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An interesting read on monetizing content in /#libre networks by creator @eliotberriot:

Very relevant to the growth of projects like , , , , and possibly even / / .

Personally, I just want to set a monthly budget to donate to (possibly on Liberapay, or possibly in each app) and have it split *automatically* based on how much I watch/listen(/read?) each creator.

@Blort I totally agree, all the fediverse sites would really benefit from IndieAuth! Mastodon is already set up to add it with very few changes. Users already have a profile URL, and they already have an OAuth API. It would be just a few minor changes to turn that into IndieAuth, and then app developers can drop the whole API key registration part.

Firefox is now more important, isolated and vulnerable. Some suggested ways we can support it:
• Set it as your default browser. And if you're back home with family over Christmas, suggest/set as their default too.
• When you hear web devs say "can't everyone just use Chrome", please challenge it.
• Contribute to Mozilla-led projects, e.g. MDN Docs:
• Donate to Mozilla if you can:


Lol. I've lost track of how many of your accounts I'm following by now...

If you really want to help Firefox succeed, file a bug on when you find a broken website. Don't just switch back to Chrome; let Mozilla know there's a problem so they can try to fix it.

When browsers lose market share, they fall into the "compatibility death spiral." Sites don't bother to test, they break, and users flee to the browser that "just works." Mozilla is fighting this battle every day, and it just got harder.

"you wouldn't download a" trivia (cw: sketchy business practices) Show more

btw the only reason tumblr is removing porn is because apple blocked their app for nsfw content. if you were still on the fence about whether or not walled gardens have a negative effect on free speech

Welcome to Mastodon, tumblr refugees, here's your fursona and a copy of the communist manifesto

🛡️ Call for mobilization to defend the practice of Self-Hosting 🛡️

@LaQuadrature published an article regarding the future European regulation. Under the pretext of fighting online terrorist radicalization, it will impose unrealistic censorship obligations on *all* Internet actors.

The intent is explicitly to destroy internet decentralization.

If you are using YunoHost, you probably run services which are open to the public and hence are affected by this regulation.

I'm sad at how few great games exist, especially on mobile. I wonder if some hybrid model could work better to incentivise devs, such as having the latest release is non FOSS but that it becomes FOSS once the next release comes out. Thus all but the latest release are free and promote the game, but that people need to pay for the newest release. Actually, you could do that all FOSS, but just have the binary / APK of the latest release is for pay, except FDroid would circumvent it.

RT Good news it is guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.


I art, but don't code, and so I loved making basic games with the game engine. It was limited, but super fast for prototyping. (Game jams!)

Alas, it is no more...

So I just tried . It's a newly open sourced modern game engine which integrates fully with . Best of all (for me) it can use logic nodes as well as/instead of code.

30 minutes after downloading, I have a sidescrolling 3D platformer demo on Linux/PC/Mac/Android and HTML5. 💕

where do I go for this treatment

Plasma Mobile coming to a Necuno phone 📱 near you! Check out the new open device that'll install KDE's mobile environment:

What if #AcrivityPub servers act as clients in AP's client-server protocol and enabling the so called "nomadic identity" through cross-site actions?

Imagine to be on a site to leave a comment and after you specify your AP-server instance domain and your username your are redirected to it to confirm the action, if supported.

· Using the same identity on sites with different focus (blog, video platform, federated issue tracker...)
· Updated user name and avatar everywhere
· Unified inbox

@m4sk1n @Blort After adding the Mastodon authentication it got us thinking about implementing even more integration in the future. I started a Github issue to collect ideas etc

News flash: After an evening of hacking, our free and open source Disqus clone now supports OAuth sign-in via 🐘 Mastodon!

(so if you want to put a comment form on your static blog/website and want to allow your users to sign in via Mastodon, this might be for you)

I just went through the process of signing up to stop junk mail and thought folks might dig some deets.

Some of the steps are described here;

Phone calls

Credit Offers

Magazines, catalogs, etc.
For most junk mail you can sign up to stop it via - they charge you $2 to do it, or $3 if you do it by mail.

At some point, self-driving cars will go a route just to ensure you see certain stores or billboards, the real world equivalent of a pop ad.

Something I don't understand about Gnu Taler, the payment system being proposed by the . They say that it can be used to pay with any other currency from to , and that it's fast with low transfer fees... but how can Taler avoid the fees/delays of the underlying currency it's using? For example, wouldn't BTC exchange fees/delays or bank fees/delays still affect Taler? Maybe the exchange payment aggregation helps a bit, but surely that doesn't fix the problem.

Support #ActivityPub federation in Coral Project Talk

“A better commenting experience from Mozilla, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.”

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