gets all their videos blocked worldwide by . has their page closed down and their backers refunded without any notice as to why. All the projects hosted by now have their hosting at the mercy of .

And this is just a few of the recent examples.

When is the community going to learn that we need to create and run our own infrastructure as well as apps?

Support infrastructure! (eg , , etc)

@Blort And sadly we see news like Google becoming a platinum member of the Linux Foundation... We need OUR infrastructure, stuff like Linux-Libre, Liberapay, PeerTube and so on... you are 100% right.


I really like , but I know there are debates and I didn't want the conversation to get distracted away from the main point by the finer details of a single project in contention.


Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. A decentralized setup does come with a few caveats. It either involves trusting an external party with the primary, public infrastructure - or it takes a toll on available time and effort if a project takes charge of a decentralized ecosystem.

The latter would be the more logical thing to do, but most smaller projects just want do develop and enhance their code, rather than focussing on sysops.

@Blort "our own" because there is never dissent, back-stabbing, or taking my ball and going home in the FOSS communities.


Of course all those things exist, wherever organizations are run by humans, or . The difference is, whether we want to *just* deal with those things, or to deal with those things *plus* depending on infrastructure that we can't modify, choose to run ourselves, adapt the code of to our needs etc. Infrastructure where the goals are often antithetical to free and open source software.

@Blort I've never understood why everyone was pushing they're code to github. Thought, git is decentralized by design

@Blort interestingly #gitea hosts their git and site on github 🤦‍♂️

@GeekDaddy Yeah, that's sad. Unfortunately the FOSS, git based code hosting platforms seem to be dragging their feet on federation.

Personally I can't wait for or or or similar to federate via . Personally I feel that will be a defining moment for the community in taking back out sovereignty from / .

Are you sure? I'm still able to find blender tutorials on #youtube, as off now ...


If you're asking if I'm sure that blender got blocked, yes I am. They seem to have been unblocked since I write that toot, but there was a while there where you could see their account and that it had videos, but whenever you tried to play one YouTube said that it had been blocked. No explanation was given before it happened beyond that they didn't have monetization turned on.

@marsxyz It's a crowdfunding page solution similar to a page. Sadly it doesn't use or anything fancy like that for comments etc, but I added it as an example of a self hosted alternative to the portals. may be more equivalent to , but I don't think (?...) you can host that yourself.

@Blort @marsxyz Open Collective is also totally FLOSS and the dev's told me anyone is welcome to host their own but the code hasn't quite been set up for other people yet. But that their whole project is 100% open source. They also said they would be totally down for ActivityPub support but that they don't have the resources to implement it themselves but if someone else had the energy to do so they wold be on board!


Because they were big enough to get a lot bad PR for YouTube when this happened. *Eventually* they managed to get it unblocked after a ton of popular media outlets ran large stories that were very sympathetic to the blender foundation and making YouTube/Google look very bad. Eventually YouTube backed down and unblocked the videos. What would have happened if the blender foundation had been smaller, or backed down on monetization or didn't get media traction, though?...

@Blort didn't didn't actually have something to do with forgetting to send the new GDPR notice to the foundation, automatically terminating their account because thay haven't accepted the newtos?


For a bit there it looked like that was the only agreement they were being asked to sign. From the last update by the Blender Foundation on though:

"According to another person in Youtube we now *do* have to sign the other agreement [possibly accepting monetization] as well. You can read it here.

I’m not sure if we should accept this."

Regardless, the point is, who gets to decide the rules here. Is it us? Are they being written by us in our interests?

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