I'm too tired to stream though. So just some casual grinding for the new exotic bow...

Nice, I'm still up there on the leaderboard. Shows again that I can't do very high intensity for longer periods (> 8min), but can handle moderate intensity for longer.

I'm still in the upper 25% of my age group in Germany. What's wrong? Is it a massive drop-off in participation already?

I don't think my score is *that* good. πŸ€”

Todays workout on youtu.be/fhCVAgzItGQ

Missed the first round and the camera did turn off in the middle again... anyway. Raw cut is online.

Todays workout was really unpleasant. First 10min of 20s of power snatch, 40s of rest. Then as many rounds as possible in 9min of 21 calories on the assault air bike, 15 push press and 9 burpees.

I do like the air bike, but those 9min got really uncomfortable pretty fast. 😣

The freedom open-source software gives you may be priceless, but that doesn't mean you can't support developers nor should you take their work for granted.

Support your favorite open-source projects and their developers! Give them a chance to become self-sustainable! Lots of small contributions can make all the difference!

Do it, become part of the greater common good. It's not everyday you get to participate in a revolution! πŸ˜„

(No, I won't get tired of repeating this message. It's important)

I want to play but I also want to sleep. πŸ€”

Sleep wins.

I broke the insurance sign of my while carrying it down some stairs... πŸ˜’ If the superglue doesn't fix it, I will get my duct tape out.

I'm down to the 53rd percentile worldwide and 63rd percentile in Germany now. 😁 Deadline for ubmitting scores to the is at noon.

If I manage to get through all workouts without catching a cold, my ranking will improve because a lot of people just don't do all 5 workouts. The level of skill, strength and technique needed to get through will increase, there will be a heavy barbell or some gymnastic movement like ring muscle ups soon.

New tube is installed, have to check tomorrow if it holds the air. And I need a new tire at one point too.

Ah, the slow demise of my position on the German Open leaderboard as new scores are entered by others... I'm sitting in the top 25%, but I guess I'll end up around 50% as usual, all average. 😁

I had a flat tire on my bicycle on my way back home yesterday, luckily just on the last 500m so I carried my bike home. So I guess I have to fix that in the afternoon... Good time to replace the break pads and fix the chain tension too.

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