I think there are hundreds of apple cultivars being grown in the USA these days and who knows how many others elsewhere.

This doesn’t seem to be true of any other fruit except for grapes. Not plums, not pears, not peaches, …

Why is that, I wonder?

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It’s at least a month till Gold Rush apples will be available in NYC, and a farmer told me that the Firecracker cultivar will be sold out within a week or so, so yesterday I stocked up on those at the Union Square greenmarket.

This afternoon I was delighted to see that club soccer is back in Red Hook—the whole deal: food trucks, small children running around, cumbia music.

For years the fields had been off-limits due to the residue from decades of industrial pollution, which I *hope* has been cleaned up.

Seen in the window of a Smith St. bagel shop: “PROTECT YOUR BAGELS, PUT LOX ON THEM.”

At the Union Square greenmarket I saw the vanity plate on the pretzel vendor’s truck—yes, there’s only one pretzel vendor there—and instantly felt nostalgic for brezen in Munich.

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tired: at scale
wired: during sex

Slicing a very expensive She Wolf Bakery loaf I bought at the Union Square greenmarket this afternoon, I noticed bits of raw-ish dough coming off on the knife.

This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed that flaw in bread from the fanciest bakeries in NYC.

While we were in Munich, we bought 3 loaves from Hofpfisterei, a chain with stores all over the city. They were flawless and cheaper and at least as tasty as any bread I’ve eaten in NYC.

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If you haven't used the web UI for Mastodon on you phone: I recommend it.

My settings:
Slow mode
Do not auto-play animated GIFs
Reduce motion in animations
Disable swiping motions
Use system's default font
Crop images in non-expanded posts to 16x9
Do not show today's trends
Do not show confirmation dialog before unfollowing someone
Do not show confirmation dialog before boosting
Show confirmation dialog before deleting a post
Always show media
Always expand posts marked with content warnings

Dept. of Missed Opportunities:

There’s a stretch of Cadman Plaza East in Brooklyn where skateboarders meet late afternoons. Yesterday I walked by there when the tricks were in full swing.

I noticed off to one side on a ledge there was a baseball cap with VAGUE on its front. Want want want, but I decided not to disrupt the skaters by asking if it belonged to any of them.

This morning I went there and ... it was gone.

Today I realized that Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the sites the Billion Oyster Project is using to bring back the oyster population of the NYC harbor and help clean the estuary.

True that: sign on construction site, Spring St., Manhattan

If I want to show a thread to a friend who has no Mastodon account, I can hand them a URL for the first toot in the thread.

But if the thread is long enough, the friend won’t see the whole thread and will have to hunt for "Show newer" and "Show older".

If there were a magic arg telling the server to send the whole thread, finding out about it would make me very happy right now.

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Who says a tea ceremony has to be solemn and austere? Who says it even needs to make sense?


For me, a beautiful apple looks as if it had multiple layers of skin each with its own colors and pattern, with patches of the outer layers having been eroded. Gold Rush and Firecracker are both like this.

I like to think flavor follows appearance in this respect, but I can’t prove it.🤔

I’m wary of shiny apples that make me think they’re waxed. I know McIntoshes are naturally shiny, but I can’t shake the feeling.

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So I got up to the Union Square greenmarket (the biggest in NYC) today to prospect for non-bland apple cultivars.

Samascott, a farm that puts out lots of not-so-well-known varieties (all for $2/lb!) had one released only last year by Cornell, the noble institution that pays my salary.

The Firecracker apple I ate this afternoon is sweet, tart, juicy and crisp. I hope they last till Gold Rushes arrive.

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It’s an unseasonably warm afternoon in NYC, so I’m drinking some of that superannuated green tea after all.

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For me early October in NYC is the time I start waiting for Gold Rush, my favorite apple cultivar, to show up in greenmarkets. They usually show up in late November.

Saturday the farmer I use the most said I should try a new cultivar, Ludacrisp (royalties to a rapper?)


At full ripeness it’s crisp, juicy, tart and sweet but without Gold Rush's intensity. Sadly, as of today the farmer is sold out of them.

Here, by contrast, is Joralemon St. between Hicks and Furman in Brooklyn. We’re not in Munich anymore, Toto!

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This year I splurged on 2 oz. each of 4 different first flush Darjeelings. The fact that I’m today drinking the last of the FFDJ, with summer barely over, makes me feel really grownup.

Or at least it *would* make me feel that way if I could ignore the 2020 green tea that leers at me each time I open its drawer.

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