@Bloodaxe oh oh.. I always wanted to do this. neofetch to my aid!11eleven

Very cool. Do you know of tools or tricks or games that enable multiplayer couch gaming with multiple screens hooked up to a single Linux box?

@arthur not really but I don't see why this shouldn't be possible. You can export areas of a screen, start individual servers per screen or stream the desktop content. Nothing in finished tho. Hacking this together to your needs requires a lot of knowhow :-(

I'm fiddling with this and an Android as screen extension because I want various game data on another screen and a keyboard or button matrix for macro commands (that really does only need another old keyboard and no fancy "deck").

@bekopharm cool sounds exciting !

Yeah I tried to see if there were some instructions for games such as supertuxkart or @play0ad but no luck/hack yet.

I know wsgf.org/mgl seemed to be a good resource (but not for multiplayer)

@arthur yes, that's exactly what can be done with xrandr by configuring it so that only a portion of the framebuffer is shown. In fact that's how multiple displays work too. The framebuffer is usually one giant image and screens only show an area.

Such areas can be exported via VNC as well.

It's tricky to get right but perfectly possible. Needs a Modeline and a configured position / size.

chipsenkbeil.com/notes/linux-v describes splitting one screen in half for example.

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