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Posting for a friend, hoping it helps some of you stuck with more time for than money now (thanks !):

"I need 40 simple, original list style articles. They're for parents interested in helping kids learn to .

Articles would list resources or tips, rather than be tutorials.

It's $15.00 USD each.1000 words. Topics can be provided or suggested. Focus is writing genuinely useful content, not SEO keyword stuffing. Deadlines flexible. Diversity friendly."


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Only 204 days to go until !!!
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It strikes me that much of big tech's security improvements are either a) marketing or b) about locking out the small criminals (ie script kiddies) to protect the profits of the big ones (ie collecting psychological and relationship data on you to sell advertisers and the state).

I see a lot of this with talk of "privacy" often being about protecting your connection to large dataminers like Google, from being read by small time thieves along the way.

I think the need for a decentralized DNS service to be built into every major browser is now more apparent than ever.

To the point it should move to the very top in a list of priorities for the free software movement.

But didn't ICANN just back off from the sale of .org?

Yes they did. While we're watching. They WILL try again shortly. These types of actors always do.

I am tired of always keeping an eye on corrupt figures entrusted with authority only ever failing upward, time to upend DNS.

This is an important victory that recognizes the .ORG registry’s long legacy as a mission-based, not-for-profit entity protecting the interests of thousands of organizations and the people they serve.

Happy to announce we have published most of our YouTube videos on LinuxRocks' PeerTube instance (thanks for their support!) - you can find our peertube channel here: #peertube #linuxrocks #linuxgaming #linux #boilingsteam

BLENDER 2.90 ALPHA! - Blender Today RECAP #099 -

Blender Developers do it again, Blender 2.9 is going to be amazing!!!

#b3d #2.9 #peertube

Please help promote peertube by boosting these links:)

I hug the robot. You whisper to me through it. I run my hands through its hair while I smile at your words.
Then I let go.
It nods and leaves.
In a few hours, it will arrive at your house, disinfect itself, and call me. And I will whisper to you while it caresses you like I would.
#TypoCorrected #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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So, in Norway the gov made a Covid tracker app. Wouldn't open the source code, saying open source was a security risk, especially given the short dev time. In less than a week, ppl have decompiled it, published how it works, found sec faults and made GH repos. That went well...


If you run a website that uses reCAPTCHA to distinguish between humans and robots, you're sending your users' data to Google.

Respect their privacy and look for an alternative.

Original tweet :

I wrote a haiku that everyone I know has said:

I should read less news
It only makes me feel bad
Maybe just once more

Naughty word+birdsite 

Just accidentally clicked a link that went to a tweet on . Curious to see what normal people were seeing these days, I took a quick scroll down approximately 5-6 pages before giving up in disgust.

There were no tweets by normal human beings like you'd meet on the street. Every single tweet shown, without exception, was by a public media celebrity, well known enough to have an publicity agent.

Every. Single. Fucking. One.

6+ pages.

"Bob" save us all.

📈 This week the donations through Liberapay have reached a new record high of €4082, thanks to 3165 patrons supporting 639 creators.

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Only 246 days to go until !!!
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#latetotheparty #intro
I’ve been lurking/playing a bit in/on the various fediverse technologies.

I’m interested in #security, #privacy, #crytography, and #selfhosting #homelab. I’ve been tinkering with #RPI cluster, fitlet2, #picade, #pinephone.

Outside of the digital world, I have an affinity for the outdoors, #MTB, #bikepacking, #backpacking, #kayaking, #snowshoeing and #skiing.

Working toward a nomadic lifestyle. #tinyhome, #vanlife, #traveling dreams.

#cyberpunk #solarpunk #burner

Just ordered my !

Super excited. I don't care if it takes weeks / months to come, or is delayed. I don't care if stuff is broken or non functional yet. Just to be able to contact friends and look at stuff online, on mobile, without operating system level surveillance is worth it x100 for me.

Can't wait to help the community!

Thanks /#Apple'! Your Orwellian relationship , aka "contact tracing" plans gave me the final push I needed to make the leap.

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