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If you believe in and understand the dangers of / / and , then you'll understand the importance of . Currently, is one of - if not THE - best option for new hosters, but they need your help. We all need to help them get easier, faster and even better for everyone. They're doing it with no commercial sponsors, so throw them a sheckle or two if you're able:

It helps us all.

Please . Thanks.

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Chrome is getting rid of all adblockers in January of 2023. (essentially browser extensions will no longer be allowed to execute code, fromwhat I understand.) we're all gonna have to switch to something that doesn't use Chromium (Firefox, the answer is Firefox)

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Kdenlive's first fundraiser starts today! Donate and help support developers implement exciting new features (like nested timelines and a new effects panel), and maintain and improve the code.

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Google's monopoly on browser market share is a problem, y'all.

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Who’s Afraid of Gene-Edited Crops?

Anyone who understands how intellectual property law works and doesn’t want to see it applied to staple foods. That’s who.

#corporatocracy #ip #law #copyright #food

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Hey Fediverse!

The @owncast project could really use some help! 🙏

At the moment the lead dev @gabek is having to handle an awful lot at once. The platform would be much more sustainable if there were more people on the team.

Everyone who wants to help is welcome, but of course there are some specific areas where help is especially welcome:

Please get in touch with @owncast or @gabek if you want to help out!

For those who don't know, OwnCast is a Twitch-style livestreaming and chat service for the Fediverse. You can follow OwnCast accounts from Mastodon etc and you will see a post in your timeline when the account goes live. There's a site about it at and a directory of featured streams at

Boosts welcome!

#Fediverse #OwnCast #HelpNeeded

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If you're an interface designer, you may have read the bad news about Figma being bought by Adobe.

However, there is a free open source alternative called Penpot you might want to try. You can follow them at:

➡️ @penpot

Penpot is collaborative design and prototyping software based on open standards and platform-independent. More info at and

#PenPot #Design #Dev #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #Productivity #UI #UX

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False alarm. It was just a badly worded error message asking for "more verification" (which I assumed meant Tax ID as that's the only thing I didn't give them), when actually it was they have limits on what types of compute power new accounts can spin up.

I wish they'd just given an error about that though rather than saying they needed more account verification. 🤷

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Holy crud!

Trying out after it was heavily recommended by and it seems that to actually set anything up they're demanding a "Tax ID", ie SSN for Americans, SIN for Canadians, Tax File Number for Australians etc.

These are supposed to be kept confidential and only given out to government departments and financial institutions! I understand asking if someone's claiming to be tax exempt (eg a non profit) but this totally shouldn't be asked if taxes are being charged!

So has anyone here actually tried , the supposedly high quality, private, search engine?

I like the sound of a lot of things, but it also sounds like it's neither free (as in Freedom) nor open source. There also doesn't seem to be a way to test the quality of the results without creating an account.

While not being is certainly not ideal, I think that neither are any of the real alternatives (as in the ones with their own index that also don't have results influenced by )

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I'm Kickstarting a DRM-free audiobook edition of Chokepoint Capitalism, the book Rebecca Giblin and I wrote about how tech- and entertainment monopolies rip off artists, and how to unrig those terrible creative labor markets:

("This book really gets it" - Stephen Fry)


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Dear ,

In on my desktop browser, I follow a number of using various columns.

Does anyone know how to see these same columns when using the mobile view?

Thanks y'all beautiful people!

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This is cool, I had not seen this before when it was announced: “Firefox Translations: Firefox’s offline translate feature is making progress…”

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PSA: Current new mobian images don't have callaudiod installed leaving you breaking modem audio routing. Please `apt update` and `apt upgrade` to get it pulled in.

A huge THANK YOU to all contributors working on projects helping out .

The low level devs, hardware makers, issue testers, app coders and so many more.

It's a long road, and just like the early days of many are impatient, critical or can't imagine the success that one day is possible. The fact that you persevere and keep working to help our , soverignty, and help keep technology under user control, inspires me daily.

You're *all* my heroes.

So much handwringing about AI copyright being complicated.

Why shouldn't it be as simple as "Users of AI need to show permission from copyright holders for all training/inputs. The license / copyright of outputs need to be defined as a condition of permission being given"?

It feels like much of the narrative around AI and copyright are more motivated by financial incentives to delay regulation, rather than legal complexity unless I'm missing something. :mastoshrug:

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We have enough data to prove that #Oracle has been collecting and reselling each piece of information they could about almost every single person on earth without ever asking for their consent.

But we've got the same problem again: an American company can't be brought in front of a federal judge for violating user privacy because, unlike Europe with its GDPR, the US has no federal law thy protects consumers' privacy. It's up to individual States to implement it. The US needs a nation-wide privacy law and it needs it NOW. The lack of such a legal framework causes harm to the privacy of people even outside of its borders.

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