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Guy on Twitter: what's a 'mansplainer'?

Me, a consumate mansplainer: a person who explains things to men

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@whami oh wait! I found it! That's points in favour of Mastodon's limited text search only showing stuff I've seen before :)

@whami do you still have your Wham Chowder recipe? I think I lost it when I had to reinstall my OS. I was not as diligent as I should have been about backups. :(

@whami I just got Gav Oakley's books cuz you'd mentioned him and I looked him up. Hello vegan Julbord! :)

While looking for a nice black cock I found these weird-ass chickens and I am uncomfortable.

Every company should be legally obliged to hire a guy whose sole job is to laugh like a mad villain whenever a particularly devious business plan is hatched.

Hahahaha.... yeees... hahahaha... MUHAAA HAA HAA HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

*CEO sweats and pulls sleve* Okay, so maybe we won't be doing that.

People ask me how to follow #peertube channels with their Mastodon accounts. So here is a step by step.

- Add a peertube instance
- Click on the account that published the video
- Go in the channels tab
- Follow a channel by clicking on the follow button.

PS: You will be able to access quickly to followed channels with the bottom left button.

That's all. #mastalab

it has been like 12 years and I still don't get the Tumblr user interface

Guten Morgen aus #Düsseldorf und 'meinem' #HyattHouse .
Mal ein Zimmerchen ;-) mit Dachterrasse erwischt. Hat was :-)

Home from Barcelona. I fucking love my house so much! <3 <3 <3

A small release for starting the week-end. It's especially dedicated to bug fixes.


- badge counter issue
- bug with live notifications mixed in some timelines (offset)
- disable auto-save drafts not working
- draft layout lost when restoring
- live notifications not filtered


I published the release 1.15.2 that allows to display direct messages in a column. This column can be hidden in settings.
A short video to show this new feature. Thanks for your spam messages :)



Der Nachbar putzt das Fenster und Salem weiss noch nicht so recht ob ers jetzt interessant oder gruselig finden soll.

I don't know what happens with #Liberapay, it stopped to work for weeks. So I opened a Patreon account at

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