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Hey Leute, seid froh den Orient vor der Haustüre zu haben. Anstatt unanständig viel Geld für Fernreisen berappen zu müssen. Es ist einfach viel schmackhafter als bei Edeka. Nutzt es, denn die Beratung ist immer freundlich und gratis.

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No matter how hard I look elsewhere, this is probably the most perfect PC to walk into starbucks and sit next to a macbook air user with

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Ich frage mich, was für rechtliche Konsequenzen der Umstand, dass die Facebook-API auf Android-Telefonen massenhaft Daten von nicht-Mitgliedern an Facebook sendet (ohne Zutun der Nutzer!), in Deutschland hat. Die Haftungsfrage ist sicher haarig, aber für mich sieht es aus, als dürfte sowas derzeit in der EU unter keinen Umständen erlaubt sein, und ein Versehen von Facebook kann's ja auch nicht wirklich gewesen sein ...

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Das hat man davon, wenn das mächtigste Land der EU von einer Frau regiert wird, für die das Internet immer noch ist und die dem schneidigen Präsidenten des zweitmächtigsten Landes der EU einfach das glaubt, was ihm die Musik- und Filmindustrie-Lobby ins Ohr geflüstert hat.

Es wird Zeit, wieder die Kampagnen hochzufahren gegen den neuen, noch schlimmeren !

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Zum #sid2019 mache ich darauf aufmerksam, dass auch beim mobilen Zahlen der Datenschutz gelten muss. Gesetzgeber sollte durchsetzen, dass anonyme Formen mobilen Zahlens angeboten werden müssen

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Alright, I did not want to start a spat over whose country is "better". I can find both terrible and amazing things about both England and Germany, and I think I've lived in both for long enough to have an opinion.
What I was trying to do was to actually understand where the British infatuation with surveillance comes from.

I don't think it's rational but I think there must be a rational explanation for it.

To any Germans feeling smug because the Brits are so surveillance-happy: Compared to Britain, Germany is a cesspool of racism, prejudice and intolerance. Germany "debates" whether customer-facing employees should be permitted to wear hijabs, but here they're cometely normal. The tolerance for different cultures here is amazing and would give the Bavarian government a collective heart attack.

Germany has tons of things to learn from Britain.

...only the surveillance thing creeps me out.

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Its almost as if humans are creatures of habit

Almost as if it was hard to change something we've been doing for a long time

Harder yet to be able to own up to 'yes, this is happening'

All sarkasm aside: Most Brits seem to be completely fine with stuff that I find Orwellian/Kafkaesque: Cameras everywhere, no insurance against misuse (other than promises by politicians), whenever I mention encryption, people look at me like I'm a terrorist. Almost nobody knows or cares about Snowden (except he is "controversial"), GCHQ's crimes legalized after the fact, home office not having to explain their decisions... Can someone explain why people are fine with that?

Seriously, what is it about England (or all of Great Britain?) That people have this almost mythical belief that privacy is incompatible with security (and therefore must be sacrificed)
@aral can expose surveillance and preach about it all he wants, if people believe it was fundamentally a good thing, and "how the internet works", and privacy was only about protecting criminals, it's pretty much a lost cause.

Not having privacy is incompatible with Democracy.

...I actually was at a nightclub once that scanned each guest's ID and took a picture of their faces. It was an LGBTQ* (but not only) place, and being British apparently believed that that (plus a shit-ton of security guards) would make the place "safer".

That did not work for me. Surveillance scares me, and putting rainbow on those guards only marginally improved it.

Also, what kind of place has tons of crazy dressed-up queer folk but doesn't allow hats?

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@aral We need to shift the conversation so that it's no longer people choosing to expose just their own information, but information about everyone they interact with as well. It needs to stop being socially acceptable to let others spy on you.

Just watching this, from :

So apparently there's currently no way to include the Facebook SDK, legally within the EU, at least not without some nontrivial tricks.
The correct consequence should be to force app providers to remove it unless it is demonstrated to be "clean". But for that, we'd need to have some government institutions who both care and have some leverage.

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[Thread] I’ve seen something around Instagram today that bothers me. It’s this screenshot of a news story how Nestle is going to stop producing single use plastics until 2025, and a lot of plasticfree or zerowaste accounts celebrating them for it

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Whoever made this is a genius.

"Yalp Store lets you download apps directly from Google Play Store as apk files. It can search for updates of installed apps and lets you search for other apps. Yalp saves downloaded apks to your default download folder."

Yalp is available from F-Droid.

You can use the Play Store without a Google account but you cannot download paid apps. Yalp also handles the updates too.


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