Dr Melanie Joy: "Without awareness, there is no free choice." #DrMelanieJoyQuotes #MelanieJoyQuotes #Quotes #Veganism Ⓥ🍒🍐🍓🍅🌽🌾🐈🐕🐔🐄🐖🦃

Philip Wollen: "I discovered that when we suffer, we suffer as equals. And in their capacity to suffer, a dog is a pig, is a bear...is a boy." #PhilipWollenQuotes #Veganism

ProVeg International: *Food and Pandemics Report*

📃 proveg.com/food-and-pandemics-

"COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, transmitted from animals to humans, that has turned into a global pandemic. It was first recognised in December 2019 and has since led to a large-scale shutdown of all aspects of life around the world. Its impacts are unparalleled in modern times, including a death toll in the hundreds of thousands as well as serious long-term socio-economic effects. It is unclear how long it will take for societies and economies to recover – or how it will change the world in the long run.

While most of the current focus is on the crucial aspects of emergency response and containment of the COVID-19 crisis, the Food & Pandemics Report explores risk mitigation and the prevention of future outbreaks by addressing the root causes of zoonotic emergence and spread. …"

:pdf: proveg.com/wp-content/uploads/

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Posted 33 photos: Non-jelly updates from this week's #fedikitchen include #vegan biscuits and gravy, pastries, doughnuts, chocolate hazelnut fudge cake, pancakes... #food rhiaro.co.uk/2020/07/photos-fo


I generally won't post pics of a recipe beyond the first time I make it unless I've made a lot of revisions or it turned out especially good. But since I'm on a new instance and have some new followers, I'll share last night's dinner. Wham! Chowder - My #vegan take on clam chowder. Shiitake mushrooms give the clam-y texture. I changed the way I'm getting the fishy taste. Instead of kelp powder or dulce flakes, I added a sheet of nori to the blender when I made the cashew cream. #willcooks

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Posted 33 photos: things I jellified with agar agar this week: almond milk and apricot jam, for creamy puddings. Cherry, lemon and apple juice. Then I made blue dye from red cabbage, which made me feel like a mad scientist.. #food #vegan rhiaro.co.uk/2020/07/photos-je

The best thing about leaving the office today? The #vegan restaurant nearby is open. So eating there :)


Paneer tikka masala. The paneer is tofu and not cheese. #vegan #willcooks

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Posted 12 photos: this week's #fedikitchen highlights include a courgette (zucchini) cake, shepherd's pie, stuffed aubergine (eggplant) and vegetable tempura.. (among other things) #food #vegan rhiaro.co.uk/2020/06/photos-fo


Rice bowl with carrots, tomatoes, and crispy tofu, topped with a creamy cucumber sauce. #vegan #willcooks

After five years and nine months, I have finally finished reading Haruki #Murakami's 1Q84 in #Japanese, all 2057 pages of the paperback version.

I'll write down my thoughts about it later but what better way to celebrate than with a "Murakami meal", aubergines with ponzu, soy beans and rice.



I was lazy today, so I threw together a marinade with hoisin sauce for the tofu, and tossed in some carrots. The ingredients were largely determined by what I had in the house. I need to go shopping tomorrow. #willcooks #vegan

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