Call me retro-blubbering hipster, but I really love the look and concept behind Justine Haupt's open source rotary mobile phone.

Hoy es el día en el que agradecemos a todos aquellos que crean y contribuyen a proyectos de Software Libre. Hay miles de buenas causas, pero yo agradezco a los creadores de Kdenlive, @blender_org, FreeCAD y @libreoffice que hagan mi vida más fácil e interesante. #ilovefs

La @fsfe busca becarios pagados para ayudar a promocionar el Software Libre en Europa.

Brexiteers and their MEPs are ungracious, fascistic, ignorant, racist, nationalistic pricks, all to a person, no exceptions. History will put them in their place no doubt. Meanwhile there is no way to forgive them for what they have done. Forever they must be shamed.

Did not expect this to be so popular.

Full disclosure: Poached from r/privacy on Reddit:

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Mi último artículo sobre @mastodon_es ya está disponible en Linux Magazine. En este número muestro como crear un aplicación para la línea de comandos que te permite enviar toots (con adjuntos) a tu cuenta Mastodon.

La app en sí, hasta donde he podido ver, es la única que permite remitir toots con adjuntos y programarlos desde una máquina de escritorio. La última versión se puede descargar de:

Por si lo quieres probar.

My last article on @Mastodon is now available from Linux Magazine. In this issue I show you how to build a command line app that will let you post and schedule posts (with attachments) to your Mastodon account.

The app itself, as far as I can see, is the only application that lets you post and schedule toots with attachments from a desktop machine. It is still very much work in progress, but it is available from:

En el último número de Linux Magazine seguimos indagando en el Fediverso y aprendemos cómo escribir un cliente para leer toots de Mastodon desde la línea de comandos:


In the latest issue of Linux Magazine, we dive deeper into the Fediverse and learn how to build a Mastodon client that lets you read toots from the command line.

These urban areas contain as many inhabitants as all the rest of the Union combined and if you add up the actual votes, turns out that a Lib Dem + Labour coalition would be technically tied with Conservatives.

As long as some votes, especially those of people in rural areas, count more than those who live in urban areas, progressives will always be at a disadvantage.

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Agreed that Corbyn is a shitty shit leader, as are all Corbynists. And they should all piss off once and for all.

BUT if you look at the map available here...

You will notice that all major cities (Manchester, London, Liverpool, Cambridge, Birmingham, etc.) DID NOT vote tory.

Tooting from the command line with my own app!

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