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Guy on Twitter: what's a 'mansplainer'?

Me, a consumate mansplainer: a person who explains things to men

@frankiesaxx "grade a cryptid porn" isnt a phrase I thought I'd ever read and understand, but here we are.

Sometimes all the choice in Linux is great and sometimes it's like "I WANT TO CHANGE THE SCREENSAVER AND I DON'T KNOW WHICH SCREENSAVER PROGRAM I'M RUNNING OR HOW TO FIND OUT"

A few trail pictures from earlier today. Must remember to wipe the lens cover when getting out of a pocket. Some are a little soft because there must have been some water on it 🤷‍♂️

Some nice colours appearing though as we move through into September 😀

I love all these spam attempts to extort bitcoin from me by claiming to have recorded me surfing porn on my phone and or laptop.

Even if it were true, I only surf grade a cryptid porn and have nothing to be ashamed of. XD

Due to high demand, here are pictures of my three beautiful baby boys.

I just discovered, back on the birdsite, and account called “Mary, Queen of Bots”. It has generated 7,500 tweets. It has 10 followers. It’s not just some Elizabethan shitpost bot though - it uses the lyrics from the song of the same name from Gershwin’s musical “Primrose”. I am perplexed at a lot of the choices here.

nobody owes you shit. if you don't like free software then use fucking nothing.

I published a fix for people displaying the number of replies (error 429). I also removed compact mode by default.
#mastalab release 1.12.1

The 2-to-1 5.1 surround summing/mixing unit that I'm designing is taking shape. It will have 6 inputs and 3 outputs, a 4-LED peak meter, micro-USB power and a power switch.

It's designed for gamers who have two computers and a PC surround speaker system (such as the Logitech Z506 or Z906. Instead of switching between audio sources, it combines them into a single source.

What should I call it?

#weeklyphotochallenge #rentrée a midi je tente le nouveau pt'i coiffeur du coin. Je serai pas rentré avant deux heures vu le monde. Il fait beau. Les serins du dépanneur à téco chante a tue tête et on entend que le bruit des ciseaux. Tout le monde veut être swag pour la rentrée. J'apprends qu'il y a une coupe Kari pour la barbe. Joli moment.

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