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Wie sieht eigentlich ein Überholvorgang mit negativem aus?

Der Fahrer hat mich gesehen, er musste zuvor kurz hinter mir fahren.

Ich glaube der Autorückspiegel wurde unterhalb meines Rückspiegels "durchgefahren".

Video ohne Ton.

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Build projects around motivated individuals.
Give them the environment and support they need,
and trust them to get the job done.

Found it. Now the article position is stored at least in the frontend. Need to persist it back into the database next, but it's almost time to get ready for my day job now...

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Scrolling in is strange.... I'm trying to figure out how to store and restore article position in my instapaper clone app. 🤔

Up early again. Maybe it's the "new" stimulus of heavier weight training... Anyway, I'm to Pink Floyds album Dark Side Of The Moon now.

I don't think I listened to anything made by Pink Floyd before.

I might have ordered an Air Bike a.k.a. devils machine... 🙃 Shipping end of next month though.

Not the original, but from bulldoggear in UK.

Off to the . Booked a slot with just 1 other person, like usual.

Todays is the first day of my upcoming 12 week strength cycle. So not much volume, just light front squats and after that 100 burpees to get moving.

My reddit account is over 10y old. Not sure if that's good or bad.

Well, so much for "significantly reduce" my time. Single arm DB rows took me as long if not longer as the pull ups would... 🙃 62min, but I had no issues running. I ran in my old Asics, not the Nanos. Guess I have to bring running shoes to my workouts now, because my gym bag is not full enough already.

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Ok, time to get up and actually move. 😑 Modifying pull ups with dumbbell rows should significantly reduce my murph time.

I could wait til Monday and do the original version, but I didn't do a single pull up in almost three month and I will not start with 100 of them on the first day anyway. 🙃

I hope it won't rain in the next hour...

I'll do a modified workout later today:

1mi run
100 DB rows
200 push ups
300 squats
1mi run

All with my 10kg vest.

Falls Ihr Ohrstöpsel zum schlafen nutzt, was für einen Typ verwendet ihr?

Gerne boost ;) #gehörschutz #schlaf

Ok, muscle soreness has hit pretty good now. First few steps hurt, but we're going for a walk now, that should help it.

I might be able to go to the and get my hands on a barbell again after almost 3 months... Time to start a new strength cycle basically from zero I guess. 🙃

Todays was a very easy EMOM for 30min. Nothing crazy or exhausting, just push ups, step ups and squats.

Ok, I did wear my weight vest, but still. Pretty long rest in each minute.

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