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copacetic "Die Politik ist wild geworden, sogar die Kanzlerin ist von Kritikern umzingelt. Gegen die Wut findet sie kein Mittel. "

Das ist einfach. Wütende Bürger wollen eine wütende Kanzlerin. Pacing and Leading. Auf der Ebene ist Merkel aber nicht sehr stark.

Today is . It you are not using them already, today is a great day to try: the app for messaging, /#Matomo for tracking, and for file sharing across your devices. 🤓 👍

Ten years ago, had clear advantages over its parent . Is that still true today?

"Forget about about prototyping your product as a whole.
Find the underlying questions, and answer them." –Jimmy Koppel


What do you see when you visualize "cyberspace"?

Meine Blog-Posts zum Thema sind jetzt von einer eigenen Website auf meine persönliche Website umgezogen.

, a horror that uses a Jenga tower instead of dice. Awesome idea! 😍

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The least helpful error message I've ever encountered was when CUPS ran out of disk space and printed an empty page to tell me that.

Heute abend Vortrag halten "Abstractions: From C over C++ to D"

✅ One more PC updated against and

Everybody use 57.0.4 !

"Kind, iss über dem Teller!"


*verteilt Essen über Tisch und Boden*

"Darum." 🤦‍♂️

(Ähnlichkeiten mit existierenden Personen sind rein zufällig!!!)

One of my favorite comic artists uses 😍

Follow @davidrevoy !

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2008: "Includes support for Windows, Mac, and Linux"

Oh wow, how convenient! I really appreciate talented developers who write good cross-platform code and accomodate to users of multiple operating systems!

2018: "Includes support for Windows, Mac, and Linux"

Oh great, another fucking Electron app 🙄

Are you vulnerable to a / attack?

Most certainly, yes.

Was not for many months but now once again 🎉

Hacker News frontpage features a Chrome plugin to color HN pink. Additionally, the comments are supportive.