At least I can look forward to delivery of an order of protein bars.

The question if I can still recover from three consecutive days of training is answered.

No. 😣

Going forward I'll stick to at least one rest day between workout days.

Had to eat already, now it's going to be a stretch til the next meal. Luckily my is somewhat early today, so maybe that will save me... πŸ˜„

After two weeks vacation in Brittany I still need some adjusting to street noises... 🎧

I'm in the process to switch from umatrix to ublock with my javascript blocking... this will take a while.

uMatrix's repository has been archived and development has been discontinued:

"Whoever is free to fork under a new name -- I may re-open and resume development in some future if ever I feel for it."

Ihr mΓΌsst jetzt sehr stark sein. Raymond Hill (gorhill) stellt offenbar die Entwicklung von uMatrix ein. Das Projekt wurde auf GitHub archiviert. πŸ˜”

Timelapse of todays snatch practice. It went fine, a bit wobbly but the more reps I did the better it got. was a 20min EMOM of 16 American Kettlebell Swings in odd minutes, 12 box jumps in even minutes.

Hm, I guess the admins of have a bad morning... I get 401s.

Should I even try? I play so much that I probably won't get throught the tutorial quests in a months...

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Wow, on you can not install an APK from *Downloads*, you have to move it somewhere else. Took me a hot minute to figure that one out.

This is a really entertaining article about security research. πŸ˜ƒ

"When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's passport number"

Hm, I already pre-ordered the next big update for called "Beyond Light", but it's also coming to Game Pass... Now the game pass gets really interesting. πŸ€”

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