Trying the mail app in v17 for a couple days. Maybe it can replace my installation of rainloop.

My cloud saves on are a bit wonky. I have to manually copy them from machine to machine at the moment... I'm not sure what's going on here.

Ich bin so alt, dass ich als Jugendlicher meinen Wecker auf 1 Uhr nachts gestellt habe, damit ich die gΓΌnstigste Telefontaktung nach Frankfurt fΓΌr meine Onlineverbindung benutzen konnte.

Oh wow, I don't take the movement in the game well. 😣 I don't think they have a teleport option unfortunately. Flying and climbing should be fine, but walking around makes me dizzy.

Hallo Bonner Mastodon-Nutzer,

macht hier jemand #CrossFit? Und das vielleicht auch beim #CFBN?

WΓΌrde mich interessieren. Bin jetzt auch schon eine Weile dort aktiv.

I'm in full fever. Trains are amazing, I need more iron plates, my car is lost somewhere on the map and the amount of chests with random crap all over the place is increasing... πŸ˜„

Ich habe Hong Kong verlassen. Mehrmals TrΓ€nengas abbekommen und mit Schusswaffe bedroht worden. Polizei sagte, ich solle aufhΓΆren zu berichten, das Land verlassen und nicht wieder kommen. Die Lage in HK ist ernst und ich habe keine Ahnung was dort als NΓ€chstes passiert.

Here's the raw cut of my workout . I don't think I could go much fast on the row/wall ball portion of the workout and I definitely don't want to go faster on the muscle ups. I don't want any noreps on those and I don't want to mess up my shoulder again, so I'm doing each one very slow and deliberate.

Anyway, my score matches my expectation and I am very happy with my performance today.

I'm pretty happy with my score and tie break time for . My strategy was on point and I managed to get a few muscle ups right at the start and a few more at the end. Pretty nice workout, and lots of different strategies to watch.

The last workout for this year is

40 ring muscle ups
80 calories row
120 wall balls

Partitioned any way, which means everyone will do the muscle ups last. 😁 I think the row and WB will take a lot out of me, but in 20min timecap might get some muscle ups in.

Tonight the last workout for the 2020 season will be announced.

The 40min workout today felt 100% better than the 12min yesterday. I got two hours more sleep last night and I also had a better sleep score. I wish I would sleep like that every night.

I'll be around on tomorrow afternoon in Hamburg. I'm not presenting, but I'll hang around and have a beer in case someone has technical questions about software development at my current employer BDK.

Well well well, todays workout has... Even more Cleans after all the cleans during 20.4 on Sunday. 😬 Anyway, my sleep was pretty bad last night, so I'm not going heavy today. Another chance to practice technique instead.

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