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sneak preview:

- widgets can show weather warnings
- you can get notified when new warnings are issued for your region

This is a based on open data from the .

Visit the project homepage at :

Successfully compiled the 11 from . 🎉

Can now target api 30 without accepting any G**gle licenses.

Thanks a lot to all of you out there who contributed to the translation of !

has been translated into , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

This is really great and helps to make the available to a lot of users out there, so that they do not have to share sensible any more when sending pictures.

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@IzzyOnDroid @ConnyDuck The Funkwhale App was rejected because it provides access to adult content while we state its usable for minors as well. I am wondering how a browser got into the play store...

version 0.59 is out!

is a that removes data and modifies images to reduce size before sharing.

What is new:
- new language: Italian (thanks to eUgEntOptIc44, mondstern & silkevicious!)
- improved translations of various languages (especially thanks to @mondstern )
- fixes potential issue where no target app is found to share to

is available at .

Visit the project homepage:

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Today, I managed 20000 translations on bubu's Weblate instance

after 1.5 years. among others, the following developers have their projects translated there on @codeberg


Thanks to you too - and #codeberg too, of course.
A big thank you.

Sind bei mit Anhänge (Bilder, Videos, Audio) auch verschlüsselt?

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So frustrating that many gmail users are unaware that emails from small independent mail servers are regularly dumped into spam, have attachments and/or links dropped, and then get annoyed at me for it. Especially in non-tech circles, they often don't believe it's even possible.

Die nächste Version des kommt jetzt ohne Lese- und Schreibzugriff auf den Geräte-Speicher in aus.

Zeigt Feinstaub-Werte aus dem Projekt an.

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While coding, I just came around utf-8 \u2022 char, which is the bullet point.

However, encoded in

I 💙 .

When your apps something, and want to use the standard chooser to pick the app to use, you basically have to grant access to all potential apps.

And not only the one being chosen.

This sucks. This basically was for sure not the idea of the adopted storage mandatory from api 30 onwards, to restrict file access.

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Do you already have new year's resolutions? Some ideas from our side:
💙 migrating more content to Free Platforms, like
💙 supporting FLOSS, especially upstreams, by contributing or donating
💙 joining #Codeberg e.V. and becoming a FLOSS sustainer
💙 actively participating in Codeberg's development, feel free to reach out to us if you're interested

Thank you very much, and keep going. Feel free to share your goals for 2022 with us!


Thanks for the great assembly talk today, see you tomorrow at !

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Meine Favs für heute 2/2

Cookiebanner, das Online-Werbe-Ökosystem und Google, 20:00 MEZ, Chaosstudio Hamburg

"Der Koalitionsvertrag - Licht und Schatten"
20:00 MEZ, c-base

OSINT: Ich weiß wo dein Haus wohnt
20:00 MEZ, r3s - Monheim/Rhein

Hilfe, mein Astralleib wird geimpft! Die wundersame Welt esoterischer Verschwörungserzählungen
23:00 MEZ, c-base

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Meine Favs für heute 1/2

Namensauflösung im Internet - ein neues Geschäftsmodell?
11:00 MEZ, r3s - Monheim/Rhein

System Change mit Instagram?? Social Media und die Zivilgesellschaft
11:30 MEZ, Chaosstudio Hamburg

Lets review code together - einfach mal machen
12:30 MEZ, Chaos-West TV

Deine Software, die Sicherheitslücken und ich
18:00 MEZ, Lichtung

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