A campus security guard was going around asking whether we random students at the tables know the owners of the unattended backpacks lying around

He gives a friendly (or as friendly as it gets from a security guard) reminder to not leave our valuables unattended for long periods of time

@flootist pretty much my entire lifetime (at least since I was about 5 or 6) we have been strongly warned against this practice in Britain (both to avoid the backpacks and their contents getting stolen, and concerns over terrorism).

I guess Malaysia has been fairly safe in this respect from the 1970s until very recent years with greater global political and economic disruption..

@vfrmedia Yeah, there was an anonymous terrorism threat on social media in April or so, but either because of heightened security or because it was a sensationalised scare, it didn't take place

Still hasn't taken place

So it seems the students still feel safe leaving their belongings in common areas without worrying they'll be stolen.

But in the library, if there are unattended bags left at desks for more than 30 mins, the staff will take the bags to a common pigeonhole wall (to undo the intentions of seat-hogging)


@flootist to be fair I think the threat landscape in last 25 years has shifted more to risk of theft of electronic devices from students' backpacks than IEDs (there are anti extremism programmes in University and a lot of CCTV, even since the 1980s)

its been a very long time since I was anywhere near a University library - but I never struggled to find a seat in a University library, although student numbers have likely increased loads around the world...

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