I was going to put "Heat Death of the Universe" between the last two events. But, like hands, I don't know how to draw maximum entropy.

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My comments would reflect better how I feel if I always added "you fucking troll." to the end of them.

LinkedIn is great for exercising your recti muscles, you have to roll your eyes so often.

... Yes, I know what you thought. No, got nothing to do with that: the recti muscles are behind your eyes.


Mailing lists are great for communication, you just have to follow these unwritten rules and get berated in public if you don't

Technical Words and what Laypeople Imagine

Today: _Hypervisor_

Behind every great door is a great opening.

That's how doors work.

My article in which I build a space invaders game from scratch using @godotengine, is now available for free on Linux Magazine:


"Pegasus" es el software que convierte tu teléfono en una herramienta pare espiarte:


Pero lo más irritante de estos informes es que los periodistas de The @guardian (y otros medios generalistas) nunca dan el siguiente paso lógico e intentan explicar cómo se pueden solucionar estos abusos, nunca hablan de tecnologís libres y auditables, ni de software, ni de hardware.

: Do 20 things at the same time, hoping they will compensate for the one you just know you'll fuck up.

I don't know why LinkedIn has an option that lets you report spam. The whole platform essentially exists just to post spam.

Thursdays: When the week has dragged on for decades and it still isn't Friday.

Date un paseo por tu barrio y completa la información de @openstreetmap con StreetComplete. StreetComplete te plantea pequeñas y sencillas tareas como: "¿De qué material es esta calzada?", "¿Cuál es el número de esta casa?"...


Puedes explorar en solitario o por equipos y, aparte de ganar trofeos que te van revelando el mundo de OpenStreetMap, tendrás la satisfacción de contribuir al sistema de mapeado libre y abierto más usado.

C: What's for lunch?
Me: Fish or this brownish stuff with lumps I found in a container at the back of the freezer.
C: I'll take my chances.

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