Quick how-to change the battery of a remote key card (without tools)

Video: Replacing the battery of a Renault key card

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The Siege of Stirling Castle, 1304

“Wolf At The Door” is an interpretation of the siege of Stirling Castle in 1304.

There’s also a video beside the images and a lot of information on the siege itself. Fiddling with Blender myself I’ve some understanding about the process involved so I can’t stress enough how awesome this is:


Featured Image © www.bobmarshall.co.uk
Originally posted at: beko.famkos.net/b/Cgt

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Speicher, wir brauchen Speicher!

Die Effizienzwerte sind (noch) eher pfui und ich würde mir die 1000fache Kapazität wünschen, aber hey:
> 'Andererseits handelt es sich erst um die erste Generation dieser Wasserstoffanlagen für Verbraucher.'
Ich jedenfalls kenne derzeit nichts vergleichbares und vor allem auf dem Markt kaufbares und hoffe inständig auf weitere Fortschritte in der #Forschung.
Es gibt kaum etwas, was uns so sehr fehlt wie ordentliche #Stromspeicher.
#Energiewende #Akku #H2 #Photovoltaik #PoweredByRSS libranet.de/display/0b6b25a8-7

I’m "can’t believe I finished that floor in one go" old 😂

* Sent from my bathtub with muscle relaxer (beko.famkos.net/p/1Bma)

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Yes cookie pop-ups are annoying. Thing is that only exposes the issue. Guess how GDPR came to exist in the first place.

Anyway, do you know this fancy thing called “ReaderMode”? It’s built into your browser and discards basically all the fancy stuff on a website so you can focus on the text you came for in the first place. It’s right next to the URL input field. Chrome has it not enabled by default but it’s there: `chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode`. Firefox can… beko.famkos.net/t/1BUm

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Thanked my wife for cleaning a pile of cat puke. She looked at me questioning what puke I’m talking about. We both eye the next cat. Yuk! Must have ate it again. Cats are so disgusting sometimes. (beko.famkos.net/t/1BL5)

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Bis auf ein leichtes Bimsen an der Einstichstelle habe ich bisher noch keine Impfreaktion.

Aber ich möchte betonen, wie geil ich den Kapitalismus finde! Ein dreifaches "Hoch!" auf Angela Merkel und die C...

Äh, was schreibe ich hier? Wieso... HÜLFE!!!11!!

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Recently I've read an essay on #systemdesign which argued that decentralized social networks are unable to become a success because they are hostages of the chicken-egg problem and simply there is not enough userbase for them to thrive. On the one hand, he's right. Not many social network users question such things as privacy, big tech monopoly, etc. On the other hand personally for me #fediverse is not a chance to meet many people but a chance to meet right people. So I guess there's definitely a point in fediverse being around.

ARP, VLAN, Hetzner, vswitch 

FUP: It does.

No idea what they did but it helped.

Downside is that I had to configure new public ips, a pain in the neck on a cluster, but can be done.

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Ende Dezember im Testbetrieb aus #Mastodon gestartet, ausprobiert, viele Tipps und Hinweise erhalten (danke!), angepasst (auch unser völlig unverständlicher Weise als irgendwie „ähnlich“ kritisiertes Logo 😉), verändert, und:
ab heute offiziell unterwegs.


ARP, VLAN, Hetzner, vswitch 

FUP: Server is moving now to another datacenter. Still not sure what to make of this as nobody tells me details. Seems like they are still debugging the issue after I moved down the support desks 😜

Let's hope it works tomorrow 🤓

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Nice, will be in Early Access starting february 2nd: valheimgame.com/. I clocked around ~300 hours on this when I take alpha and various beta times into account and also provided dedicated servers during development for years. All on Linux PC 😀 Great to see this gem moving forward 🎉 (beko.famkos.net/t/1Aay)

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Gibt es hier ITler die im Raum Lohmar / Bensberg / Bergisch Gladbach einen neuen Job suchen? Bei Interesse kurzer Ping an mich, dann gibt es die Stellenanzeige...

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Fancy chatting about the web and your personal website? Join us this Wednesday from 7 pm GMT on Homebrew Website Club!


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