Butternut squash chili. Dinner tonight was inspired by: 1. Having a lot of butternut squash in the freezer from overbuying a few weeks ago; and 2. My knowledge this morning that I was feeling lazy. This took 10 minutes effort and 5 hours in the slow cooker. I also came very close to outspicing myself. #vegan #willcooks

I want to see #JoeRogan interview #PatrikBarboumian on his podcast and try to tell him you can't get buff on an entirely plant-based diet. This guy has been a #vegan since 2011 and was filmed for the 2018 #documentary The Game Changers, flipping over a car with his bare hands, and breaking a Guinness world record for carrying weights:

food (veg) - 🇨🇦 Thanksgiving 

Coconut curry with mushrooms and yellow bell peppers, topped with crispy tofu. #vegan #willcooks

Happy 11th of #OctNoFur!

If pre-vegans were honest about their feelings towards other animals, we'd hear conversations like this one IRL, right? Who needs dalmatians when you have collies? =o/


We're posting every day this month on the theme of "OctNoFur"; i.e. all the issues with the body-parts industry. See the YourVeganFallacyIs.com site for more vegan-related fallacies and their responses.

#bizarro #dog #fashion #fur #leather #YourVeganFallacyIs #AnimalRights #SocialJustice #Vegan

lewd, vegan discourse 

food (veg) - 🇨🇦 Thanksgiving 

Over 70 billion land animals are killed for food every year.

Around 90% are chickens.

You can stop that by not eating them. Please, consider going #vegan.


Any one have thoughts on the best place to get Vegan desserts in NYC midtown west. Asking for a friend, literally. #vegan #nyc

This is coconut ice cream with fresh loquat. It is one of my favourite flavour combinations in the world, and it only potentially exists for a few weeks a year. If you have a loquat tree near you, get on this.

I'm sure you can buy coconut ice cream but I just make it from amazingly cheap cans of coconut cream from the supermarket. It's super easy and delicious. Also #vegan so you can share it with almost everyone.

Do you have any non-white #vegan accounts you can recommend?

(Cecina - vegan chickpeas breakfast dish or appetizer, served both hot and cold, crispy and delicious)

Cecina, zapiekanka/placek z mąki ciecierzycowej. Generalnie mąka, woda, oliwa, cebula. Na śniadanie albo jako na przystawkę. Istotnym elementem jest tymianek albo rozmaryn. Warto mieć solidny piekarnik i odpowiednią formę do pieczenia.

#vegan #wegeśniadanie #veganbreakfast #taniejedzenie #veganoitaliano

insidetherustickitchen.com/cec wegannerd.blogspot.com/2019/07 greenscarf.pl/cecina-cebula-cz

Today I finally finished distributing 500 vegan leaflets with an invitation to stop eating chickens and other animals.

#veganism #activism #animals #chickens #italian

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