This Hario swan-neck kettle, which a coffee snob neighbor threw out a couple of years ago, is one of our favorite possessions.😆

Not sure what will happen if he ever enters our kitchen.

After clicking through, I was disappointed to learn that this face mask offers no protection against covid-19:

I don't think I've mentioned there's a Babelcarp feed where from time to time I'll post a new and notable, or maybe just weird, new Chinese term:

So the ayes have it, but not by much.

I would be curious to know what people around here drink when their gut isn't up to the rigors least some kinds of tea.

For me it tends to be ripe pu'er or roasted oolong.

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Freddie deBoer probably doesn't know anything about tea, but he has interesting things to say about beverage nerdery in general:

Do you ever decide what kind of to drink, or even whether to drink tea at all, based on the condition of your gut?

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Yesterday we had something to celebrate, and we went to MáLà Project for the first time since the pandemic hit. We're vaccinated, and though NYC is loosening up, we ate essentially outdoors with a canopy over us, and everything between us and the staff except delivering the food to the table was done via smartphone and wifi. The meal was great, and in this context, so was the tea!

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Years and years ago, before I realized what tea leaves could do by themselves, I used to drink lichee black tea (I *think* this was after I graduated from Constant Comment tea.) In recent years the only times I've drunk it have been when eating at MáLà Project, NYC's original Sichuan dry pot restaurant.

I think polyurethane-coated tree stumps used as gongfu tea brewing tables were more popular ten years ago, but now I find myself in the company of German-speaking tea lovers, so I wonder: has anyone come up with an appropriate pun involving "Stammtisch"?

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The evil connoisseur has this technique for intimidating a rival: mention an ordinary daily-drinker tea they both know well, and say of it "Wow, I get a huigan from it that lasts at least an hour!"

(I *promise* I wouldn't dream of doing this myself!)

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Is it tea time now?

Kidding. Any time is tea time.

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Not so interesting from a tea standpoint, but pungent in terms of politics and Internet life: among nations on the fringes of China, resentment of nationalistic Chinese trolls developed into something called the Milk Tea Alliance:

(Note to Wikipedia: lahpet is *not* milk tea!)

Let's start a new superstition: finding a double neifei brings good luck.

Trouble is, brewing sheng fragments 5 minutes in an infuser mug yields something that’s usually too harsh for me. Recently I found that using the 2g of the sheng fragments, along with 2g of a disappointingly bland yellow tea I was hardly using, yields a really good breakfast tea.

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For me, breakfast includes 250ml of tea made in a mug with an infuser basket containing 4g of…whatever. I don’t devote a ton of attention to it, but I do like variety from day to day.

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I hate to waste tea, so when I flake off enough sheng pu’er from a cake or brick to charge a gaiwan, the fragments left over, after sieving to remove the really tiny ones, go into this Persian caddy for use sometime in the future.

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