The tower stood on a lonely mountaintop, far from town and city. One morning, a knight seeking adventure knocked on its door.
"Is this the lair of an evil sorcerer, or prison of a trapped princess?" he demanded.
Eventually, a tired voice called out.
"This is an observatory."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"In particular the C++ Standard Library, in accordance with the spirit of C++, extends the number of ways a buffer overflow bug might sneak into your program."

@DILIPDRAVID The name Mastodon comes from a prehistoric animal, which is a fluffy elephant essentially. There is a band called Mastodon which is where I learned about this animal from.

The word toot comes from the Mastodon community. There was a long period when things were called just "publish" and "status" and people were coming up with different things to call them.


Comics, die man als Kind liest und dann nochmal als Eltern liest.

moving a huge number of small files is a pain ... a looooong one


BirdSite (aka Twitter) has added an algorithm to filter out 'Mastodon' from 'Trends' and even Timelines 😹💁‍♂️

Are you surprised?

Just was pointed to this article on hacking and I really like it. "From bogans to bubble tea: The Wellington hacker war that wasn’t" - The Spinoff -

I can totally imagine this happening, like "Whoops, looks like I accidentally solved the halting problem, but at least I fixed that bug in my squirrel behavior AI"

Honestly if anyone's gonna solve the impossible programming problem of the century, it's not gonna be a silicon valley startup looking to optimise their subscription-based ingredient delivery service, it's gonna be the guy who makes dwarf fortress because one day he decided to try and implement something like randomly generated recessive genetic disorders in sheep

Please check the page above before suggesting another language to add, because it might already be there. Also, translations depend on community contributions, "adding" a language only means it's now possible to submit translations for it.

People who like graphs, here is the recent spike of activity thanks to India discovering Mastodon in the context of the last 6 months of

Getting ready to oppose the Nazis in #Bielefeld today Gonna be a busy day. #bi0911

Thug level of @Mastodon : 9000
Getting free promotion on Twitter 😂

Yes! Twitter should worry.
@Mastodon is going to climb to Top in no time soon!

I am definitely tempted to buy the XP-PEN Artist 12, but it is definitely the wrong time to do so.

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