It's so hard to find the to write cases for you only added two or three lines. "The original author did not bother, so why should I?"

Dear , pleas stopp forgetting all my after a driver update. Would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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I feel like I want to about something ... but can't find anything. I should reconsider my πŸ˜‚

Currently reading Clean by Robert C. Martin. Every second page makes me go: "Ups done that many times." Or:"oh that's why I had these problems!" very enlightening to read.

Some how there is something deeply satisfying in doing "emerge -auNDv world" after you set your CPU_FLAGS_X86 -flags. LOOK AT ALL THE AWESOME FEATURES OF MY CPU ARE NOW USED!!... by about two apps xD

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the state of on makes me cry :-( Installing it causes half the system to be rebuilt with 32-bit libraries enabled. Putting in a chroot a) hoses the rest of the system b) doesn't work and snapd is not packaged for gentoo 😣 😭

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@leolaporte Heard you talking about "tooting" to Steve on and was surprised that you use Mastodon. Enjoy your vacation !

Uh it has been way too long. I should toot more often!

Seriously? We can make buttons blink, give text boxes glowy marignes.... BUT FUCKING CAN'T HYPHONATE TEXT AUTOMATICALLY!!!!

As always, CSS/HTML just show a severe lack of proper engineering and sound problem solving stragy.

Oh boy! there are really no good watches available at the moment. Should I finally give in to the hype and get a FitBit Ionic? But I really liked the extra bits and bobs that I could get from the Playstore.

@officialcjunior awesome new profile picture ❀ Luna is my secret bookperson crush😍

@ubuntupodcast @popey @Wimpress

Sitting in the train, listening to the podcast and giggeling ... And ppl look at me like I was mad 😁 thx for making my morning awesome

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RT Today at #DnD club, three 13-yr-olds defeated the monster by asking him how he was feeling, and then sitting him down to a group therapy session. They were on about 3hp each, out of spell slots and healing potions, and they beat the monster with the Power of Empathy.


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RT Here's a counter, maybe not a solution.


Yes! Crows and Ravens a different! And yes it is important! 😝

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