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What I learned about so fare:
- the cool feature you want is not supported in your version
- that thing you want to do is only possible under this esoteric conditions
- if you want to do more than just store and fetch you WILL into some weird limitation
- I am very happy with relational databases

the dream: delivering high quality and high applications on all equally.

Electron the reality: delivering mediocre software products, with lacking polish and average performance on some platforms.

So ... turns out hasn't forgotten the yet. Just installed the 9 update. I wonder what's new 🙂

So ... turns out hasn't forgotten the yet. Just installed the 9 update. I wonder what's new 🙂

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Reports about some ISPs of Kazakhstan forcing people to install root certificates, resulting in MITM attacks:!msg/

– people get SMS informing them about the need to install government-issued root certificates

#mozilla #kazakhstan #mitm #root #certificate #security #infosec #cybersecurity

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Wer auch immer «hier öffnen und wiederverschließen» auf Schokoladenverpackungen geschrieben hat, war wohl überaus optimistisch. 🍫

shgreekedy queckedy bobbeldy blörpy!

I had to be said!

So, unite tests are supposed to find errors in my code? More often than not, I find errors in my tests. 😅

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pet peeve: Lists are not Sets, Sets are not Lists. Use Lists when you expect and handle duplicate items. Everywhere else use Sets. If you need ordering and sorting: make sure your code can handle possible duplicate items!

Sexuality masturbation 

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No sound in any I have played so fare gives me quite the creeps like the Horn from ... instant goosebumps 😍

When I do work I tend to mutter to myself constantly. That person across the compartment on the train definitely thought I was mad.

One quick rule to decide whether to something: Would you put it on a post card and send it in the post? No? Then you should probably encrypt it!

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