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I’ve withdrawn from social media, for now at least. But if you want to
contact me, my email address is in my profile.

I’ve withdrawn from social media, for now at least. But if you want to
contact me, my email address is in my profile.

My old tea friend who’s visiting southern Yunnan just sent me a short video of a local woman roasting kaocha over an open fire:

But she’s using a Japanese kyusu!

It turns out there’s a Darjelling Hotel in Bangkok and a Darjelling model Swatch watch, but nothing tea-related pops up in a web search.

I was hoping Darjelling was to Indian tea what shanzhai is to Chinese electronics.

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They don’t exactly say this tea is Darjeeling, so I guess it isn’t mislabeled, and it sure is inexpensive.

Still, I wonder where this Darjelling place is.🙃

The name Menghai means “fierce sea (or lake)” in Chinese, but the town is far from any big body of water:

The name isn’t Chinese, anyway.

More importantly, Menghai is arguably the center of the puer universe.

I was planning to enter the Overloaded Gaiwan contest, but then a friend visiting Menghai sent me this photo.

I just realized yet I have yet another reason to be glad I’m not in the tea business: no need to use WeChat or any of the Zuck properties.

Neon sign in shop window on St. Marks Place, Manhattan. I’d translate 做个好看的废人 as “Be a good-looking useless person”.

I’m not asking what FBOPFEXSP actually means, just noting that this is the longest Subcontinental tea designation I’ve ever seen.

This is a well-written summary of what’s known about tea’s genealogy, with emphasis on what genomics says about when and where tea was first domesticated. Spoiler alert: it happened more than once.

Note: like the article I referenced yesterday, it isn’t a normal _Nature_ article.

Says here that one important reason tea quality (as opposed to yield) doesn’t improve much is the way tea research is organized and rewarded:

And by tea research they mean Chinese and Indian tea research.

Today I learned there’s a Lipton made for Egypt.

I know “dust tea” is a term of art, but can’t get over how harsh it sounds.

Little Egypt, Fresh Pond Rd, Queens

At Divan Bakery on Ave. U in , seriously drinkable Turkish . If you’d told me it was Sikkim Temi, I would have believed you.

I still haven’t decided what I think about gongfu using a small French press, but I love the fact that at the end of a day brewing puer you end up with a solid puck that looks like a micro-bingcha.

Especially if this isn’t enough information for you

you probably will benefit from hearing the latest Talking Tea podcast episode where Ken Cohen talks with the owners of Zhen Tea about heicha:

Líng (clever, effective, divine) is my current favorite example of a Chinese character whose simplified form (灵) is better looking than its traditional form (靈).

Whenever I think of Iranian tea, I think of this battered old caddy, one of my favorite possessions.

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Never a dull news cycle in China these days.

According to this story, the govt has disappeared an entrepreneur who came close to winning his case against arbitrary local officials:

He’d been championed in the media by…Mr. Buy-My-Kenyan-Tea!

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India is trading lots of directly for oil to evade Trump’s Iran sanctions. And not low-value CTC either:

I wonder how Iran’s own tea industry is doing.

In a Chinese supermarket in Flushing, Queens, you can spend $20 for 80g of tea, and it’s Assam black tea from Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan:

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