a shitty pic of what I ate last night.
#dal with flatbread, #soyghurt sauce and spinach.
The combination of bread, dal and yoghurt is sooooo good.

i have opened registration on animal.church for all friendly anticapitalists, vegetarian/vegans, queer people, or anyone in the immediate orbit of these topics. boost appreciated. #mastadmin #fediverse #vegan #instanceadmin

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My dear one always eats whatever I cook for dinner and almost ever makes requests. Today he specifically asked for something, so in the middle of a full day I'm starting prep work for dinner. This will eventually be a #vegan meatloaf. #willcooks

Meatloaf and roasted garlic & parsnip mashed potatoes along with "The Dreaming Tree" Cabernet Savignon. #vegan #willcooks

If you like #ducks, please don't consume foi grass. It's sick what people do to them. There's hundreds of #vegan foi grass alternatives! ❤️🦆 #food #cute #animals

#Vegan ice cream with kinako (roasted soy flour) 😋

"The chances of you being born a within a herd that is not a part of the commercialized mass production is far far lower of the chances you being born the child of multi-millionaire, so to assume cow's just live a life of comfortable, grassy luxury is preposterous. Vegans are not trying to get in the way of a happy, comfortable cow, we are trying to stop the horrors that are regularly dismissed."
- by: reddit.com/user/Tokijlo

[CW: A vegan sausage is held over a sexy sketch of a catgirl licking a sizeable buttplug... um.]


#vegan #veganuary #nsfw? #mastoart

It's not perfect, but it's got a lot of charm. Or do I just think that because I'm its mother?
Also, you almost definitely can't tell, but my hands were actually shaking quite a lot when squirting out the icing.

This is naturally all #vegan

#firsttimes #newyears

And even more #vegan stuff! That crispy pancake was my favorite. Do you know what it's called, @dragfyre?

Look at the density of #vegan restaurants in Da Nang! (the map is from the Happy Cow app) @VPG

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