed bird in the backyard bushes. Found a short conversation and some new thoughts instead. Not all of them pleasant, but some at least inspiring.

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Always between sunrise and sunset. Sleep and dreams got lost long ago. A first cup of coffee while gazing at the thin clouds veiling a pastel sky. Thoughts drifting afar, enjoying early quietness before this day wakes to its usual rhythm.

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A spark goes off.
Hands in prayer clutching
Strands of keratin.
Consequence of
Lashing out,
From long nights of digit
Pressing temples churning
High-tempered resentment
Thinking back on regrets of
Paying exhausted attention
On flames that never gave
You real mutual attendance.
Ancient temples burning
Sacred fires lead your
Higher-self turning
From physical descension.
Inflamed thoughts run hot
Signs of catching smoke
Signals in the air
Head ready for
Ignition to take hold.

Evening embracing those backyards once again. Late light slowly making its way out or falling asleep in the grass and mud beneath the trees. Cutting a few more hours off this day while people stumble home. Pouring some wine to cool down a long days spinning mind.

Rain remained but an idea so far. Across the street, office people are rushing for their lunch breaks, faces as troubled as this days sky. Noon meditation: Staying out of disputes that just drain energy for leading nowhere.

(It seems parts of the clouds have been missing, but then again, don't they always do...?)

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(Windows wide open. Catching some air while the wind's growing stronger. Getting the day kind of sorted amidst the noise of another city train disappearing in that morning. Seeing the clous pass by, waiting for new rain.)

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