Scaled todays workout. The heavy kettlebell snatches would've been fine, but last exercise was a pretty heavy power clean. Too heavy for 10 reps, so I scanned the snatches and the cleans down.

On the other hand, the pistols went alright. I'll take that as a win.

Ars Tehnica sometimes has good articles. This is one of those, about Twitch and the social interactions happening on the platform.

+15min until I'm at the main station... The train really gets worse for me the last few weeks. 😢

Off to the soon. Long workout today, time cap at 40min... 😢

Today I'll practice to shut up.

This week I'm highly annoyed by my current work environment. I try not to bother anyone, maybe my mood will change til next week.

Bharat Bandh: Why Workers Brought India to a Halt for Two Days

An estimated 200 million workers across various sectors carried out a protest against the Modi government’s β€˜anti-labour’ policies

Off to the ! Let's see if I get wrecked like yesterday again... πŸ˜‘

Removed the global timeline from my mastodon view. But how do I find interesting people to follow now?

Looks like searching for hashtags is the way to go?

Today's training wrecked me. And it wasn't really big weights or long metcons.... Just some Olympic lifting technique and then pistols in the WOD.

I feel like sleeping.

I don't even know how to start working in the office right now. Feels like everywhere I look there is something wrong.

I'll get a coffee first and try to figure out if it's just me and my nitpicker self...

Soreness didn't get worse, so my next Murph time with the weight vest will be better. πŸ”

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