Yeah, OK. I bought the Witcher 3 on Switch. I spend too much money kn games this months. 😬

Witcher 3 on can now crosssave with . I might need to buy this game again.

I might have ordered a Hero 8. My old sjcam has soo bad video quality, I don't want to use it.

Wow I had really old wifi drivers installed and my Dell XPS 15 9530 did not connect to my router with 5GHz. Did an update to slightly younger drivers (from 2017) and now 5GHz is working as expected.

The Boondock Saints 2. Watched the first one yesterday.

Long day, but a good training session. I put some weight on my squat sets this week, and I did OK in the WOD. 😌

Gibt es hier Leute die in der IT-Sicherheit arbeiten? Ich bin echt am überlegen dass ich mein Studiengang wechsle, bin aber noch ein bisschen unschlüssig/beängstigt/etc. Hätte ein paar Fragen.

Gerne boosten!

Well, my train connection again has delays and cancelled stations. At least I can get to a station where I can switch to the tram.

How can I search for emoji with Open Board? I can't live without...

At the moment I have to use development tools in a very unstable state... Every week I have at least one day where I'm asking myself if my project setup is broken, if an update went wrong or if someone messed with permissions.

I'm using OpenBoard instead of GBoard now. Not sure if I can do without swipe typing though...

Well, I'll stay for tonight and work from here tomorrow... Trains are getting cancelled or delayed left and right.

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Now it's +70 which means my usual connection starts after the next hourly train? Sounds weird. The next train is on time though, so now I don't know.

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Well, looks like my weekly commute starts with +40 right away... The current plan says the delay will be cut down to +20, but we'll see.

Fixed the status page for my services. I'm using a simple PHP script to update component states and response times in my cachet installation and the PHP update by the provider broke the script a couple days ago.

New back squat cycle started today. 4 sets with moderate weight, but each set followed by 15s all-out sprint on the airbike a.k.a. devils machine. 😖

Interesting episode of ‎The Kevin Rose Show: Kelly McGonigal - Author of The Joy of Movement

I need to check if the shownotes has some links to mentioned studies and research.

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