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Somehow I am to stupid to update my apps - can someone explain to me how it's done right? And how to autoupdate and so forth?
I have 6 or so apps and it takes me forever to update them manually. I must be doing it wrong somehow. Phone is a S20 if this helps

Welche hört ihr gerne?
Hier mal meine Top (5):

- Alles von @holgi
- Logbuch:Netzpolitik
- Tomorrow
- 1337@kultur
- Alternativlos

Ich habe so viel programmiert, das mein Kopf nun matschig ist ... uagh

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BTW, today we released #PeerTube v3, complete with p2p live streaming features and a behind-the-scene short film.

Read more about it on our blog (and please share 😉)

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Writing British English by just adding extra vouwels to wourds

Der kleine Kerl schläft immer noch. Am besten schläft der wirklich wenn man dich dazu legt. Totaler Luxus wenn man die Zeit dazu hat am Wochenende.
Als Papa bin ich ja schon die ganze Woche kaum da. Dann nehm ich mir die Zeit zum toben und zum schmusen und zum schlafen. Oder er schläft und ich lese.

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These days where you just want to relax on the couch... yep... feels good

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@bithive My most-used linux trick is to give short aliases to long strings. I have a two letter alias for...

youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 --audio-quality 0 --output "~/Downloads/%(title)s.%(ext)s" -a "~/source/video.txt"'

... which downloads all the videos listed in a text file in a directory, converts them to mp3, renames them and puts them in a different directory.

:jrbd: 🎼

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Testing the fixed projector in style :-) pop quiz, what am I hacking :-) ?

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