Re-Visited mostly for the new barn that is almost finished by now. My last visit was in 2019. This time I took so many pictures that my battery drained 😆

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I somehow never finished this little gem and since I feel somewhat nostalgic today decided to give it another spin. Interestingly this game was ported to various systems including Mac and Linux in 2013 premiering as part of the Humble Double Fine Bundle. This is probably also where I picked it up.

Anyway, uploading this will take some time but you can watch the recording elsewhere:

Back from Campus Galli. So much to see, as usual. Feet hurt. Will need some time to seek through all the phone I took. (

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Is there a website that summarizes and grades apps/products/services on privacy? Like, they go read their privacy policy and tell us in simple language what they’re doing?

(Yes, on YT - added the PeerTube one just for your convenience)

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Wow. I don’t care much for statistics but today I found out one of my videos has accumulated over 1000 viewers over the years. That’s a frightening high number for me – and it’s even on a nerd topic 🤪 (

Bitbucket: "Permission denied (publickey)"
Fedora 33: "no mutual signature algorithm"
BekoPharm: "🤨"

That's right, the upcoming deprecation of the ssh-rsa algorithm is here. Roll some new keys in time, folks! Don't be like Beko.


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Es gibt keinerlei datenschutzrechtliche Bedenken gegen cell broadcasting, im Gegenteil, das ist aus Datenschutzsicht eine tolle Lösung. Diese Einschätzung haben wir zuletzt 2020 auch in Gesprächen mit der Bundesregierung kommuniziert, damals in Zusammenhang mit Corona

Interesting, apparently Orbiter Space Flight Simulator is now open source (MIT):

That’s on my radar for quite some time now (buttons! switches!). Does this mean there is hope for a Linux version eventually? 🤓 (

Feeling cute, may shoot somebody later. Idk.

(Image: crazy beko with water gun) (

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Gute Nachrichten für alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger aus Rheinland-Pfalz: Der @bfdi hat entschieden, dass auch die Landtage unsere Instanz nutzen dürfen, um datenschutzfreundliche Öffentlichkeitsarbeit zu machen. Der @ltrlp ist schon dabei. Wir arbeiten weiter daran, noch mehr Bundesbehörden und Ministerien zu überzeugen, unser Angebot zu nutzen. Freundliche und bestimmte Nachfragen aus der Community bei diesen Stellen sind natürlich immer hilfreich 🙂 / ÖA

4 years ago I marvelled at the fact that a backlog of games is piling up on Linux PC. Now I had to split my reader into English and German for news on

It’s just too much for a single news category 😜 (

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Heimlich, still und leise hat das @bsi #mastodon auf seiner Webseite eingebunden. Das freut mich! Wobei ich mich über einen Diskussionsbeitrag hier auch gefreut hätte. Nun denn, nicht zu viel auf einmal wünschen. 😉

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Please tell me I won’t be the only person that, when asked to show a proof of vaccination, will say “Leeloo Dallas Multipass”

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Gibt es im Raum irgendwelche Nerds die noch sowas wie und ähnliches veranstalten?

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🗒 New blog post (My experience trying to ensure accessibility on an earlier blog post.) 

@celia "Let me know if there are any alternatives that are more common and more appropriate".

Unfortunately, ChromeVox is used only by 0.3% of people as their primary screen reader:

NVDA and JAWS are the most popular screen readers. I highly recommend NVDA, as it is free without any restrictions. Here's a cheatsheet and quick guide:

Well, that didn’t go according to plan. Good thing chargers are everywhere nowadays. Praise and their chargers 😜 (

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