There might or might not be a Sony SEL-85F18 in the mail for me.

I probably should just write some python and pipe my metrics into statsd instead of using LibreOffice... it freezes when I want a graph from a pivot table from a few tenthousand rows of data.

Aaaaand another day where I have to grep through logfiles to get a rough idea about timings and traffic on a system.

Pro tip: if you build systems, add a way to get custom metrics, for example via statsd. And then USE IT FOR EVERYTHING YOU THINK IS INTERESTING.

Today was the first day I felt back to normal performance during my training. It's always surprising how a simple cold can throw the human body off.

Unfortunately this happens when the take place. Anyway, I did all the workouts RX - which is my only goal - and I plan to finish the last one RX too.

Jung & Naiv: Folge 405 ist echt interessant. Wer 1h investieren mΓΆchte, um etwas ΓΌber Post-Wachstums-Γ–konomie zu hΓΆren, sollte die Folge auf jeden Fall laufen lassen.

Well, 10km by bycicle through city is not a pleasant ride. Streets are build for cars. πŸ˜’

Bounty hunters in are the worst. I guess I don't play the story anymore because I have to go into a 300$ bounty territory for it?

Ordered basotect and a print of one of my pictures to build yet another audio dampener for my living room.

I also begin to understand why event tend to carry more than one camera. Changing lenses in the middle of the heat is not going to happen, that's a lot different than hiking outdoors and setting up your tripod for a shot... I did enjoy the gmaster 70-200mm 2.8 today, but I'm not sure if I ever want o spent the money and carry around the weight. Maybe next time I get a good 85mm prime and the 16-35mm instead.

Now I really want to rent some more lenses...

The f4 is less than half the weight. Definitely something to consider if I want to get a tele.

I should start wearing my weight vest around all day to prepare for the next vacation... 😎


3 rounds - 10 snatches, 12 burpees over bar
3min rest
3 rounds - 10 bar muscle ups, 12 burpees over bar

All in 12min. So, my workout will be done at the first muscle ups. Depending if my right arm still acts up I will get none or a few. Never trained bar muscles ups the last year, so this will depends heavily on how I feel on saturday.

My right arm felt a bit weak today. I hope that's fine again till Saturday...

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