Why is it that, while I am loading shopping into my car, the Tetris song starts playing in my head on a loop?

¿Hablas Español? If you do, check out Akademy-ES this weekend. Starting on Friday November 20, enjoy three fun days of workshops, talks, and panels on everything KDE.

Registration and all details, schedule and activities available at kde-espana.org/akademy-es-2020

Congratulations... uh... "America"!

Now stop calling it "America" and use its proper name: "the USA".

Because "América" is also México, Honduras, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Panamá, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, etc..

Hey @kde , just heard this Halloween rumour: High Committee of KDE devs decides to base Plasma 5.21 on the KDE 4.0 codebase "because we think it deserves another chance".

Marketing Exec 1: How much bullshit can we concentrate into 4 words?

Exec 2: Hmmm... Let me try... How about "DIGITAL NEURO MARKETING (Mastermind)"?

Exec 1: Add "Blockhain" to that and we're golden.

Exec 2: OMFG!

Atención gente que escribe documentación técnica: Extraer la Línea Base de un tema (tecnología, aplicación, plataforma, etc.) te ayudará a escribir sobre ello para un público más amplio y clarificará lo que es importante y para quién. Basado en una charla que di en la conferencia "Write the Docs Praga 2020".


Attention people who write technical documentation: Digging out the Baseline of a topic (technology, application, platform, etc.) will help you write about it for a wider audience and clarify what is important and for whom. Based on a talk I delivered at the "Write the Docs Praga 2020" conference.


So, the German political talk shows should watch this and learn. Well done, @TovaOBrien@twitter.com. 👏

RT @MollyJongFast@twitter.com

This is kind of amazing

Descubro gracias a un artículo en The Guardian a la artista Artemisia Gentileschi, contemporánea de Caravaggio, y... ¡Madre mía! ¡Qué brutal (en todos los sentidos) talento!


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