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Guy on Twitter: what's a 'mansplainer'?

Me, a consumate mansplainer: a person who explains things to men

I can't believe it took me this long to find a good terminal emulator for Windows, but if you're in need of one, I just found out about and it's great. It just works, and you can bind it to pop up / close with a hotkey.

I don't understand how to use fedi anymore why can't I view threads did gab do this??? :(

TFW you trace some computer music paper references and end up with "How Funeral Directors Experience Burnout: A Phenomenological Study"

Dis what I got for my cakeday (every time I see @moonman post I think I should start them)

After 33 years together, my partner and I got married today.

BBQ tofu and pineapple pizza with scratch crust and (almost) scratch BBQ sauce. #vegan #willcooks

I was thinking yesterday how some kind of federated replacement for Goodreads would be pretty great but then I realized that would only really work for the social portion, and really the core feature of Goodreads is the database.

How many votes can I get on this poll if y'all boost it?

I have done something horrific to my internet that makes pages load like it's 1999.

On the plus side, having to wait 68 seconds for just the text to load makes me realize how much I really don't care what is happening on social media.

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rage comics
cats with captions

That’s IT. These are the only memes there are. It is 2008.

I don't like it when podcast feeds are truncated so that I can still listen to an episode on the web using a crummy player they wrote themselves and I can no longer longer download the episode to my podcatcher app.

Cat does not believe vegan ice cream is ice cream.

He was all excited when he thought I had ice cream, and when I let him smell it, he was like "What is WRONG with you???"

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