Blogging ain't dead. This is my story of running a blog for 20 years (

@bekopharm my blog will turn 18 in Nov (had a site from '97 before it, thanks to an ISP that issued fixed IPs so it ran from my PC at home), but that was static pages, no blogstyle updates or linking.

@ton while I don't think that there is a specific blog style, especially back in 97, I don't see why static files wouldn't count as well 😉

@bekopharm Well, it was a website, just not a blog as in 'regularly updated, with the latest additions on top'. Static not as how its generated, but as unchanging content.

@ton got screenshots byb chance? I made several from side projects. It's amazing how much rendered just fine in modern browsers.

I'll re-upload the 2003 edition of a project that is still alive just for fun 😀

@bekopharm i'm kinda glad my blog from 1999 isn't around any more...

@simon I've doubts on some old content as well but it is who I am after all. I'm more sensitive on the stuff I post nowadays.

And yes there is stuff I depublicated 😅good thing I can do that unlike certain forum posts that will stay in the wild because access or accounts are lost.

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