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Kennt irgendjemand Firmen in Wien oder st. pölten und Umgebung, die auf opensource setzen und einen elektrotechniker brauchen könnten? , ,

@kromonos reminded me of Natural One today and if you're a and don't know about Dead Gentlemen Productions you have a lot to catch up:

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Last boost: See also "Podcast". Maybe I'm cutting it finer, but podcasts are an open format, freely distributed, and accessible in any number of ways.

Spotify doesn't do podcasts. It's a proprietary commercial service. They don't publish podcasts, but they do buy up podcasts and move them behind their proprietary paywalled service.

It's like calling a bookstore a library.

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It was way to warm today so I hid in the basement for most of the day getting some stuff done. Mostly cleaning up. The place was a mess.

While doing so I cleaned all my swords that were cluttered all over the place 🤓 Other gear was also in dire need of training. My fencing vest was probably occupied by a cat for a long time and used as a nest. Tried it on after months and all the training pays off. It fits again – breathing included 🤺

Fitting in my fencing vest again – feels good

While clearing my workbench I found a cable drum waiting for a new plug. Later I found replacement plugs so I got that finally fixed too 😀

Good as new plug for the cable drum

I also found this little treasure of 19 FFP2 masks filled in 2009. Lucky me, eh? Feeling very rich now 😀

Box of old but good FFP2 masks

Kids were also around most of the time and had a lot of fun with various training tools. Don’t get it wrong, we’re not particular athletic here. Stuff just piles up.

Busy day.

#cleaning #hema #training

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"Its annual UK report confirms that 2019 was the 12th warmest year in a series from 1884. "

I'm so fucking sick of people calling our routine extreme summers good because 'we could do with some more sun'. FAM IT'S GONNA BE 34 CELCIUS TODAY, ON AN ISLAND IN THE NORTH FUCKING SEA. this happens yearly now, and we still don't have the infrastructure to deal with it. a few years back wild grass fires became a huge issue in the summer, and like ofc we don't have the systems in place to deal with that. we also expect people to work in this heat, I will be in the park for 8 hours today in literally dangerous heat levels doing manual labour. this shit is not ok, I don't fucking care if you want a sunny day at the beach, we've quite clearly fucked the climate

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I know some artists here use SketchUp to help with their scenery and perspective; are there any web-based applications (or #Linux) that y'all use? I need to make a room and be able to float a camera around in it so I can use the model for reference. I'm warily eyeing #Blender , but it looks awful complicated.

#Sketchup #Perspective #BackgroundLearnersAnonymous #Rooms #3D #Art #3DArt

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Hat eigentlich jemand da draußen Erfahrung mit Virtual ENV für Python und wie ich am besten Django in VENV bekomme und diese dann auf einen Server umziehen kann, das keine Verbindung ins INet hat?

Hab schon vieles gelesen, aber so richtig schlau bin ich daraus nicht geworden. Wahrscheinlich benötigt man einen identischen Server, auf dem man dem VENV erstellt, welcher dann INet Zugang hat oder?

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@bekopharm I agree. The mentioned issues are old and I do not have much hope they'll get implemented anytime soon. (On my wordpress blogs I have the IndieWeb plugins enabled and of course it would be great to get webmentions from the fediverse)
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Nice, Web Version (WIP) went live today 😀

I was looking forward to this. It’s still feature limited (and requires beta access) but that is quite some milestone.

Let me know if you are in need of a beta key 🙂

Well, time to finish the work on my provider I guess 😀 (

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I locked myself out of the UEFI by turning on fast boot, and given that this is a BIOS boot, I can't do `systemctl restart --firmware-setup`. The disk's embedded in the motherboard. Is there any way to resolve this without wiping the disk?

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Well, sh*t 💩
München, ich brauch mal eure Hilfe. Meine Freundin und ich müssen aus unserer Wohnung in Giesing raus. Eigenbedarf 😕 jetzt suchen wir was Neues. 2+ Zimmer, 55+ m^2, mit brauchbarer ÖPNV Anbindung. 1200€ kalt max. Da lässt sich doch sicher was machen, oder? 😉

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