The new Integration for is totally awesome 🙂 Thank you for all the people developing KDE for coming up with QOL improvements.

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Fit bits are just Tamagotchis for adults but turns out you're the blob you're trying to keep alive.

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So you're saying they never made typewriters with RGB-LED keys?!

Yes, I am in my mid twenties and I am . Go back to work, or building a house ... or what ever it is do. Meanwhile I'll have another Gringots roller coaster ride.🤪

Deligently avoiding all for a for a year and then missing the fact that it has allready launched 😂

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Yes has aquired ... can we now all calm down again? has been owned by what feels 7 different companies in the past ... and did it matter? That's what happens if you start making serious money: someone who has way more money than you wants to have your money.

heute wieder mal in top Form. Bezahlen per App funktioniert wieder mal nicht (ist 2 - 3 mal pro Monaut der Fall! Hört auf euren Kunden diese scheiss betaqualität von Software aufzuhalsen) und der Ticketautomat spuckt statt Tickets nur Fehlermeldungen aus. Man würde denken, dass den der Zahlungsprozess wäre ... Bundesbetriebe *augenroll*

My brain at : I want to do something I can learn from.
My brain in my freetime:

I wish I could take home some of this motivation 😅

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re: last boost, "a phonecall is just a private podcast" suddenly phone calls are a lot more approachable now.

Tried out ... it helps me correct all the spelling mistakes I make because the damn thing is so slow in Firefox. Made me feel like mi thoughts are made from chewinggum. Goodby Grammerly!

I hope the year of the desktop never happens... or it will become "illegal" to earn money with it.

That dreadful moment, when you start your suite of after you made a bunch of changes

Can someone pleas tell me to get off my bum and get out for a ? 😅 😂

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Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

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Linux gaming fans! Do be sure to let your friends know we're on here so they can follow us ✌🐧

incoming: Something about the process of boarding and leaving during :
How to board: wait at the side of the doors until all the leaving people have left the train, then enter in orderly fashion. On narrow doors apply zipper principal.
How to leave: get your stuff, queue up infront of the door. Walk straight out of the door.
If you are anywhere else, you have no fucking right to complain no matter how loud you yell. Also: put your fucking phone away for 30s

are awesome. They make writing extremly dense, illegible code so much easier!

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