look around on Merveilles.town, it has some cool people
I should put together a follow friday list again...

Search up some hashtags, stalk the people that reply to some of those toots..

As was also mentioned there was recently a huge influx of Indians with some cool stuff to say. Dig around some!

Good luck!

Two days ago people tried to guess my age. They were wrong for 10 years. 😱 I still can't believe they really thought I was 10 years younger.

Eugen make me CEO of Mastodon pls I know ms excel

@NinahMarie even the federated timeline (at least on social.tchncs.de) is a lot "cleaner" now (including looking at it without language filters!) it doesn't have floods of stuff in languages few (in Europe) understand (other than cat pictures, which is fair enough 😸 ) and there are still active people to follow..

@NinahMarie guilty...I’ve been idle myself and I find only bots lately.

Following so I can boost my verse folks

@NinahMarie Thanks for this sweet and particular ambiance, we can feel the freeze on the grass at the melting point...

@NinahMarie @vfrmedia The results are biased, because only people reading it have voted, and people sleeping haven’t.

My life has reached an apex:

I just unironically said "What's up, dog?" to an actual dog.

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