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I have expanded and segmented this account's feeds in the following categories (so you may be able to filter accordingly)

"Distrowatch News": Front page release announcements

"Distribution Release": Minor and distribution releases

"Software News:" Headlines and minor news items

"Package Release:" Latest upstream software releases

Package Release: 03/21 cinnamon 4.0.10 Cinnamon: a desktop environment developed by Linux Mint

Package Release: 03/21 libreoffice 6.2.2 LibreOffice: a free personal productivity suite

Package Release: 03/21 snapd 2.38 snapd: a tool to support and manage .snap applications that are portable across different Linux systems

Package Release: 03/21 wayland 1.17.0 Wayland: a display server protocol

Distrowatch News: Development Release: NuTyX 11 RC2 NuTyX is a French Linux distribution (with multi-language support) built from Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch, with a custom package manager called "cards". The project's latest snapshot is a release candidate for version 11 that includes a complete rebuild of packages with the GNU compiler.....

Package Release: 03/20 NVIDIA 418.56 NVIDIA: a proprietary display driver for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris

Package Release: 03/20 openshot 2.4.4 OpenShot: a video editor

Distrowatch News: Distribution Release: Univention Corporate Server 4.4-0 Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is an enterprise-class distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. The project's latest release is Univention Corporate Server 4.4-0, which is based on Debian 9 "Stretch". "Univention is pleased to announce the availability of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.4-0, the fourth minor release of UCS 4.....

Distrowatch News: Development Release: Zorin OS 15 Beta The Zorin OS team has published a new beta release which offers enhanced performance and a preview of features to come in Zorin OS 15. The beta is based on Ubuntu 18.04.2 and includes a night mode, the ability to connect to Android devices to sync notifications, share....

Package Release: 03/20 eclipse 4.11 Eclipse: a universal tool platform and IDE

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