I’m drinking second flush Darjeeling for the first time in years.

It’s great, even forgiving, at a ratio of 4g/250ml for as much as 5 minutes with boiling water. But while gongfu is my normal MO for everything, I’m having trouble getting >2 short steeps at 4g/90ml without getting a nasty woody bitterness.

Strange, I don’t have this problem with FFDJ, which many people find difficult to manage in a gaiwan.

Seen on the side of a semi trailer on Carlton Ave. not far from the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Spouse maybe brought this bar home from the store to challenge my vaunted tolerance of bitterness. 93% cocoa liquor, 7% nibs.

To me it’s pleasant: nice mouth feel, including the puffed-rice touch from the nibs.

But I’m missing the floral/fruity register, so maybe the bitterness is clamping my sensory apparatus’s sensitivity. If only those chocolatiers knew Lu Yu’s trick of adding a subliminal dose of salt!

Exactly. It’s hard to enjoy life while hating yourself.

Apple implements the image title in a way that to me seems grudging: the title text in the popup is in a smaller font than "Share", "Add to Photos", and "Copy". I think it's in lower contrast, too.

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For a while it’s griped me that in iOS Safari if you tap and hold an image element, its title (if any) pops up, but a long press on a button does ... nothing. To me this matters because babelcarp.org has buttons designed to be small enough for a phone.

Today I did something about it, replacing the buttons' cryptic text with nice SVG icons which in turn have explicit titles that an iOS user can actually view.

Take that, Apple!

It’s pretty easy. I mix up enough of the salts for 100 liters and then, for more than a month, I have enough to make fake Volvic from NYC tap water 2 liters at a time.

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If the app doesn’t have data on either your local tap water or the bottled water you prefer, please let me know and I'll try to fix that.

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But maybe I can help. My web app babelcarp.org/babelcarp/fakemi

which doesn’t track you or even send your data to its server, uses the fact that calcium and magnesium are the most important factors in how tea leaves behave in hot water.

If the water you prefer has more Ca and Mg than what you start with, the app can compute for you how you can emulate your desired water by adding the right amount of a couple of chemicals you can probably find in your local drugstore.

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This is your periodic reminder that the ionic content of your is critical to the taste of the you brew with it.

I’m not talking about something subtle here; pretty much anyone who enjoys tea can tell the difference between using good and bad water to brew it.

It’s a good idea to try different bottled waters to see if any of them is an improvement on what comes out of your tap. On the other hand, it’s an environmental misdemeanor to habitually buy plastic bottle of water.

Today’s million dollar idea (or at least I would totally buy one): a Green Knight gaiwan

I wouldn’t say two years of covid were worthwhile just for this cartoon, but still …


From Moxie Marlinspike, on so-called web3, thoughtful gloom, not dunk-oriented duscourse: moxie.org/2022/01/07/web3-firs

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@babelcarp I tried it this morning: 100ml of shu plus one shot of espresso. The shu is from the 9988 brick I’m drinking atm, so nice but not super complex. The coffee is an Ethiopian bean with nice red fruit and earthy flavors.

It works, and is very pleasant.

This ten-year-old sheng puer , 45 minutes after the cup was drained, still gives off a sweet funky aroma that always reminds me of cat fur: babelcarp.org/babelcarp/babelc

New Year’s afternoon beneath the Brooklyn Bridge beneath low fogbanks

I admit that I’m unlikely to read this book — the subject is a bit specialized — but I salute the author or editor who decided that the title of a book on Western foreign policy in Uganda should be a Laurel and Hardy tagline: globalreports.columbia.edu/boo

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