Tonight's meal is an olive, walnut, chickpea ragu over whole wheat pasta. #theGalley #vegan

The best #food is simple and #slowfood. Steamed #potato and #carrot in my #bricknic #romertopf with just some olive oil, with a few spices. Basically a small bit of paprika and chili powder with a bit of #dutch Kerrie powder. #vegan #vegetarian

White bread *knobby root*
or: "Weißbrotwurzel" 🙂, made with #LievitoMadre instead of yeast and olive oil instead of sour cream.


Recipe adapted from this original:


vegan food picture, mock-meat 

I tried the new "chickwheat" (which doesn’t use chickpeas anymore) recipe from [Mary’s Test Kitchen](, because i really liked the previous one (which was from [Avocadosandales](

Here’s the result after cooking and shredding, and the meal i made with it (it’s a derivation of [my own recipe]( with fresh shiitake). The marinade softened the seitan in a very good way, and the texture was perfect.

I highly recommend this #seitan recipe, but a high powered kneading machine is required. However, i found that there’s no need to buy a Kitchenaid for €700, because a very cheap bread machine will perfectly do the job in the "pizza dough" setting! And you can find one very cheap! (wait for january with people selling their presents ;) )


First time I try to prepare tofu using homemade soy milk and some nigari I bought recently. Wonder if it's going to taste better than that I usually find at supermarkets here. #vegan

#vegan #lunch and #breakfast for tomorrow. Oatmeal, berries. Avocado veggie sushi, garlic bread.


Some foodprep for tomorrows celebrations! Some food and some sweets 😁

I usually use wikipedia for quick translations but #knäck was called knäck on english wikipedia too, described as a swedish confectionery 🤷‍♀️ I just hope it sets properly..

#christmas #vegan

well i finished the vegan haggis already & am feeling peckish, lol. i knew that would happen

so what we will do is sacrifice this one tonight. more as a taster, then i can change a few things for tomorrows one

we are having an extra person over tomorrow to join both O & i, so would be good to tweak the recipe. plus i love vegan haggis. though ive never bought it, only made it. this one was done with someone elses recipe & im happy with it

#food #veganhaggis #vegan #haggis

@cwebber Guilty: Suspenders. Flatcap. #Vegan. Beard. Fountain pens. Composting. Buy local. Vinyl records.

Spaghetti con crema di broccoli + mollica di pane, peperoni cruschi, aglio e peperoncino soffritti.

#mastopasto #vegan

here is something i notices recently: our grocery shop now has a soy milk that is cheaper than all cow milks there. it's sweet-ish and mildly vanillin flavored, which i don't care for but it's not bad either. but i'm so happy #vegan foods are getting cheaper and more available.


Bodybuilder shows you don’t have to become an animal abuser to build muscle 👇


Vegan over 8 years now, still not dead 🤷‍♂️ 🌱 💪 #vegan

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