was good and needed after a pretty pointless workday.

Hm, lots of |s in my usual shop are not available...

My tinnitus didn't wake me up, but definitely didn't let me go to sleep again either. 😑 Wonder why it's so loud today...

Time for my . No rain today, which is a welcome change.

Mit wenig #Abstand (einen #Fahrrad|fahrenden) auf Landstraße überholen – legal – mit #Abstandshalter 70 cm Abstand einfordern – illegal, da keiner überholen könne…

Ein paar Infos, Zahlen und Bilder zum Polizeieinsatz wegen eines Abstandshalters vor ein paar Tagen in #Pforzheim.



Infrastructure again working against me. Tools not available, repositories giving me 401s, proxies giving CONNECT aborts. 🤷‍♂️

Guess that means some reading time.

Well. A simple missing 's' broke the react+redux application WITHOUT ANY ERROR MESSAGE AT ALL.

I didn't notice it yesterday and gave up. And I didn't notice it today, I just found it because I decided to rewrite a reducer from scratch.

Javascript, they say. It's a language.

Wanted to do more today, but it really started raining and I didn't want to bring out equipment and do burpee box jump overs in a lot of puddles... 😑 Maybe I can do some of it tomorrow.

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Almost the whole day filled with meetings, I really need to later...

Unfortunately the weather is... not optimal. Well. 🤷‍♂️

The next thing I did was start learning to make scalemaille and chainmaille. I started by making my first set, and from there got better and more creative with simple designs. I'm very proud of this skill now.

In eigener Sache:
Seit 2020 betreue ich einen Kommunikations-Server mit ua. Matrix, Jitsi, Nextcloud für und in @nacho's Schule.
Er hat für das Projekt sogar extra den Matrix-Clienten Fluffychat modifiziert, um das ganze für Schüler*innern und Lehrer*innen besonders schön, sowie zugänglich und datenschutzkonform zu machen.

Wollte nur mal ins Fediverse hängen, dass man Milan auch für individuellen Hostingkram beauftragen kann. 😃

2 hours from new contact form to first spam, wow.

Of course in the middle my battery powered light gave up, so I had to run in and get a battery pack to power it. I probably should charge it on rest days until the sun stays up long enough for my workout timeslot.

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was good. I did box step ups with my sandbag too, which were surprisingly exhausting... guess the airbike, the dumbbell squats and the walking lunges before didn't help. 😃

I installed ffmpeg on my NAS device today so I can download 1080p from YouTube. I absolutely love my youtube-dl web app wrapper and Plex to avoid the barrage of ads. The workflow is really easy, share the URL from youtube to clipboard, open the web app and paste the URL, wait a couple seconds and watch the video via Plex.

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