If you wanted to publish a blogpost and couldn't selfhost your blog, would you rather use someones WriteFreely instance or someones Plume instance to host your blog and why?

Wenn ihr einen Blogpost veröffentlichen wolltet, aber ihr nicht die Möglichkeit habt es selbst zu hosten, würdet ihr lieber eine WriteFreely Instanz oder eine Plume Instanz nutzen und wieso?

@ziffy I currently use WriteFreely, but I'm not sure what all the advantages/disadvantages are of either one, would have to research further!

@ziffy from the plume website "Currently, Plume developers have less time and Plume is not actively maintained. New features may take time to be implemented. Could you consider similar purpose software: WriteFreely, WordPress with ActivityPub plugin and so on?"

@ziffy For many already owned #wordpress blogs ( something around ~milions people) the easiest solution could be just fediverse-enabling their blog with #activitypub #plugin

@ziffy I'm not familiar with #WriteFreely or #Plume. Right now my blogging drug is self-hosted #Wordpress. Which of these new things would be easier to port to? Can either be self-hosted on a LAMP stack? For better or for worse, it's the only form of hosting industry offering I can even begin to understand the pricing mechanics of.

@n8chz @ziffy You might want to consider using the ActivityPub plugin for wordpress.

@oklomsy @ziffy Already there at @lori . The one post on that feed is the one post I wrote after installing the plugin. Is there some tweak in settings that would liberate the others? Either way, I'm quite happy with the plugin.

@n8chz @ziffy @lori I don't know how to use Wordpress or the ActivityPub plugin so I can't really provide any help on that unfortunately.

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