Finally, the 3rd season of David Lettermans show "My next guest needs no introduction" is available on .

Hm, the rain clouds are moving away. Could it be that I will not get dumped on when I jump on my bicycle now? πŸ€”

Talked too much already, my voice is getting rough.


TBH what did everyone thought would happen during winter? If you actually listened to experts there is no surprise that with rising cases and deaths a lockdown would happen again. πŸ™„ The only suprising thing to me is how ppl expect similar results with different measures now.

Also, if you got travel plans for christmas, reconsider.

Replaced the battery in my trusty old once more. It definitely was the right choice to go with the XPS, I replaced fans and battery, and replaced the HDD with SSD and the m2 with a larger model.

Still no reason to switch to new hardware, just the slightly too large form factor and the not great battery runtime - and battery lifetime.

Wow, the monday starts off with a really bad vibe.

Off to the soon. I join the class workout today, didn't feel like working out alone again and I got the last free spot.

If you think about buying more toiletpaper, DON'T.

OMG when I open the print view of a past train ticket it will always show the same view if I have multiple tabs open... πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Remaining dumbbells arrived. I'm set for the next lockdown.

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Hm, one of the dumbbells arrived. One. Of two pairs of dumbbells. πŸ€”

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At least I can disable application notifications via settings. Be gone!

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Dear application developers, please stop sending notifications for every action. Or at least provide a setting to let me disable them.

And DO NOT SEND A NOTIFICATION WHEN I START THE APPLICATION. I know what I did a few seconds ago, ok?

Dumbbells are on their way. First order via that shop, so fingers crossed that they will actually arrive.

I wonder what the delivery driver will say about the packages... 😎 2x15kg and 2x22,5kg, probably one of the heavier things that day.

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