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Libertarians, Go Away 

Just fuck off little libertarians, just go and never come back.

Maybe you're welcome on the virgin islands.

Go there and have fun, but dare to interact with anyone else on this planet.

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Euch fehlt bei Nano das Syntaxhighlighting?
Einfach im /home/$USER/ Ordner eine Datei namens .nanorc anlegen und mit include /usr/share/nano/* füllen.

Falls noch was fehlt, z.B. Highlighting für C#, dann gibts hier noch ein paar extra Sachen:

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My Header image is the coloured version of Earth warming up by region, in this case it's for the average of Germany.
Get your Region of the globe here:

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Introduction #2, long 

I work in the infrastructure department of an IT-department at a company with >800 employees.
I do helpdesk for everything not SAP-related, incl. Windows desktops, Windows servers - active directory, email, fileservers - whould rather like to manage Linux servers, but those are used for monitoring and web services on the intranet.

I develop software in C++ and for the Arduino.
A lot of times I have to adjust some HTML/CSS on our websites and avoid JavaScript.

Bravo, Unnamed Web Designer, not only did you load over9000 MiB of JS to "improve my experience", but in the process you made the mouse wheel unusable on your website.


Guess what? I had to take the subway today, so I had time to draw. 😳 Was inspired by a poster I passed by.

And I got my second vaccination today. Wish me luck that the side-effects are few and low. 😅

#art #mastoart #sketch #sketchbook #PenSketch #markers #snake #serpent

About ~70-90% of what I do in a day is a sidetrack of what I intended to do.

Don't forget: Don't worry too much about the future. Sometimes it's good to think in the now as well.

Endlich rauskriegen, wer die Datenschleudern sind UND sofort etwas dagegen tun können. Facebook hat dazugelernt. Danke DSGVO.

Hallo, ich bin neu und scheu (ok, ich fand es einfach witzig, dass sich das reimt) und dank @viennawriter über ihren Talk beim #selfpublisherverband auf Mastodon gestoßen.

New game:

Linux Battleships

Players SSH into each other's machines and take turns guessing process IDs to kill; last machine standing is the winner

Mir gehen diese Kampagnen für das Tragen eines Fahrradhelms tierisch auf den Senkel. Impliziert das doch, dass Fahrrad fahren einfach zu gefährlich sei um auf einen Helm verzichten zu können.

Stimmt auch ein bisschen. Doch was *wirklich* gefährlich ist: Die Verkehrssituation in den Städten und vor allem, dass Radfahrende hier kaum sichere Infrastrukturen nutzen können.

Statt auf Helm-Kampagnen sollte der Fokus auf eine sichere Fahrradinfrastruktur gelegt werden. Alles andere ist ne Nebelkerze.

Since this did such numbers on birdsite:

Five or so years ago I was working on the BBC's developer portal at and I was asked to replace the terrible fake code on the laptop screen in the stock photo. As an easter egg, if you click on the laptop screen then you can change it too.

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