News4Teachers hat einen wirklich schlechten "Artikel" (eher eine Aufzählung aller platten Pseudorargumente) veröffentlicht, warum eine Schule ohne Microsoft Produkte nicht leben kann. Für DSS habe ich dazu eine kleine Antwort verfasst.

Gerne weiterteilen, gerne auch auf der Birdsite, wenn ihr dort vertreten seid.

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I just got fired out of the blue. Because "restructuring".

Anybody know of a good web development job that'll let me work remote?

... put the graphics back into the main PC -- no POST, either.

And now I'm asking myself if the graphics card had a hardware failure which broke the mainboards, or if it's because Dutch apartments have almost no grounded wall sockets, meaning lots of potential for static charges on electronics...

I'm not used to paying attention to static charges because they've never caused me trouble in over 20 years -- does anyone know better?

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Ohhh dangit.

I may have broken two mainboards/graphics cards this week, and possibly the contents of two hard drives, and I have no idea how.

My Linux machine complained about btrfs, I fixed that, reboot fails. Booted from USB, backed the contents up, reboot ... BIOS has reset? Some funny messages about the graphics card?

Resurrect my 10yo W7 machine, put the graphics board in there -- boots! upgrade to W10 (not using the internet on W7!) reboot -- no POST. Same with old graphics.
... #TERREG means: Orban can order the removal of content published anywhere in the world, without judicial order. This opens the door to politically motivated internet censorship.

Watch my warning to MEPs in LIBE: (2/2)

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Leseempfehlung, Interview mit dem wunderbaren Henning Tillmann: “Bilanz der Corona-Warn-App - "Dann hat man irgendwie das Interesse verloren"”

You are not so smart, episode 143:

People tend to antagonize others until they forge their original intention. Or: Why constructive discussion is so much more helpful for ourselves than yelling at/hating each other:

I'm only 20 minutes in, and am already feeling like I want to go on a mission to empathize with all the crazy angry shouty people I encounter here on Mastodon :)

(But I've RL stuff to deal with. Sorry, maybe later. Maybe listen to the podcast until then?)

I can’t believe I’m having to write this code in a fucking web server. What a mockery of the web, human rights, and the GDPR.

Fuck you, Google!

#FLoC #Google #SurveillanceCapitalism

And because this is the internet, the obligatory disclaimer: That's not to say you should throw your convictions overboard. Just be prepared to change them because half of them is either rubbish or at least way less relevant than you thought.

Not because you were stupid but because any individual has a limited perspective.

Except anything you think about vi vs. Emacs. You're absolutely right about that.

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Your friendly reminder that certainty is, in fact, a trap, and forecast to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Are you affected, too? You can search for your mobile phone number here (format "+491..."):

If you are affected, sue Facebook:

And with the #DigitalServicesAct, we need to introduce a right to use digital services anonymously!

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Things I don't miss about the UK:
Stupid announcements in public places, (like the one reminding you to always hold on to the handrail while using stairs, I kid you not!)

I was always waiting for an PSA telling people to go to the loo before they get in the car or something like that.

„Der Datenschutz ist schuld, dass wir nicht ordentlich die Pandemie bekämpfen können“ ist auch nur das weltliche Äquivalent zu „Ihr habt nicht genug gebetet, deswegen sucht Euch die Pest noch immer heim“. 🇬🇧 Unauthorized livestreams of sports events: Parliamentary committee wants 30 minutes removals without judicial review and over-blocking! This is how the MEPs voted:

More info:

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Niels Niessen in de Volkskrant:
"De redenering van veel universiteiten tijdens de eerste lockdown was: het onderwijs en tentamens moeten zo normaal mogelijk doorgang vinden. De redenering had ook kunnen zijn: als universiteit willen we allereerst een sociaal veilige omgeving creëren. Studenten thuis surveilleren hoort daar niet bij."

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