I veganized Aarti Sequeira's Bombay Sloppy Joe's. I substituted ground seitan for the ground turkey, agave nectar for the honey, and cashew cream for the half & half. #vegan #willcooks

I grew a wallet in my basement!
I’ve been growing #kombucha scobies specifically to turn into #vegan leather, and my first batch is finally done. I’m going to write a recap and tutorial. In the meantime, here are pictures of my new wallet, made from kombucha. It feels like a cross between heavy plastic sheeting and leather.

So I tried the #Vegan Supreme in the Subway today. Asked this guy if I wanted cheese and bacon with it. OMG! :vegan: 🙄

Made burrito bowls like this tonight and it was a hit 😋 #vegan

Neither of us was too sure about the mustard at first, but it ended up working really well! Also added some onion, spinach, and salsa. Nice and simple meal, will be making again 👍

Food, vegan & GF recipes please! 

Today I'm bringing #vegan curried #broccoli to work with a curry sauce of garlic, peppers and coconut fibers

Making #vegan #chili to take to work for lunch tomorrow. Saves me a trip to the supermarket in the storm :)

A good thing about being #vegan is that you don't eat too much junk food.
Until the grocery nearby gets vegan ice cream and pizza, which is when you start binging on them to the point of getting obese.

Happy 8th of #Februdairy!

Farmer's Son: "And for the cow, it's worse, I fear: they rod-rape her every year. Take every calf, take all her milk, until she's dead."

"The age in which we're living is ever more misgiving over what is done to those who cannot talk. Are you blind to all their pain?"



We're posting every day this month on the theme of "Februdairy. See the yvfi.ca site for more.

#poem #spokenword #farmer #dairy #milk #cows#YourVeganFallacyIs #Vegan

Isa Pizza, from Isa Chandra's Vegan with a Vengeance. Pesto and tofu ricotta toppings.
#vegan #willcooks


Probably one of the very first things I ever learned to cook, pasta puttanesca. I hadn't made this in years and it was only last week that I realized if I left out the anchovies it would be #vegan. #willcooks

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