industry standard animal abuse, bestiality 

industry standard animal abuse, bestiality 

Goya (bitter melon) and dorayaki (pancakes filled with anko) 😋

@franciecashman I like to freeze them. Then later toss them in a blender with some almond milk for #vegan banana ice cream.

Made my very first #homemade #tofu, as well as okara cookies, today! It’s very tiny but it was surprisingly easy!
I made it with homemade soy milk I prepared a few days ago.

#vegan #cooking
A plate containing a very small…

Pizza marinara is #vegan and delicious. There's no need for fake cheese when you use quality ingredients: San Marzano tomatoes, oregano, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil... and a great dough cooked to perfection in a real woodfire oven.

There we go, and I already tasted the cashew “cheese” sauce, it’s extremely well. This will be a divine salad. #Vegan - I added as extra ingredients eggplant and zucchini

omgees The Angels are singing! 😇🎶😇

This is the best meal I am having in 2019, it indeed is celestial. Haute Cuisine made by yours truly. #Vegan + extra eggplant and zucchini

Nice list of egg substitutions for vegans!

I am not much of a baker, but this is good to know if somebody wants to bake something nice.

#VeganBaker #vegan #baking #food #VeganEgg #EggReplacements

Geez, French restaurants are really bad for vegans. Waiters and cooks just can't compute it. It's always a battle of dumb questions and repeated answers (always politely), followed by either the waiter telling you you're gonna fall sick or the cook giving you no other choice than french fries.
I have trouble figuring how to behave so I always politely say eveything's fine, which it so isn't.
#veganism #vegan #vegetalian #vegoresto

Happy 4th of #JuLionsTho!

It can be very effective to repeat people's "meat-eating excuses" back to them while resetting the focus of their protestation back to the actual victim; i.e. the individuals being killed.

We're posting every day this month on the theme of "JuLionsTho"; i.e. the "Lions (and other animals) eat meat, so I can too" fallacy. See for more fallacies and responses.

#vegansidekick #JuLionsTho #YourVeganFallacyIs #AnimalRights #SocialJustice #Vegan

America’s Obsession With Oat Milk Is Hurting the Dairy Industry

"Your oat milk obsession is hurting America’s dairy industry, you monsters."

Btw, is part of Vox Media, with such sites as The Verge (unreliable, biased tech site), Polygon (shitty gaming website). At this point they should just rename themselves to "meater". :/

I hope we can hurt them even more around the world.

#MilkIndustry #OatMilk #PlantMilk #Veganism #vegan

Happy 5th of #JuLionsTho!

Dorothy is right here -- even people who are PAID to act like lions don't do a terribly convincing job of it, which makes the all-to-common comparison between humans and lions (or other predators) that much more bizarre once you think it through.

We're posting every day this month on the theme of "JuLionsTho"; i.e. the "Lions (and other animals) eat meat, so I can too" fallacy.

#bizarrocomics #JuLionsTho #YourVeganFallacyIs #AnimalRights #SocialJustice #Vegan

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