Long day with a lot of conferencing. But I still managed to get something done at least.

Is there a way to authenticate on via ? I suspect I have to move everything into some arcane LDAP setup or something like that... I don't think I'm at that point yet.

Time for . Although I'm already pretty tired, but I guess I can run some strikes...

Off to the soon. Pretty long today, I wonder if the lack of sleep will change my plans... 😌

Aus heise.de/ratgeber/Codequalitae

> In der Industrie sind unsere Erfahrungen ähnlich: Die Besten bilden sich freiwillig, oft auch in der Freizeit, selbstständig weiter.
> Diejenigen, die dazu nicht bereit sind oder es aus privaten Gründen einfach nicht möglich machen können, fallen zurück.

Kann ich aus meiner Erfahrung bestätigen.

Updated my app for my instapaper clone and I can now download and read the saved articles. Previously I could only add a new article.

Little bit of progress everytime I wake up too early. 😎

Yep, didn't do a lot of heavy power snatches during the last months. Todays had a lot of them at about 75%-80% of my snatch max... 😴

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Ah, first piece of news about my airbike. Shipping is delayed to next week. 😑

Well, I didn't expect it to ship on the 29th. That was the pre-order date on the shop, but we all know how pre-orders go. 😄

How much do I have to farm the Blind Well to get the Secret Victories emblem in ...

My Ticwatch Pro didnt charge the last three days. I moved the charger and cleaned the connection pins on the watch and now its charging again.

Hm, now I have to search for a group to do the Leviathan in to finish the Legend Of Acrius quest.

Well, I finished the quest for Sleeper Simulant. And it wasn't even hard. I had all the material anyway, just a matter of crafting items and searching for nodes on Mars... 😑 I probably had this quest in m inventory for a year.

I quit the after the first 50 pull ups... it's one of those days. 😶

I did finish my deadlifts, so not all is lost.

The new owner/CEO of Eric Roza also can talk in complete sentences and actually answers questions. Refreshing.

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