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Jede Wohnung hat diese eine Ecke mit den Fahrgastinformationsanzeigen

Custom uBlock Origin filter:

||< SPARKASSE >.de/etc/clientlibs/myif/*/sfp/universal_analytics.min.*.js$script,important

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RT from Kristin Livdahl (@klivdahl)

OMFG My 10 year old just asked Alexa on our Echo for a challenge and this is what she said.

Original tweet :

Looks like dns-crypt is working as expected now.

Weekend, you can come!

I find intresting things that start with
P and end with ACY. :picklerick:

Even the small things one might get from the counter are wholly owned by them.


Why should I write analogly to your class? 📋

Are you... my girlfriend?!

With coupons/vouchers being valid for a long period of time,
I wonder why aren't more Brute-Force actions out there. 🗝️

In the near future, they will not support 2FA-with-SMS and recommend their apps with built-in analytics.

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Got Yacy up and running in a matter of minutes.

Great-Weekend-Project. :debian:

Sometime I am convinced that there is a meeting where it is decided which words must be used for the next month.
No matter when or where.

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"Do You See It Now? Or Should We Finish This On The Board?" [1]

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Heute dürfte ich eine Sharp MX-2614 MFP reparieren.

Streifen und schlechte Druckqualität.

Das tolle Teil hat auch eine HW Tastatur.

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