@DHLPaket was ist denn eine "Sendung mit reduzierter Sendungsverfolgung"?

1. Shit something fell
2. I saw it falling, but where is it
3. Ok, but how can I reach it
4. I reached it and now I am stuck
5. … At least I got it out of there

So what did you do in 2020? - Waiting for deliveries to arrive… 🙄 Second pre-order with them, and again it will not arrive inside the selected 2 hour timeframe…

Bislang gefallen mir die Tracks mit den ungeraden Zahlen auf dem Album Maifrost von Aspar etwas besser. Was wird es wohl morgen geben?

"Why isn't there a spearmaster, or an axemaster?" the student asked. "Are those weapons inferior?"
"Not at all," the swordmaster said, "in many situations they are better than a sword."
"Are they easier to use?"
"No. But they are easier to not use."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I am again amazed by how much information this site offers: Sun & moon times today, Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - timeanddate.com/astronomy/germ

Called the landlord on Saturday. He called me at 10 today and is already trying to solve the issues. That's certainly a quick response

Just ordered Christmas gifts. And crates. Guess we need more of them than in previous years, and it's difficult to find just the right size. No az today, though.

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