The universe is a crule place :-( Why can't I wear good head phones and a nice hat at the same time?!

cynical, not 100% serious 

10: random blue screens, invades my privacy, trouble with updates all the time, resource hungry, needs to be babysat all the time, throws adds at you, loads of bloatware.

: runs rock solid for years, smooth updates even between releases, resource efficient, preserves my privacy, generally takes care of itself on its own.

One makes a shit tone of money, the other leaves devs struggling for funding ... something is seriously fucked up here.

I have that itch. That itch that makes you want to build a new rig ... but I neither have the time nor the money todo it properly and I couldn't use it anyway because I need my time to . Another thing for the postdegree . 😅

That moment when you finally got fare enough into a book, the author starts to make in-universe jokes, and they are actually funny. ❤️

Look what was in the post today! Let's go and collect some stamps ! Cheers!

I started out being one of those purists who hated on because it hides from the reader. After my co-worker convinced by boss that we should use it in our project, I had to start using it. I now love it and clould not work without it. Helps me use patterns like builders and helps me wirte overall better code by taking the pain out of alot of healthy programming techniques.

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Guess why SSH doesn't work: --append INPUT --protocol tcp --src --sport 22 --dst --dport 22 --jump ACCEPT

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@gilgwath got “gpu has fallen off the bus“ recently. Still chuckling 😁

"Error: pool was destroyed" ... Well, ok. But that begs the question of why the server gets a pool and I don't? How does it even work if it's wet?

So I finished setting up a VM with . If you plan to do this on a KVM-qemu system keeps these things in mind:

1. Convert the VMDK image to qcow2 using virt-img
2. Use UEFI boot
3. Use SATA instead of virtIO as disk bus

Now it's time to automate my lights!

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I just started to automate things using . I mainly use it to automatically start/stop timers in for in . What do you use your Tasker for? Share your automations with me, I am looking for inspiration.

Common flue: kills thousands throughout Europe every winter. No one even bats an eye.

Previously unknown virus: about 50 confirmed dead in China. WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

I am not saying we should not take it seriously. But the panicky media coverage seriously gets on my nerves.

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I just finished my first playthrough of in about 76 hours, distribute over about 5 days ... not healthy at all. Since I appear to be on a "late to the party" roll, let's have a first crack at

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CentOS oder auch: Ich freue mich wieder über einen Kernel Bug der eigentlich vor 5 Jahren gefixt wurde.

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Been watching someone who appears to be in France trying to break into 3 accounts of mine for about 2 weeks now. Just smugly sat here thinking "lmao yubikey, you fuck 😎"

Pro-tip of the day: Have a real good look at the look at their !bang shortcuts! My favorite ones are:

!w : Wikipedia
!yt: YouTube
!ov: StackOverflow
!mvn: maven repository
!gm: Google Maps
!osm: open street maps
!dpl: DeepL
!gh: GitHub

There are over 30k of them and if you use is your browsers default search engine you can use these in the search box. I simply love it!

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