me, to somebody who was just turned into a cat: i'm afraid your condition is... purrmanent

tiny brain - 140char limit
regular brain - 280char limit
galaxy brain - 500char limit
universe brain - no limits

It is said that the lonely eagle flies to the mountain peaks while the lowly
ant crawls the ground, but cannot the soul of the ant soar as high as the eagle?

You're funny.
Je bent grappig.
Vous êtes rigolo.
Sie sind lustig.

I see a lot of UFOs, because I don't trust myself to reliably identify things that are flying far away.

Here are some of the major features of the upcoming v2.0 as of now:

- Custom emojis
- New emoji picker
- New emoji images (twemoji)
- Emoji autosuggestions
- Ability to define themes for admins and select a theme in preferences for users
- No more private toots sent over OStatus
- When only one image/gif attached to toot, it's displayed uncropped in detail/public view
- New error page with elephant friend

I dunno, would you be happy with just that?

Drunk thoughts 

I did it. Quit Facebook. I had many personal reasons, but philosophically, what moved me was Aral Balkan’s critique based on cyborg ontology and theory of surveillance capitalism. This, combined with a vision for decentralized planetary democracy, combined also w/ @Rushkoff's point about it just not being nice to your friends to link them there (like poor hygiene, or knowingly spreading a disease) finally broke my inertia.

This article sums up the argument well: ~ @aral

Where my grandmother worked, they had problems with snacks and other food items disappearing, figuring they were being eaten by the night cleaning crew, right out of people's desks and the fridge.

She decided to bake some ex-lax brownies and have everyone put them in their desk. The brownies were gone the next day when they came in.

They never had a problem with any food disappearing ever again.


Adobe publishes their security private key on their blog in an incident response report X_X

Even though I’m only a quarter of the way through this book I really want to finish, I checked out a biography of the author to read too. Then I checked out another book, just because I could. I may have a problem.

Okay okay okay. Now I REALLY need your help. Which of the following travel stories would you most want to read?
- Taking the train across the country to Glacier National Park and not visiting the park
- Accidentally catching a bus to Forks, WA
- Driving through the night and happening upon Carhenge

Your choice will impact my career. Choose wisely, and boost this post!

I shouldn't ask people to boost a post while they're all sleeping.

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