So ... turns out hasn't forgotten the yet. Just installed the 9 update. I wonder what's new 🙂

So ... turns out hasn't forgotten the yet. Just installed the 9 update. I wonder what's new 🙂

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Reports about some ISPs of Kazakhstan forcing people to install root certificates, resulting in MITM attacks:!msg/

– people get SMS informing them about the need to install government-issued root certificates

#mozilla #kazakhstan #mitm #root #certificate #security #infosec #cybersecurity

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Wer auch immer «hier öffnen und wiederverschließen» auf Schokoladenverpackungen geschrieben hat, war wohl überaus optimistisch. 🍫

shgreekedy queckedy bobbeldy blörpy!

I had to be said!

So, unite tests are supposed to find errors in my code? More often than not, I find errors in my tests. 😅

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pet peeve: Lists are not Sets, Sets are not Lists. Use Lists when you expect and handle duplicate items. Everywhere else use Sets. If you need ordering and sorting: make sure your code can handle possible duplicate items!

Sexuality masturbation 

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No sound in any I have played so fare gives me quite the creeps like the Horn from ... instant goosebumps 😍

When I do work I tend to mutter to myself constantly. That person across the compartment on the train definitely thought I was mad.

One quick rule to decide whether to something: Would you put it on a post card and send it in the post? No? Then you should probably encrypt it!

climate wheather 

Them: "I won't send you this via WhatsApp. I'll send you an e-mail!"

I get a mail from a gmail address.

I am all for healthy amounts of . In this case its just not really helping.

#Weather #health 

Yes, simple and clear variable names are important. But ffs you are allowed to use "big words". "distributedDataPointsOverTime" .... that's a histogram.

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Linux is a little bit like Christianity. There are a confusing number of versions out there, which are all technically supposed to follow the same idea, but with differences that don't seem to mean very much to an outsider. Also, there are a handful of evangelists who believe their version is the best, and they'll do their best to convert you.

How to be a less in :

Do not stop in the following locations:
access ramps, stairs, doors, behind corners, any space where two can not walk abreast.

Extra points for groups walking in single file instead of three people side by side.

If this is too complicated for you: simply don't ever stop except if sitting down in a waiting area or a carriage.

Simple. Right? Now can we please all do this?

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