I made chana masala tonight for the first time. I'm surprised I've never tried doing this before since it's always a favorite when I eat out. I maybe went a little heavy on the serranos, but we always enjoy food that makes us sweat. #vegan #willcooks

@deneb #Vegan banana ice cream is never not a good idea.

second result: #vegan #fishSticks with more fried #potatoes and salad.
Tried to make it look nice, that's why I didn't put all that I prepared onto the plate at once.

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CN food

Just ate a first slice of this #vegan pumpkin chocolate caramel pie and I can highly recommend it! I used butternut but I believe it would taste even better with a stronger tasting pumpkin.

My delicious #oven baked slow roasted broccoli and cauliflower in homemade teriyaki sauce #vegan #food

a fashion student reached out to me for tips on making #kombucha #leather , and after a while she sent me this amazing creation! She's not on fedi, she's JJINPERTH on Insta - btw if you want to get in on this #vegan leather action I have a tutorial here:

Greetings! I'm Deirdre Anne.

tl;dr: :linux::archlinux::qfTrans:​⚖️​ :vegan::jester_hat:

I just joined the fediverse, tried another instance for a few days but didn't find it to my liking. I love to break things, including humans. Sometimes I fix them when I'm done. I wear many hats and my hat color is entirely relative of course.

FWIW, I'm a #nonbinary woman and a #vegan. I've been working in cybersecurity governance as an #auditor for about 8 years and hold a #CISA and a #GICSP. I've been playing around with computers since a friend showed me how to use a sector editor to remove the copy protection from games in the 80s, emphasis on "playing around", never anything serious. I just got a job as an operational cyber test manager, haven't even started it yet.

I'm also a #lawyer and I'm planning on starting an M.A. in #philosophy next year.


Slowly roasted tray bake over a course of 3 hours. #food consists of #potato, #paprika, red #onion a small bit of olive oil and a heap of #hotsauce and #garlic #vegan

Today I recommend Cloud Rat, a great band from Michigan, wandering through the genres of hardcore punk and grindcore but also dreampop and avantgarde. Their lyrics are poetic, Madison really has something to say. Attitudes: #queer #vegan #blacklivesmatter , being human and all that shit.
As a band with mostly an abrasive style of female fronted grindcore they just reach my heart. If you're into grindcore, punk, screamo you gotta give it a shot!

Just put a bowl of broccoli and corn in the oven with a sauce based on coconut milk, chili flakes, ground black pepper, and a hint of garlic. #vegan #food #slowfood

I just read that the average milk cow in the Netherlands produces 34.000 litres of milk in her life time (which is only 4 - 5 years). In the year 2000 the average was 20.000 litres. Damn this system is broken.

#vegan #animalrights

food (vegan) 

Posted 28 photos: Misc homemade food from the last month. Bosnian grah and somun (not quite right but pretty close); Japanese curries; slowcooker stew; comfort foods... pizza, seitan doner kebab, mac 'n' cheese, chips, pancakes; chickpea flour omelette; bean burgers and homemade bread.. #food #vegan

At last!
Variation on the puff pastry bakes recipe by the Easy Vegan. Mine has some butternut squash that were leftovers in addition to the mushrooms, swedes, and potatoes.
#àtable #vegan #aboutime

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Vegan homemade cheesecake. Very tasty and very easy to make 😍

Crushed vegan cookies
Melted butter

1 cup of vanilla yoghurt (500g)
1 cup of quark alternative (400g)
2 sachets vanilla custard powder
Melted butter (approx. 100g)
Maple syrup as desired

Bake at 180°C for 60 minutes.

#vegan #veganfood #food #whatveganseat #cake #cheesecake
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