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#InfiniTime 1.5 "Huckleberry" for the @PINE64 #PineTime is out : Alarm app, persistent clock and improved BLE advertising!

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Another reminder that is awesome :)

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I keep trying convince me that I should not configure reverse proxies at 3AM

Shut down my mailinabox instance after 2 days. It's nice but I wasn't happy with it.
I'm happy with smtpd + dovecot on instead. 🐑

Ah! Podman seems nice. This is good because I hate Docker.

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#InfiniTime 1.4.0 "Pink Grapefruit" is out : improved touch driver, color picker for the PineTimeStyle watchface, improved UI, battery level measurement and call notifications and much more!
Enjoy InfiniTime "Pink Grapefruit" on your @PINE64 #PineTime !

Just selfhosted email for the first time with
Lovely project. Not so lovely Ubuntu...
Might consider deploying everything manually on Alpine, now that I'm more familiar with postfix

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NitroPhone. Coming soon. πŸ˜±πŸš€πŸš€πŸ’ͺπŸ™‚


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Tadaa, a #pinenote showing its own schematics. It seems like the size of the pages of schematics is almost perfect for this.

needs to fix their shit. Trying to sign up now. I get: `{"error":"deny_email_not_allowed"}`. damn you

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I am reading docs.
I can't wait to read sircmpwn's lang docs.

Isn't supposed to be a pretty reliable OS? My laptop is almost unusable again after last upgrade.

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Hey, are you using Alpine Linux (or, maybe... @postmarketOS and other distributions) as your development environment? No? Maybe? Yeah?

Either way, @sfr's instructions on building Tenacity on Alpine Linux are now up for everyone to read:

I'm probably too much excited for the , but I feel like is going to be a "take my money" product.

I like the domain way better than :(

I've been using for 12 hours now.
Bluetooth conn seems much more reliable than with . UI is much slower though. 🐍

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