No secret, I just love and today I was pointed to where we can admire a wonderful contact form showcasing how disclaimer should be presented.

The choice of Recaptcha is debatable but this is a form _for humans_.

Hat tip (

Another social network heh? Apart from the privacy angle, what separates Okuna from the rest?
I like the idea of the option sub, AND if everything is true on the main page, it's a nice idea. Just not sure I want to create yet another account on something new without a hook.

Oh haha it's not like I could register, I'm in position 25k+ on the waiting list 😂

@ghil I could change that 😇

It started before the hype on various others when G+ was killed.

So far the devs stayed true to their words. Source is on the web and investors could not be found due to staying to principles. So they are really slow burning by now. This was kinda the space the Fediverse occupies now.

Well if they are truly committed to those principles, that's a project I wouldn't mind supporting.
Principles over profit is always a good thing!

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