Started to build a little thing to store links and generate a RSS feed from them. I want to replace a part of tt-rss which I use to share links, so I can get rid of it.

Really simple again. 40 DB squats, 9600m airbike, 40 DB squats.

Hm, I guess powering all 3 raspberries from the cheapo USB power brick is not working... one of the nodes was offline and I had to powercycle to get it back online. πŸ€” Need to check the logfiles to get some ideas.

Sore calf on one side, aching achilles on the other... πŸ˜‘

I deployed miniflux in about 10min, imported my OPML and I'll start using that for a couple days and see how it fit my needs.

Wow, the data_migration plugin for ttrss doesn't restore categories for my feeds.

One last push today to complete a backup-restore of ttrss on my raspberry cluster.

Next up would be my wiki and then I should probably investigate dyndns providers to make things accessible. And how's nextcloud behaving on k8s?

This is all a playground at the moment, but I think about hosting all my stuff at home.

Moving ttrss from mysql to postgres is not fun... I found a way via the data_migration plugin, but now I have to upgrade my live installation because the migration tool will not import exporra from older schemas. What a fun afternoon.

Weather did hold up. Off to the track it is. πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

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Ooof, todays is 10x100m sprints. 😌 Sun is still out, I hope I can go to the track for this later...

Well, that was a brain-intensive two-day period of juggling multiple applications and trying to make changes all work together. πŸ˜”

Took about one day to delete my previous toots with ephemetoot. Since 2018 or so... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

I guess I have to substitute some exercises of todays so I can stay inside the garage. Lots of strong winds and rain.

Seit der im letzten Monat verâffentlichten Firefox-Version 88, ist Javascript im nativen PDF-Viewer standardmÀßig aktiviert. Dies erhâht gleichzeitig das potentielle Angriffsrisiko.

Deaktivierbar wie folgt:

1. about:config
2. Setting "pdfjs.enableScripting" auf "false" setzen

Hm, duckduckgo is on the easylist adlist on my pi-hole... πŸ€”

Got a bit of rain during the 2nd part of my . 1st part I could do inside the garage and I also did some static holds.

Started to run ephemetoot do remove my old toots. First cronjob in my cluster at home.

Wow, my raspbian pihole broke the dpkg status file... That's was kinda hard to figure out... result was, after a pihole update a bunch of DNS wasn't resolvable anymore. Well, luckily there still was the /var/lib/dpkg/status-old available.

Wow, I really needed to eat after that workout. My vision started flickering. 😬

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