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I have expanded and segmented this account's feeds in the following categories (so you may be able to filter accordingly)

"Distrowatch News": Front page release announcements

"Distribution Release": Minor and distribution releases

"Software News:" Headlines and minor news items

"Package Release:" Latest upstream software releases

Package Release: 05/10 vlc 3.0.14 VLC: a cross-platform media player and streaming server

Package Release: 05/07 linux 5.12.2 Linux kernel: a UNIX clone written from scratch by Linus Torvalds

Software News: The Æ-DIR -- Authorized Entities Directory project has released version 0.26.1

Software News: The Raccoon - Google Play desktop client project has released version 4.18.0

Package Release: 05/10 tor Tor: a network of virtual tunnels that allows people to improve privacy and security on the Internet

Distrowatch News: BSD Release: DragonFly BSD 6.0.0 Justin Sherrill has announced the release of a new version of DragonFly BSD. The latest version, DragonFly BSD 6.0.0, focuses on filesystem improvements, including work done to the advanced HAMMER2 filesystem. "DragonFly version 6.0 is the next step from the 5.8 release series in 2020. This version has....

Package Release: 05/10 squid 4.15 Squid: a full-featured web proxy cache

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