Ice out my casket
cold slab
Norman Bates faced
take a state test
for the mental
couldn't pass it
basket case pending
in every state
IQ is leaking
blood on my palate plate
jimmy my brain
but no code to date
just waste it away
while faith skates

There's a guy down the street who has the finest of manicured front lawns and he has giant pink flamingo statues in the yard. I sadly do not have a camera though, but trust me it is hilarious. They are like life-sized metallic pink flamingos.

What do you guys think of the fact that 9,000 big box stores will close this year in the U.S.? And more to come once Macy's and Sears fall prey to the retail apocalypse.

I bought a giant bag of pistachios the other day. I went nuts.

getting a job is like eating spinach: you won't like it, its taste will stay with you all day, and it will eventually kill your soul from the inside so nothing else will be fun anymore, but hey do you remember popeye the sailor? Yes he is a 100% fictional character

@NinahMarie @IndignantBastard hey you two <3 i was so busy these days but it's good to be back

Are you guys interested in hearing about one of the best and most important inventions in the world right now and one that will save our oceans and provide an alternative to fossil fuels?

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