More muscle ups in todays workout. I did better than expected, but I decided to do only singles. No reason to rush and overdo.

Playing some more - I hope it won't crash as much today...

I gave up my previous base in and moved to another system. I jumped a black hole, but I'm not sure if all mission objectives moved with me... Otherwise I have to go back 300 light-years.

Todays 16min EMOM , odd minutes 10 calories row, even minutes 5 burpees + 1 muscle up. Went pretty well, but maybe I will work on th chicken wing some day... so much to do. :-D

I feel pretty sore already. Luckily todays workout is an EMOM, and I probably will scale down the 1 muscle up to 3 chest-to-bar pull ups in the odd intervals... Depends how I feel after the push jerk strength part of my training. 😬

Yesterdays training was pretty good, considering I was already tired and lacking motivation. I managed to get to a heavy hang clean and also keep high intensity during the workout. πŸ‘

6 minutes on an escooter for 2.1€. Not really an option for daily commute in the city... I wonder when delivery of The Urban BRLN starts. 😁

I almost have to turn on lights in the morning too. Winter is coming...? 😁

servers are a bit unstable for me in the last 2 or 3 weeks. Lots of disconnects or server lag. 😞

I have to get back into No Man's Sky during the weekend to give VR mode a go with my Rift S.

Days are getting shorter, it's dark outside at 22:00h now.

I completed the solstice armor! Finally! Now, time to go to bed and get some sleep.

I still have a couple Gambit matches to grind for the solstice armor. I guess I can finish it this week, tomorrow's patch will also reduce the amount of mini bosses to kill, so I'm done with that too. Then I have to do void grenade kills and about 10 more bounties.

Lots of work for an after work player... πŸ€”

Today was not the best day workout wise. It took me a whole minute to get up after this workout: 3 rounds of 40 kettlebell swings, 30 air squats, 20 toes-to-bar, 10 burpees. I thought about giving up after one round... 😣

Nice, there is a vendor from . Models are named The Urban, technical details look good and they're street legal in Germany.

I'm thinking about buying an scooter instead of a 2nd bike. Mostly for the workplace big city, but also to get around in the rural home...

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