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"Those #vegan swedish meatballs really taste like the real thing!"

#falafel #taameya #egypt

Nice summery salad of aubergines, chick peas and fresh mushrooms, served with Japanese rice in a separate bowl.
I diced aubergines and cooked them for 12 mins in the microwave. Mushrooms just raw, sliced.

The secret is in the dressing:
- tomato puree ~1 tbsp
- tobanjan (chilli bean sauce) ~ 1 tsp
- vinegar ~ 1 tbsp
- soy sauce ~ 1 tbsp
- yuzu juice ~ 1 tbsp
- garlic oil ~ 1 tsp
- pumpkin seeds ground in a mortar, ~2-3 tbsp
- the cooking liquid from the aubergines


@Fabimaru It's getting easier and easier every year! Now the word #vegan appears prominently on many menus for tourists, and I even heard Italians saying that vegan meat doesn't taste bad after all.

We're a more conservative culture, but eventually we'll get there...

These are my favorite plant based nuggets. They hold up even if I'm eating them with real chicken nuggets on the same plate. All others I've tried so far don't hold up the same. #vegan #plantbased

How important is price when you're buying packaged #vegan products? This nugget brand is lowering its prices to make it more accessible to people of all dietary persuasions on a variety of budgets. @alphafoods #vegannuggets #veganchicken…

Berkeley Becomes The First U.S. City To Commit to Going Vegan

The Berkeley City Council has voted to only purchase vegan food for city events by 2024 in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. #climateemergency #pollution #environment #ecology #Berkeley #US #vegan

Today I made #vegan #döner.

There actually is a ton of yogurt sauce and pan fried #tofu with lots of good seasoning on there, but you can't see it here 😄

‘Men have a tendency to eat meat so they’re perceived as manly, and changing that gender stereotype could lead to a reduction in carne consumption, according to a UCLA study’

We are living in a climate emergency with animal agriculture being the leading cause of most of the environmental problems that we are facing today. This world urgently needs more selfless protectors and less toxic masculinity: for the animals, the planet & for your own health.

#masculinity #vegan #food #gender

Had a summer sweet wrap at my favourite #vegan #food place today. It's a very small shop with outdoor seating. But! The rain was terrible. Ate indoors, as I was the only customer. Love them 😍

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I'm about to bake a cake. Going to cover it with vegan whipped cream, blueberries, and raspberries. #vegan

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