Just watched Dead Pool for the first time. If you squint really hard, you can actually see story between the plot holes. 😁🤣

It's glorious!

Theres a new season of The coming next month? And this month on the 26. The new "Tiamat's Wrath" comes out 😍

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i literally don’t care who you are or what your music is if you play music through speakers, phone or otherwise, in a public space i fucking hate you it’s so goddamn inconsiderate and selfish and i hate it hate it hate it it makes me viscerally angry i have no idea how people think it’s ok like what the fuck it’s not okay holy shit

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ICT : Here have
Me: ... meeeh ... I don't trust that stuff!
IT admin: it has a

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We built a wall (we built the pyramids), math, science, history, unraveling the mystery, that all started with the big brick (brick)!

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So, here we go! The commands for this week are:

J: join the current and the next line with a space between.
gJ: join the current and the next line without any space in between.
~: switch case of the selected text

happy viming!

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"Don't talk unless you can improve the silence"

-- Jorge Luis Borges

Learning is a very iterative process. Look up a new command or two every now and then and integrate them into your workflow. When you got them internalised, pick some new ones. My suggestion:

dt<X> delete upto the char X
df<X> delete upto and including X
ci<X> where X is a matching pair of brackets or quotes, to change the contents between them.

happy viming!

If you want to have a good start into your workday: NEVER run your unit tests first thing in the morning! The results have a strong possibility of making you grumpy for the rest of the day.

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why are catgirls depicted as subs tho

cats are not subs

i've never met a cat that hasn't dommed me with its mere presence

Started reading "Cryptography Engineering" by Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier and Tadayoshi Kohno. I am really hooked! The book manages to convey important information and complex concepts while still being engaging and fun to read.

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Explaining to my niece that your guts are technically not your insides since they're open both ends and just a tube right through you.
'So really your poop is always on the outside'

This kid's gonna go far

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So it turns out "cross platform" is just short hand for "everybody except the one platform we actually care about gets a shitty UI, spotty QA and alibi support, but we still make you pay for it".🤷‍♂️

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If you're a Unix user like me, you're probably using 'ls' more than most (if not any) other programs.

Check out 'lsd' (ls-deluxe), an ls alternative with a bunch of neat improvements:


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Wir sollten aufhören, sie "Impfgegner" zu nennen. Es sind Seuchenbefürworter.

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