The cold, the , the ice, a nice activity for . Everyone else has to scratch and finally drive slowly ;o)

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Hi folks, my name is Dominik.

I'm a self-taught web developer from Germany, mainly working with #typo3 and backend related tech. Currently I'm finishing my computer science degree after work and try to get my feet wet with OSS.

In my spare time I'm interessted in #boardgames and tabletop #rpgs. With two colleagues I co-host a small (german) #rpg podcast for beginners called #dungeonstarter.

Looking forward to getting in touch 🙂


short ride to local playground , I tried my new leather saddle, it clearly has to be settled in

The screw thread on my light recently broke. Unfortunately, this could not be repaired. With a small extra charge, the producer replaced the light and sent me the next model, now with remote control. Light control directly on the aerobar is really fun.


"flOSM" offers very clearly arranged OSM data on POIs with a direct link to OSM. The shelter overview is fantastic, so the next multi-day tour 2021 can come ;o)


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To add special POIs to a GPX-track, I've been using "Overpass Turbo" so far. The POIs received from Overpass Turbo are loaded into "QMapShack" with a GPX-file. Then individual POIs near the track are transferred to the GPX-track. The whole thing is successful, but quite time-consuming.

Does one of you know an easier way to supplement a GPX-track in the area of its course with special POIs as waypoints. How do you do that?


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