Black balloons 🎈. I like.

Also wearing my Kaer Morhen shirt. Adequate for the birthday party of my little one. Blood, sweat and monsters 🎉

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Liebes Fediverse,

kommt jemand aus Heidelberg oder kennt die Stadt sehr gut?

Was sollte man unbedingt gesehen haben? 😃

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10 years ago I started using ad blockers because I thought ads were annoying. Now I think that's the _least_ important reason to use them.

I think we should call them "browser firewalls." That more accurately describes their purpose.

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It's funny how projects merge together at times. Like I wanted to teach a proper workshop on setting up a dashboard for LoRaWAN apps on @thethingsntwrk for a while, and now I need to figure it out anyways for the power meter stuff 🎉

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Wt.. spam in my inbox via comments on @meetup events. What is wrong with this world? This is why we can’t have nice things.

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Warum ist der öffentliche Nahverkehr noch nicht komplett auf E-Fahrzeuge umgestellt? Antworten auf diese Frage finden sich in diesem interessanten Artikel:

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(1 of series)

Hello good folks at <org>,

I just donated to your great organization a few minutes ago.

I would love to promote you on social media, but I avoid
surveillance-capitalism-based, make-you-crazy social media, in favor of
federated, independent social media, that is much more under users'


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"I’m not a but I want to become one when I’m grown up". Daughter, 6. And somehow I’m proud 😁


I'd like to write more about my daily experience. Problems, trouble, not working chargers, empty battery, not reaching my destination n stuff.. you know.

It's just that there aren't any - it just works 🐸

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So I'm thinking about creating a #FOSS series and am researching topics. Since we decided to go with on-prem servers, it's been a while since I looked into ethical hosting/VPS alternatives. Basically, if you're not using AWS/Azure/GCP servers, who are the ethical server providers you should turn to?

So far I have #Greenhost. Anyone else?

#opensource #fossmendations

Ah well, time to catch my Zs. Was fun playing with the Okuna API :)

WebSub Thoughts

I'm finally getting the idea of (or PubSubHubbub).

This helped a lot:

Shame that there are not many readers (specially foss) out there so I wonder if I should bother with this at all. Didn't like any of this short list (dogfooding and all) 😕


Totally missed okuna-js, an API wrapper:

It even features TS :D

I still have some Keys btw. If someone is interested in an account let me know.

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#FOSS update. Does anyone have experience with configuring Wiki.js?

It's a nice looking wiki that I'm setting up for all our departments, so anyone has to be able to work with it. I'm trying to figure out what's possible in terms of layout and navigation. I've already figured out how to connect it to our FreeIPA server.

#wikijs #fossmendations #opensource

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Wir suchen eine Wohnung in Regensburg mit 4+ Zimmern.
Lage: erweiterte Innenstadt (vorzugsweise Westen)
Möglichst einigermaßen bezahlbar (<=1300 € kalt)


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I’m not much into jewellery myself but maybe some of my #viking or #medieaval fellows find something to their liking at SkuldCraft. The owner offers handmade jewellery and ornaments made from bones, feathers, stones and other items found in nature. I got an awesome print from this shop on my last birthday when it was only on FB. Looks like it’s also on Etsy now and has a discount going:

#medieaval #viking

@crunchy Wo bekommt man denn so ein geiles Teil her? Ich mein diesen Zugdraht mit Tülle. Fummel mir das immer mit Tape…

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