Too much, too many people, too much ... so I have decided to stop registration of new users.

Oh no, why?

Please, read it on


Thank you so much for your time and work regarding your services. Although it's a pity, I hope your decision will help you to become a better looking human (admin) as soon as possible. 😉 Enough sleep is too important to keep healthy ...

@dismail I have been so skeptical recently of hosting many services free. I appreciate the work from people to do it but to host so many things for the public seems like a hardship for a small team of volunteers. It is why I tend to go with those who host only one federated service provider (two at most but pushes it a bit). I do think trying to go further and beyond is alright but we are all just people. Thank you for the service. Sorry to hear that but I know exactly what you're going through. This is for sure not an easy decission. I do hope for you for that lottery ticket though :)

All the best and thanks for all the awesome work for decentralized, federated and better internetz!


Thank you for this excellent service.
I am enjoying using Dismail and I will donate something ASAP.

Please don't kill it! The community needs dismail!

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