Go switch to Signal.


yeah, I'll wait.

You aren't in danger today, but someone you know will be prolly within the next 2-4 months, and using Signal could *literally* save their life.

Plus, you can send extra big gifs to your contacts, and it has encrypted calling.

Seriously, stop waffling and go switch, it will import your texts and nothing changes for your non-Signal contacts.

Using Signal could have saved the lives of some of my LGBTQ/kinky/furry/etc friend's lives in 2016-2017.

Please go download it once you finish reading that.

If you need Signal to stay safe, you need the person on the other end of the connection to be safe for you to contact.

This is not about you...!

This is about keeping everyone you and I and everyone else cares about safe from modern threats to their lives.

Inoculate this cause of death.

That's how we win.


@eryn I've even seen tweets from customer service representatives of UK and EU mobile phone providers (especially those with more developed LTE networks) actively *encouraging* use of Signal and other similar apps for guaranteed real time comms *above* their own SMS services because SMS is a 26 year old techology that can have capacity problems and delays especially in busy times/areas...

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