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Das hier ist ein Toot, der alle paar Monate und alle Jubeljahre aus nicht mehr nachvollziehbaren Gründen retweetet wird.

Why many people don't and won't use open source federated sites 

People will continue to use big centralized sites like Discord until the alternatives drop the literal paragraphs of technobabble to explain what they are.

Most users do not know tech well. If they see pages of words they don't understand it's clear the software 'isn't for people like me'
so they go back to centralized sites.

If people don't understand what any of those acronyms and words mean it won't matter that the site is easier or better to use.

There's nothing wrong with technical explanations.
But they can be deeply alienating as a first impression and explanation to someone with no tech or coding skills who's after 'a site I can talk to my friends on'.

Folks know the sites they use are bad. But the alternative isn't accessible to the vast majority of people.

Non tech users need to be included and respected as potential users if open source is to appeal to all the communities it could benefit.

TIL: C-M-e (also Strg+Alt+E) in einer #bash expandet Aliase, Variablen und Historyreferenzen in der aktuellen Zeile. Aus

lh $HOME

wird also

ls -lh /home/scy

Leider scheint das nicht für Globs (wie *.md) oder Sequenzen (wie {1..5}) zu funktionieren … weiß da jemand was?

Zeit für einen Jobwechsel? Lust auf Marketing ohne ausgelatschte Pfade? Ich suche Verstärkung für mein Team:

Marketing Special (m/w/d)

#Linux #OpenSource #Jobs

Just tried to fix my broken pixelfed installation. Does anyone know, why @pixelfed deleted their master branch on ?

#pixelfed #beta #wtf

Why is there no "instance tags" feature for #mastodon ? Simply a list of all tags that are known to the instance?

This way I would be able to discover new topics and people on the #fediverse 😄

Ja, die Keychron K6 ist ganz bestimmt die letzte Tastatur, die ich mir kaufen/baue :) Ich schwöre!


From now on, does not belong to me.
I decided to stop providing a pixelfed instance since it did not spark my interest and the lack of time was quite high.

I did reach out do "DFRI" - A Swedish organisation that fights for privacy and digital rights.
Mattias who is a member accepted the offer of taking over the responsibility and ownership. And today that finalized and all the accounts is in good and safe hands.

#pixelfed #fediverse #privacy #sweden #sverige

I'm looking for a FOSS tool to fix an unfinished MP4 file (missing header). I have a bunch of other files recorded with the same settings that do have their headers, but I don't know how to splice them together for a working video file.

I can't understand why the key information in an MP4 file is stored at the end, and not on the beginning.

I wish OpenCamera fro Android would support the MKV container.

#MP4 #DataRescue #Video

Hallo Mastoadmins!

Wer mit dem Post-Austausch seiner Mastodon Instanz noch nicht ganz zufrieden ist, und sich mehr fremde Posts im Public Stream wünscht, kann einmal folgende URL in den Adminsettings zu den Relays hinzufügen:

Dahinter verbirgt sich ein ActivityPub-Relay, das ich gerade aufgesetzt habe. So tauschen alle Instanzen, die mit dem Relay verbunden sind, öffentliche Posts sofort miteinander aus. Für mehr Bewegung im Public Stream :-)

#mastoadmins #admin

help curl: the user survey 2020 - please run over and fill in your views. We need them! It'll only take you a few minutes.

Quick survey: Which component in LibreOffice do you use the most?

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