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As I started here I thought "let me check how it evolve and then I will do a short intro", and well here we are 😁

Hi I'm Shin πŸ––
German from Augsburg in Bavaria 🍻
I'm a dad of two awesome kids and I have an enchanting wife 😍

I'm addicted of :debian: and I really love PostgreSQL and sometimes I fall back to play with my E-Bass 😎

I'm working as an System Engineer and I love this stuff and my awesome colleagues.

I think this is all πŸ€” if not poke me πŸ˜‹

c'ya =)

Ein 6er team, davon haben nur 2 ein Blick aufs RZ πŸ€” es wird Zeit dass man diesen Blick abschaltet wenn man keine Bereitschaft hat, werde mich ΓΌber die Ruhe freuen 😍🀘🏻🍻 und im diesen Sinne "nach mir die Sintflut" 😈

Got an info at work "hey, you still have a logo as you profile pic but our CEO likes to have the face there"
"Well,I don't like avatars with my face so no. I rather remove it but won't change it"
"That is also okay"


Na endlich, die zweite WaKü funktioniert endlich wie sie soll 😍

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We hope you enjoyed our celebration edition and hope to see you again next year! Also a big thank you for all the help from the many many volunteers who are the true heroes who make this conference possible. Please help us improve by sending feedback to

Woohoooo 42,38km by FEET as video volunteer at @fosdem πŸ˜…
I think I know why they are hurting πŸ™ˆ

So, @fosdem is over πŸ˜”
3 days of work,fun and a lot of cool was a pleasure to have had again the opportunity to be part of it 😍

After the is before the , but next time we will se us for 🀘🏻

c'ya 🍻

- Video teardown building H βœ…
- bring all back to K βœ…
- inventory of our stuff βœ…
- feets ☠️❎☠

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Welcome to day 2 of #fosdem at #FOSDEM2020 from the NOC

Due to some people trying to be funny, from now on DHCP is mandatory on the dual stack network. On the main IPv6 only network it's optional as always, SLAAC is enough.

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Today is 02-02-2020, which is a rare palindromic date. Hear Steven Goodwin talk about FOSDEM, from back-to-front, in Janson at 5pm.

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Lost something? Found something? Please come to infodesk K where we keep all lost and found items.
Please check your belongings! Especially found some credit cards...

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Speakers that gave a talk, please check your mailbox for a mail from the video review system. The faster you review your video, the faster they will get published. Devroom managers, please notify the speakers!

1st @fosdem day has gone and it was huge. Got the possibility to meet a lot of nice people over there and it was a pleasure and fun 🀘🏻 so thx here for those who will see it πŸ˜‰

So, c'ya tomorrow and if you will be in H drop me an info for a quick shake hands 😁

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Good Morning #FOSDEM!

Find us with our booth-friends and in building H, talks all over:
* Sat 12:00 room AW1.120 - Jos on Nextcloud Hub
* Sun 13:00 Janson - Frank on GPL for business
* Sun 13:55 room UD2.208 (Decroly) - Bjoern on Nc Talk
& more!
Have fun!

3th time at @fosdem , 1st time to go finally to the center and see a little bit of the city, nice 😁

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FOSDEM is empowered by its volunteers!
If you attend main tracks or lightning talks, we are still looking for people for the heralding task (announce the speaker, ensure the talk ends on-time) & video (pointing the camera in the right direction)

Hey all πŸ––πŸ» now the official irc channels of @fosdem are bridged with @matrix πŸ˜‰ go and join them if you like.


Wenn ich mir HΓΆrbΓΌcher zulegen mΓΆchte, aber auf audible verzichten mΓΆchte, was wΓΌrdet ihr empfehlen? πŸ€”

WΓΌrde mich ΓΌber den einen oder anderen Tipp freuen, gerne auch boosten πŸ™ƒ danke 🀘🏻

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