Cool, now shows the crafting recipes for menagerie weapons and armor in the chalice. Nice touch.

Wow, I also managed to prepare some meals that'll bring me through the next two or three days... I hope this helps getting my nutrition back on track after two weeks of vacation. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

First day in the office after vacation, already fixing bugs and deploying workarounds. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Off to the . The rain stopped, maybe I get there without getting drenched.

Ordered new front and back lights for my 2nd bicycle. Tires and brakes are already new.

Played a short round of to complete my planetary armor sets. A lot still missing, because I never bothered to buy all set items before... Anyway, on my way to complete the Wayfarer title u will replay a lot of the planetary activities and also some quests I never bothered to start or complete too.

ppl farming grenade kills in playlist strikes. I just want to complete the weekly strike milestone. 😭

Somehow I decided to wear a 10kg weight vest for today's workout: 1.2km run, 100 burpees, 1.2km run ☠️

Off to the . Some running and burpees today... πŸƒ

I'm going for the Wanderer title in . Will take a while. I still need to do some heroic adventures and need to collect some exotics.

Emotet bei Heise
Es gab einen schwerwiegenden Einbruch in das Heise-Netz; AuslΓΆser war eine Emotet-Infektion.

Blue on white: 4 years of training in numbers. Improved my time for one of the older benchmarks Jackie from 12min to 8min.

It definitely helps that the thrusters are done with the empty barbell, which allows my heartrate to stay at acceptable levels. πŸ˜–

ist still fun to build. Nothing creative, but the process if sticking bricks together and seeing something take form is interesting. Apollo 11 lander itself is an interesting topic too.

@cringe I symlinked the whole savegame directory into my nextcloud folder now. I do this with a lot of older games without steam cloud support, via "mklink" command.

I probably deleted a substantial amount of progress of my current game... manually juggling backups between machines is always a headache.

First round of The Menagerie in was pretty hectic and recommended power level is 720. I need to level up a bunch to get those 20 levels.

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