Making a #vegan #curry out of blended tomatoes, fermented onion, fermented garlic, corn, chickpeas, cauliflower and broccoli. Going to be great after a few hours of simmering. One of the benefits of working from home

its so cute when i go to give my dog a treat

i go & get their treat, they pensively approach, half laying half sitting, they scoot further to me, i put my hand down without saying anything, they shake it & i hand them a carrot with my other hand

they love carrot

#vegan #dog

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Faire des raviolis maison, c’est long, mais c’est bon

do any of u know how to make #vegan #pancakes wiith eggs changed for something else? every recipe i try always stick to the pan or turns to mush. I used both regular pans and cast iron skillet, maybe it was too hot?


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2 big onions, garlic to taste, tofu, crushed tomatoes, spinache, mushrooms.

Cut the onion once from one side, try to peel off the outer two layers as whole as possible.

Cut up the rest of the onions, garlic, mushrooms and spinache. Mush the tofu together with all the other things. Add spices.

Fill onions and drive a stick trough. Put the rest of the filing around it. Put in oven at 220°C for a while.

#vegan #wfpb #food

Vegan food 

Vegan chili relleno burrito. Huitlicoche, pico, rice, beans, salsa Verde, avocado and of course chili relleno. Really hit the spot. #vegan #veganx @vegan

Just spent 3 hours in the kitchen, making all kinds of #food. Started a new fermentation of #onion and #garlic and made some base sauces for upcoming meals with lots of veggies. #vegetarian #vegan

I am #new here so it's #introduction time!
Not sure what to put here, but I do #astrophysics and also #politicaleducation and #activism on the side. I will use this plattform in English and German, although I also know other languages. I love learning and am excited about tons of different topics. I am very #queer, a #jewish #atheist, #vegan, #depressed, and very #political.
Curious to read interesting content, see #memes & #animals and maybe connect with like-minded people :)


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