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I opened my own clan in mostly to have a way to get the rewards as a casual PvE player. There will be no weekly schedules, no playtime requirements, no required group activities at all.

Transporter is filled up, the appartment is empty. A few thing to throw away, but mostly done. One last visit next week and I'm out.

Final stretch of clearing the work Appartment. Tomorrow is moving day of the remaining furniture. Of course it's the hottest day, but probably better than torrential downpour.

Time to give the cooling pad on my bed a proper test run. I bought it a couple months ago, but temperature wasn't high enough to use it.

New desk installed and work ready. Finishing the cable management has to wait, I need a new power multisocket to be mounted under the desktop.

And I'm also not fully trusting the PC carrier... I probably won't raise the desk to standing height today and see if the thing actually holds up.

I kept the desktop, I got some money back. Definitely not worth the hassle to return it, and maybe I don't care as much about the damaged part.

Anyway, desktop is installed but I still have to figure out how to mount the PC... The carrier looks a bit bulky for my small desktop size. But that's for tomorrow.

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I really don't want to return it... If I have to I probably just buy a different one locally. πŸ˜‘

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The desktop has a pretty noticable defect at the left front edge... 😣 Not sure if I want to return it and wait for a new one, or just accept it, maybe get a price deduction and just paint it over with a basic white color.

The last piece for my standing desk will arrive tomorrow.

This morning I started RDR2 after months. First thing I did was punching my horse, because the crap controls didn't show the option to mount and I again resorted to pressing random keys.

No thanks. R*, fix your control schemes.

At least I can go by motorcycle today, because I don't need to take more boxes with me on the drive back. Weather is not too good, but I hope I can make it without rain... πŸ˜‘

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Off I go once more back to my apartment, mostly to meet up with the facility management to go through the place.

Oh well, I got more mail from japan and the process... I already voted online, but I got a lot of paper with japanese signs on it too. I probably should ignore everything from now on and maybe get myself out of that whole process. πŸ˜‘

Die vor einigen Tagen bereits angeteaserte DevOps-Stelle ist nun offiziell ausgeschrieben:

Bewerbungsmappen raus und bei Fragen gerne fragen! :)

Tagesschau schreibt ΓΌber die VerΓΆffentlichung von propublica, weit und breit kein Link auf die Quelle. New York Times schreibt ΓΌber die VerΓΆffentlichung, Link auf die Quelle direkt im ersten Absatz. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


Yesterdays workout had 400m walking lunges, and the soreness slowly creeps in. I'm also not sure if I feel vaccine response or if I'm just annoyed by today's meetings... πŸ˜‘

Welcome to centralized Internet 🀷 A number of high profile websites are down right now, apparently due to a failure at Fastly (?)

Aaaaand I have an appointment for tomorrow. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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I'm on the waitlist for a vaccine now. I wonder how long this will take...

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