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We documented how to use @dino in Tails.

#Dino is being considered as an option to replace Pidgin in Tails.

Please report your findings!

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If you're #xmpp #jabber enthusiast or developer, I'd like to inform you, that some @tails devs are thinking to remove xmpp ecosystem from being part of #Tails.

If you care about a user group that has a high demand for security, privacy and an UX that enables non-techies, I could help you to understand their needs.

my email:
- syster[at]
my jabber:
- syster42[at]

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The #XMPP server shuts down tomorrow.

Although we're now in the final hours, I've been working all week towards something to help. I've put up an initial version of a web-based XMPP account migrator at

It's rushed and still a bit rough round the edges right now, but I really hope it is useful to people who still have data and contacts to migrate before goes offline.

If you use it, let me know how it goes! 🙂

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Hey guys,

here is the (unofficial) information that the server will be shut down soon.
It is anounced on

- a relocation of the server is impossible.
- Please migrate all your accounts and contacts to other servers.
You can find a list of servers e.g. here:

Important: The app (formerly Pix-Art) is not affected!

Please share, because it seems there was/will be no server message!


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Hi alle,

hier die (inoffizielle) Information, dass der Server in Kürze abgeschaltet wird. Siehe

- ein Umzug des Servers ist ausgeschlossen.
- Bitte migriert alle eure Konten und Kontakte zu anderen Servern.
Eine Liste von Servern findet ihr bspw hier:

Wichtig: Die App (ehemals Pix-Art) ist nicht betroffen!

Bitte teilen, da es scheinbar leider keine Servernachricht gegeben hat/geben wird!


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@tuxedocomputers gerade euer USB-C Ladegerät gesehen. Werden künftige Tuxedos nur noch USB-C zum laden haben? Dann also auch ne zusätzliche USB-C Buchse. Das wäre echt cool
Diese Runde Buchse fand ich schon immer doof.

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Monal 5.0 RC1 ready
We are pleased to announce that we just published a new beta build (746) of Monal 5.0 (iOS and macOS)

If nothing big happens, this will be the last beta build of Monal 5.0 and we'll finally see the release of Monal 5.0 stable next week!

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For you podcast fans! Snikket was featured and discussed in episode 89 of TuxJam, a podcast blending open-source software discussions and Creative Commons music.

A nice surprise, and always great to hear real-world Snikket stories!

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Vorsicht vor der beliebten #Apotheken-App SHOP APOTHEKE: Im Test gab sie das gesuchte Medikament zusammen mit dem vollen Nutzernamen bzw. eindeutigen Gerätekennungen an #Facebook und die #Marketing|firma #Leanplum. @ulrichkelber @digitalcourage

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"#XMPP turns out to be the most efficient contestant in this comparison: it uses much less CPU cycles and database disk I/O."

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Video calls in Dino are slowly coming together. We are already making successful OMEMO encrypted video calls! The feature is included in our nightly builds now, but there's still further work to be done. #dino #xmpp

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@qorg11 Yes, if you're unlucky 😐

Ask your server operator what they are doing to prevent spam, and if necessary point them towards these resources: and

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You'd like to use a modern chat application, while being under the full protection #Tails has to offer? (amnesia, anonymous, censorship resistant, encryption)

You might enjoy @dino then, one of Tails candidates to replace pidgin.
No phone number, anonymous, censorship resistant, e2e encrypted, decentralized/federated, easy to use, based on #xmpp.

With Tails "additional software" function you don't need to wait. Here's how to install it yourselve:

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Gajim Development News:
This month brought improved Ad-Hoc commands, fixes for Gajim Portable, and new image preview capabilities. Meanwhile, work on Gajim’s next version made some progress: better code block styling, chat filters, note to myself, and much more.

#xmpp #chat #foss

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Wow! More than 1K of you have started to follow our journey on Mastodon! 🎉

Thank you so much! We've got a surprise for you! Tell us your story - what Nitrokey means to you and include a pic or video if you like! 🙂

#opensource #itsecurity

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#StorkIM #xmpp client is back on #fdroid

We apreciate suggestions and reports:

Please keep in mind that client internals are currently reworked.

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Weshalb Telegram kurioserweise eine Aura der Sicherheit umgibt, ist aus meiner Sicht nicht nachvollziehbar. Der Messenger ist keine sichere und datenschutzfreundliche Alternative zu WhatsApp.

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Familiar with :apple_inc: Swift, UIKit, and know your way around XCode? Want to help advance the state of #XMPP on #iOS? :xmpp: 📱 We're looking for developers to help bring our iOS app over the finish line! 🏁

This will be a paid short-term project producing FLOSS. DM or email if you're interested.

Not an iOS dev? That's okay, boosts appreciated too! 🙂

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Philipp Hörist (lovetox), maintainer of @gajim, gave a preview of the new Gajim 1.4 User Interface. Gajim is an XMPP client written in Python. It currently receives a big UI overhaul, of which the first results were presented at the #xmpp Office Hours.🎙️

#foss #chat

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