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"Seven of the top ten companies by market capitalization are tech companies. Seven out of ten are using data that they take from us, without our consent, to create their products. That is part of our labor power: those products are made with our emotional labor, our mental labor. Privacy is a way to reclaim our labor power." -- @flexlibris

Ist das Satire oder kann das ernst genommen werden?

Where´s my Pub, Commissioner? mit Martin Sonneborn

Why UI/UX matters, or just user in yer face!!
A "nice" game to see if you have what it takes..., frustrations guaranteed!

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"My problem with contact tracing apps is that they have absolutely no value," Bruce Schneier, a privacy expert and fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, told BuzzFeed News. "I'm not even talking about the privacy concerns, I mean the efficacy. Does anybody think this will do something useful? ... This is just something governments want to do for the hell of it. To me, it's just techies doing techie things because they don't know what else to do."

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If you’re a developer and you cannot make an app without riddling it with surveillance-based components and APIs by Google, Facebook, etc., you’re a really bad developer.

Stop being so careless, lazy, and thoughtless and learn how to make apps that respect people’s rights.

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If you teach development, the first thing you should be teaching… before HTML, CSS, JS, etc., is ETHICS.

Teach your students to avoid 3rd-party surveillance-based APIs/components. Teach them to de-centre themselves… to build tools owned and controlled by the people who use them.

the cookie banner of is one brilliant thing of many things of this website.
For me it shows how little many people care about privacy and simply click through cookie-banners and dont care about web-tracking.

I was invited to play it with friends online. If you want to play it, think twice, or better dont play.

Luckly there is an alternative out there which is no packed with poison. (
leave a star!

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"To this day all I ever run are Live systems, because the operating system “just works” out of the box without any installation or configuration on my side, and every time I reboot the machine I have a “factory new”, known-good state."


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BBC-Dokumentation über Amazon

In diesem Blog gibt @kattascha interessanten Hintergrund, der neugierig macht!


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„ZDFheute: #Cryptoleaks: Wie BND und CIA alle täuschten“

In der Operation #Rubikon hat Deutschland ein Verschlüsselungsunternehmen mit der Hilfe von Siemens unterwandert und zahlreiche Staaten überwacht, darunter NATO-Partner.

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I work in IT which is the reason this house has:

- mechanical windows
- mechanical door locks
- no Alexa/HomeKit/Google
- no Internet connected thermostats, lamps, or whatnots
- a dumb TV
- wall switches for lights

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Akte Assagne...
"Sie haben gesagt, sie hätten keine Zeit, diese Berichte zu lesen" Gehört das nicht zu ihren Jobtätigkeiten?

Und warum tut kein EU-Land was?

Und die UN Carta und Menschenrechte interessiert keinen, dann können wir sie auch gleich abschaffen!

Gefahren aus der Digitalisierung ernst nehmen, für mehr Aufklärung und "Bequemlichkeit ist kein Argument"

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2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

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