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Trendy clothes are cheaper than ever. That sounds great for the people who buy them, but it's horrible for the people who make them.


Remember us?

We just launched our new web-shop.
More on our blog: frama.link/relaunch
Webshop: aptgetshirt.com

Hi guys! We're back!
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Trendy clothes are cheaper than ever. That sounds great for the people who buy them, but it's horrible for the people who make them.

Fashion: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
by LastWeekTonight on YouTube

#aptgetshirt #fairwear #livingwage

We've started this project to create nice looking #swag to promote #FLOSS projects out there (even the smallest ones), and to share the profits form sold #merchandise with those projects. Some of you might remember us from last year's campaign where we crowdfunded and produced some #shirts. Due to other priorities and some complications, we had to suspend the project for some time, until today. During the last weeks we've been working on setting up our new web-shop and preparing for the re-launching of the project.

Especially for the re-launch all shirts are now 10% off! As always 50% of the profit will be shared with the projects each #t-shirt represent. Our shirts are made from #fair-trade #organic cotton where decent living wages are paid to the workers. Our designs are hand #silkscreen printed using water-based inks, giving the best quality, no peeling nor plastic feel.

Soon after the crowd-funding campaign we've realized that outsourcing the shirt printing process is very expensive when producing for such a niche market (unfortunately #FOSS folks ain't mainstream). Especially when we want to be able to produce small amounts for the tiniest projects out there. We are now able to use a small friendly silk screen print-shop which is great as long as it lasts - sadly, gentrification will soon force closure upon that location. Our goal and most desired situation is to run a small scale print-shop in our own home workshop. Therefor any initial profits from the relaunch will go into the equipment we need to become fully independent, allowing us utter freedom which is the fuel for real creativity.

We hope this time around we will manage to be more determent, more active and make the project a long lasting success with new (surprising) designs for more projects.


For the ones who ordered a shirt - seems like our little surprise is too hidden and sometimes overlooked. Please open the package gently and look well indside.

Our T-shirts are finally out! The pre-order batch is sent and we managed to order some extra shirts to have on stock, ready to be shipped as new orders come in. This concludes our campaign. However, the amount of shirts that were ordered during this period was not exactly as high as we wished for which forces us to really think about the future of the project.

read more >> pod.disroot.org/posts/1508896

Shirts are on their way! expect a package in the coming days \o/ social.tchncs.de/media/-aI1vHy

Finally as you can see on the pictures, the shirts have arrived. That means there is nothing left to do but ship them. :D We are very happy with the results. We hope you're going to like them too.
🥁 👕

social.tchncs.de/media/hDtWLcm social.tchncs.de/media/fDSmryU social.tchncs.de/media/ljFw6OH

We will transfer the donations once we are done with all the shipping hassle

Yesterday i finally brought my arcade cabinet back home. It needs some serious renovation. social.weho.st/media/LCZ6VFQnU

Here is an overview of shirts sold during the campaign and the donations to the relevant projects: social.tchncs.de/media/qO1J_cB

Our campaign has reached its end.

It's been great four weeks, full of new experiences. The result is a bit below what we were aiming at, but since this is our first time launching a project this way, we are pleased with what we have achieved; we reached so many and we got a lot of positive feedback.

While we wait for to process our funds, it is still possible to pre-order via our online shop till 7 Of May.


@Gargron after they canceled my order and someone mentioned that stickermule by a trump supporter, i really want to see tshirts and stickers form @aptgetshirt ...50% of every tshirt go to the project, with how much will stickermule support the project?

How about -shirts, stickers and other gadgets? Boost if you like the idea.

We started only making sustainable T-shirts. Soon after we started thinking of other gadgets we could be producing and offering for sale. We recently added 3D-printed mobile/tablet stands and since we enjoyed the process so much we decided we should make more stuff. Now we are brainstorming ideas for other new products. We would like to hear what other gadgets YOU would like to see carrying the logos of your favorite projects.


For those of you who couldn't contribute to our campaign with credit card: we opened a web-shop for preorders. While we are waiting to get the contributions from Indiegogo, you can still place your order and pay with or bank transfer (EU only).
Preorders are open till May 7th!
Items will be shipped together with the Indiegogo campaign orders.

We’ve been working on new ideas for our everything-opensource , and ended up with a new object getting a perk of its own. Check the new mobile/tablet stand perk on our campaign.
Printed from recycled car dashboards filament, so by getting one not only you help projects but also clean up the planet a little.

PS. our campaign struggles a bit with visibility so please help spreading the word.