is just jumping two little numbers from 4.0.0 to 4.0.2, but there is a lot in store for users. The (expert) GUI Kleopatra got many detailed improvements and the crypto backend. See and for all changes.

Turns out v2.3.6 is needed to fix a few regressions over the new v2.3.5 ( So when upgrading you probably go to 2.3.6 directly anyway and need to check and for changes. Announcement mail: # EndetoEndCrypto

No idea who will see this, but hi! I'm Ren, a Vtuber using Linux that talks about emulators and free (sometimes FOSS) Vtuber tech.

If you want, you can move your Mastodon account from one instance (server) to another.

Moving lets you take your followers, follows and some settings with you.

1. Create a new account on the instance you want to move to, but DO NOT delete the old account.

2. Log into your NEW account, go to Edit Profile > Moving From A Different Account, click on "create an account alias" and follow the instructions.

3. Log into your OLD account, go to Edit Profile > Move To A Different Account, click on "configure it here" and follow the instructions.

4. On your OLD account, go to Preferences > Import And Export > Data Export and download the settings and follows lists.

5. On your NEW account, go to Preferences > Import And Export > Import and upload the lists you just downloaded in the previous step.

After doing all these, your old account will redirect to the new one, and your followers will transfer automatically (with a short delay).

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse

Today the FSFE publishes an #OpenLetter, co-signed by 38 European organisations and companies to ask #European legislators for the universal right to install any software on any device, including full access to hardware:

#Ecodesign #RightToRepair #FreeSoftware #UpcyclingAndroid

's new stable series gets v2.3.5 with almost 50 "noteworthy" improvements. Faster, more compliant, more stable, less defects... Seems like an allrounder release. ;)

(Check for corrected windows download links for the naked version, Gpg4win coming up within the next days.)

Looking for a new job as Software-Engineer near Osnabrück, Germany? We work as partners with our customers to create sustainable solutions which benefit users, therefor we only create (aka ). See our offer (in German)

Anyone interested in the multiplayer FPS game I'm making - we've got a new domain and a simple website now! Thanks to @siina for her awesome work on that!

#Liblast #GameDev #indiegame #GodotEngine #Godot

Loading the Home of the International Requirements Engineering Board (), guess their requirements for their webpage was not to be readable with Firefox and no Javascript. (Yes, the full page is tinted in black.) 😆

In the interest of keeping Pepper&Carrot free, I've decided to take on subtle product placement.

Please support them, if possible:

" was launched in in 2014, shortly after annexed Crimea. For eight years, we have worked to produce independent journalism under the most unfavorable conditions. Millions of people in Russia now rely on our reporting. But a few days ago, our were forced to leave the country.

Since the outbreak of this war, transferring money from Russia to Europe has been impossible. We lost 30,000 donators."

#KDE's universal document viewer #Okular is the first software to be awarded the #BlueAngel ecolabel. The FSFE congratulates the Okular community to this milestone on #DigitalSustainability and #FreeSoftware:


LTS 2.2.34 is available. It improves ed25519 handling, which is now the default
algorithms for new keypairs in the new 2.3. generation. Also fixes an important defect
for internationalised account names on Windows. (And some other fixes.)

Do you wish the Fediverse had its own alternative to Twitch?

There's one called @owncast . It already works as a self-hosted alternative, and is currently testing Fediverse support:

The Fediverse support is only on test accounts at the moment, such as @wesley . You can already follow these test accounts from Mastodon etc and you will see posts in your feed when their streams are live.

Fediverse support will hopefully be on the release version of OwnCast soon 🤞

#OwnCast #Fediverse #FediTips #Twitch #Alternatives #ActivityPub #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Video #LiveStreaming #LiveStream

Happy to announce the release of #microG Services Core v0.2.23.214816. 🥳

This release comes with a lot of improvements and bug fixes in Exposure Notification Framework, Location Service and Push Notifications, allows to use microG to connect to Google services when using banned devices (Huawei) and finally reintroduces support for SafetyNet.
Read the release notes for more details:

Download available via microG F-Droid repository or directly on

In 2004 I joined the FSFE as its first intern. Meanwhile so many great people did an internship with the FSFE.

Read about some of our former interns, in the #FSFE20 interview:

As one person commented:

It's wild how Microsoft has been able to vertically integrate gaming.

They now own the distribution (Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Game Pass), the games (Call of Duty, WoW, Starcraft + what they owned before), the OS (Windows, Xbox), the hardware (Xbox, many PCs), and the back end compute (Azure). The only thing they're missing, the network bandwidth, is mostly a commodity anyway.

That's a heck of a moat.

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Our team is happy to announce that from now on you can install /e/OS on your Fairphone 4. We are extremely excited to make a step together with @Fairphone towards an even more sustainable smartphone that cares about your data privacy.

#mydataisMYdata #eos #dataprivacy #fairphone #fp4 #smartphone #sustainable

4.0.0 is a major upgrade of the official build for Microsoft Windows. Coming with the modern GnuPG 2.3 line for the first time. GnuPG provides a future-ready foundation for the secure exchange of data and mails over the next years, by implementing the upcoming draft of the protocol and making the switch to better default algorithms.

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