Did some training today. Nothing fancy. Mostly shaking the dust off the new pell.

Video at:

@bekopharm Very impressive, but, sorry, best of all is the cat. Exactly like our cats! " I have to go there, no matter what..." 😁

@ubo yeah. They do this all the time so I started ignoring them.

@bekopharm I have no intention of buying one. But where do you get a sword these days, or where did you get yours? I don't think there are many smiths still active. Though I've been thinking of starting blacksmithing as a hobby. But I gave it up. You can't do everything.

@ubo ah there are plenty. The trick is to separate swords from sword like objects 😁 Know your waster. Price is a good indicator. Also certain smiths gained reputation over the last 10 years. In the end it depends what you want to do with it.

@ubo ah… Cutting it is then. This way:

Lovely example thanks to commentary by Sean Franklin. Swords are displayed inline. The show cased Albion Principe in the beginning e.g. is famous for this type of tournament nowadays.

Make sure you're sitting when checking on it's price 🤓 :awesome:

No, I don't have an awesome cutter like this on my own. Mine was… waaaay cheaper.

Wife and mother-in-law at the same time. 😂 Why didn't you show me this years ago?

But seriously - very impressive!

@bekopharm What are you talking about "joking"? ⁉️

Don't panic! Of course I am! 😁

@bekopharm "Make sure you're sitting when checking on it's price"

Now I know why you wrote this. 😱

@bekopharm Some minutes ago, my wife came into our office and I told her about aur discussion. She believes that I am kidding. 😈 😂

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