To maintain my body I take dried beans rice & other dried goods w me when #traveling & buy fresh fruits & veggies locally. Then stay only in places that have a kitchen to prepare my food.

It works GREAT 4 me. #EscortLife #Travel #vegan #SensualChef #gigolo #maleescort

Goatless Cheeze from Real Fake Meats

Saturday I stopped in at Real Fake Meats for the first time and took home their goatless cheeze. It was a perfect match for the flavour and texture I remember of actual goat cheese.

#vegan #vegancheese

Dinner time! 

Easy Vegan Pasta Recipe plus a little bit of Italy :)

Looks really easy and yummy. Might be my weekend meal.

Italy is really beautiful too.

#vegan #food #pasta #cooking #Italy

Thai-spiced chickpea burgers with a spicy-sweet tomato sauce and garlic & ginger roasted red potatoes. #vegan #willcooks

Food, seitan, Instant Pot #vegan 

*screaming and frantically googles to see if BK has it here*

(We don't have Carl Jr. here.)

Honestly, I don't know if I like the Carl's Jr. Beyond Burger or the BK Impossible Whopper more.

I skarfed it down fast because I couldn't wait for this to arrive at BK.

I love having choices.


All oppression and discrimination are related. We have to take a position against all forms, not just some!

If we believe it's wrong to harm an individual just because they're gay, trans, a woman, a POC, etc, but we're fine with harming an individual just because they're a nonhuman animal, we may be confused.

We all agree it's wrong to harm an animal for an unnecessary reason. The reasons we take part in harming animals amount to taste and fashion (pleasure), entertainment, and convenience. Surely someone else's right to live their own life freely is worth more than our pleasure, entertainment, and convenience?


Ok, admittedly it was a really fancy #vegan サラダ: kale, quinoa, red cabbage, white asparagus, herbs... 😋

@JamesLilly nice to meet you friend! Non-Compete has been super informative and has been causing me to have something of a paradigm shift in regards to the way I view society. Glad to meet people who are learning about and thinking about the same things!

ich bin noch neu hier, daher hier mal eine #introduction:
Ich lebe #vegan und möchte mit euch allen zusammen die Welt retten. Daher fahre ich #fahrrad und versuche #zerowaste.
Ich übersetze aus Englisch und Chinesisch ins Deutsche. #translator
Ich lerne #esperanto #eo, schreibe zu wenig und blogge unter
Weitere Interessen:
#Klima #Umweltschutz #Nachhaltigkeit
#bge #bedingungslosesgrundeinkommen #grundeinkommen
#bulletjournal #bujo
#Linux #opensource

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