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Guy on Twitter: what's a 'mansplainer'?

Me, a consumate mansplainer: a person who explains things to men

When you accidentally read "Wolfenstein" as "Wittgenstein"

so i did absolutely nothing today, good job me


What about a book with vampires who are also pirates.

Because this book exists.

It's called...


Awesome. :D

Don't ask people "when are you having kids". Especially not women, who suffer this question a lot. ("Are you having kids" is a more okay question *if you know the person well*, but only sometimes.)

They might be, they might not be, and yes they've probably thought about it, and no, it's none of your business.

So my friend's written this epic story in this fully realized world with these characters struggling with their demons and duty in their societies and cultures and I'm like 'I thought you said there are cannibals? When do the cannibals invade?'

So tired.

I stayed up way too late my friend's new

Full disclosure: I'm not really a fantasy reader.

I feel weird talking to her about it because I feel like telling her the things I don't like might undermine her confidence; the things I don't like are the things I don't like about fantasy novels in general.

Like my idea of good fantasy is an alcoholic vampire PI in Milwaukee hired to recover a corpse from a grave robbing necromancer

anyone with hetzner. do you know if i can also upgrade the disk later if i leave this checkbox checked for now?

Laundry done. Wall spackled. Dinner in oven. It's about to be vodka & Red Bull Monday in this joint.

I'd like to give a shout out to @thesoftestbunny, with whom I have been with for 10 years today. ❤️

Zombies are a renewable alternative energy source.
There needs to be a word for the enjoyment one gets in seeing someone experience enjoyment.
No one has made a blockchain-themed horror movie yet.
Switched to a regular drill from the cordless one. Day and night, I tell you. day and night. This thing has the little acu drill for breakfast

(preparing holes for wooden pins to hold the cupboard thingy structure together)
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