I was pretty fed up with the behavior of 'df', so I wrote my own diskfree tool.

It's called 'duf', it's written in #golang, and you can get it here: github.com/muesli/duf

On ArchLinux, you can simply install 'duf' from the AUR.

blog.fefe.de/?ts=a199cda0: Netgear reicht offiziell bei ihren Kunden den Antrag auf "kauft nie wieder unsere Produkte" ein.Starting from firmware version, product registration is required to unlock full access to the local browser UI.Yeah ... nope. How about you go fuck yourselves, Netgear.Aber hey, vielleicht interpretiere ich das auch falsch und das ist tatsächlich der "benutzt bloß nicht unsere verkackte Firmware, nehmt lieber openwrt"-Antrag!

Hello all tchncs.de users,

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Hallo alle tchncs.de Benutzer,

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I've been working really hard the past couple of weeks building a new stats system for my web game Improbable Island.

It's a text adventure at improbableisland.com, there's a lively roleplaying community, player-owned places (with a programming engine!), hundreds of pages of story and no ads/tracking/nastystuff. We've had problems getting new players 'cause the places we used to advertise are all going offline, so if y'all could help me out with a boost that'd be much appreciated

PSA: Codeberg e.V. has joined the PUBLIC MONEY | PUBLIC CODE Initiative.

3 data privacy services
3 Datenschutzdienste
(most also available in English)

1. datenanfragen.de/ – mit wenig Aufwand Auskunft über deine eigene Anfragen nach Art. 15 #DSGVO (engl.: datarequests.org/)
2. träcktor.de/ – Melden von #Tracker'n auf Webseiten (mit Beschwerde an Datenschutzbehörde)
3. patientenrechte-datenschutz.de – Anfragen von eigenen Daten der Krankenkasse nach Art. 15 DSGVO.

Most services are open-source and run based on donations. So contribute & support them.

Gewidmet denen, die scheinbar nichts zu verbergen hatten und denen, die Opfer von Datenmissbrauch wurden.

"When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's passport number" by Alex Hope mango.pdf.zone/finding-former-

One of the most entertaining security stories I've read. Let's hope the author finds some more security vulnerabilities so we can enjoy more fun writeups like this.

The web wasn't lost by people posting baby pictures to Facebook. The web was lost when Google leveraged market dominance to enact a complete abrogation of web standards -- since the HTML 'standard' is now a 'Living Document,' the standard is "do whatever Chrome does," which is an unattainable goal.

There are four voting members of WHATWG. Two of them use Google's web rendering engine. A third is entirely financially dependent on Google. The other one is Apple. Who speaks for you? Nobody.

A: I recognize that sound... That's the sound of teeth on bones.
B: O.o
A: I have a dog.
B: Oh

Did you play in [average indie band] in [second class city] in [1998] and have since moved on to become a primary school teacher or archbishop or something?

Go dig out your old bands CDs, rip them and put them up on Bandcamp for like $2. Someone out there, like me, who loved your music but lost/destroyed your CD years ago will be *very* happy to find you again.

(I’m utterly extatic to have just found this flatstanleyau.bandcamp.com)

Bruce Schneier notes on his blog that Ross Anderson has finished the drafts for the third edition of "Security Engineering", currently available for free: cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/book.html

The drafts will disappear for 42 months as soon as the book goes into print, so now's a good time to download the preprint edition.


corporate bullshit, tech, doom, my experience with a tablet 

I got a tablet recently. The Samsung... something-or-other. I used to keep track, can rattle off model numbers of tons of older tech. But these days, not only are there so many devices to keep track of, I've noticed I'm just overall less excited about technology than I used to be. I attribute this to the fact that I can no longer see machines as neat little sci-fi helpers, as comforting friends. More and more, machines don't feel like friends. They feel like spies.

We've all had our gripes about certain OSes in the past, but for the most part it felt like at least they were trying to help you. Today's corporate OSes actively thwart you and work against you, and it's transparent how manipulative they're being.

First thing I noticed on boot: some screen telling me to sign in to some account or another for the best experience possible, which means they want my data. I skip past this screen and go to the browser to install a few familiar apps.

Quickly I notice that there isn't a visible way to access my apps. All the commands lead me back to native apps; no shortcuts have been added to my home screen, as in older versions of Android. Swiping left and right didn't reveal anything, except ads for some services I didn't want. I play around and eventually realise that swiping upwards does it. Nothing indicated that I should do this.

These are dark patterns. They want you to use their apps, so they program the interface in ways that favour them, to the point that they make the apps you wanted to install inaccessible.

Windows 10 wants to recommend me pictures. I'm always weighing things like, how much do I think I'll be cheered through this horrible time by allowing them to send me pictures tailored to my interests, versus the scraps of privacy I give away even by registering a fake account. They want us to be exhausted, so we'll do the easy thing.

The exhaustion is not our fault. We are dying of record heat, unbreathable air. We are dying of houselessness and poverty and police officers. Sealed in my home, I wonder how much pollution our bodies have all already absorbed, and think about how at least, if it kills us, it kills us equally.

In this tech-polluted world, we need tech to survive: to keep track of air quality levels before leaving the house, or to call our jobs to tell them we'll be late due to the traffic pileup so please don't fire us. But we don't need to rely on interfaces specifically configured to abuse us, Matrix-like computers sucking out our attention and data.

This is the time for hackers. For repairers and refurbishers, for bootstrappers and bootleggers, for taking back tech and making it ours again. If we want to fight cyberpunk villainy, we need nerds who are actually willing to put the punk into cyberpunk: to build tools and places to socialise that are accessible and free of dark patterns, and teach the world, in simple terms, how they can protect their privacy.

If we don't, then this, along with being the fire apocalypse, the plague apocalypse, the apocalypse of blood running in the streets, is going to be the smart device apocalypse. Not a network of autonomous AI that hijack our devices and enact their logical rule, but a deliberately crafted network of cameras and tracking cookies, keyloggers and rootkits, wielded by the painfully human tech barons of our age.

RT @Der_Herr_Lehrer
Aktuell behandele ich mit meiner Klasse das Thema Medien & Internet.
Dabei würde ich den Kindern gerne zeigen wie schnell sich ein Bild im Internet verbreiten kann.

Deshalb wäre es total lieb, wenn ihr das Bild von meiner Klasse fleißig teilt und retweeted.

Danke von der 4a!

Moin ich suche einen Remote Job als Junior Anwendungsentwickler oder Junior Linux Administrator. Habe erfahrungen mit Unreal Engine, C++, Python, Bash, Linux, Ansible, LAMP. #followerpower #JobSearch

Jason Kottke says it best on the Mars-like skies due to the fires on the west coast:

"These fires, along with the death, property damage, and poor health they’ve caused and will continue to cause, are just some of the debts coming due for decades of bad public policy, political inaction, and deliberate negligence by fossil fuel companies. The climate has changed and these are the consequences — the message in the sky is simply unmistakable."


Hiya! Money is a little tight for me this month so I'm opening small commissions! If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to DM or email me! Boosts are greatly appreciated!! 💖💖 #art #mastoarṭ #commissons

@Thalestria Das ist eine Verallgemeinerung und Unterstellung. Bei folgender Umformulierung würde ich voll mitgehen:
"Ich hab ja kein Verständnis für die Leute, die jetzt aus "Datenschutzgründen" die Corona-Warn-App nicht nutzen wollen und gleichzetig Google-Smartphones, Facebook und Apps mit tausend Trackern widerspruchslos haben, weil sie ja nichts zu verbergen haben."
Denn es gibt sehr wohl einige die aus Datenschutzgründen auf Google-Play-Services (ohne der die CWA nicht läuft) und andere Trackervolle-Apps verzichten.

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