And another event has a date in 2021, "Taunus Bikepacking" starts on June 15 near Frankfurt

training in the evening, the empty streets with good pavement in the industrial area are fun in the evening and at night

get a new winter jacket and a long bib, it is always exciting to wash functional clothing, feels like every washing instruction is different and everything has to be washed separately

fast midnight training across my hometown, once again it's fascinating how fast you can get from A to B without all the cars on the streets and deactivated traffic lights

played through again, see you next time dear "Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars"

"Orbit 360", 16 routes, one route for each federal state in Germany. All tracks are downloadable, I'll riding a few soon.

After a few trips with the "Apidura Racing Handlebar Pack 5L" under the aerobar, I can say that the accessibility is great. I don't want to ride longer trips without this bag anymore. Unfortunately, the two upper access pockets are not really waterproof, a little rainwater slowly enters and collects on the bottom of the bag. An additional drybag helped me.
In the next days the aerobar cockpit will be optimized for the bag.


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