And here we go again. My brain finding all sorts of Sirius vs serious ... It always starts with Prisoner of Azkaban

I really like faces with a big ... but I can never tell anyone because for some reason big noses are something to be ashamed of

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Mit öffentlichen Geldern finanzierte Software soll grundsätzlich als #FreieSoftware veröffentlicht werden!

Rechtzeitig zur #Europawahl führt die neue @fsfe Broschüre „Public Money? Public Code!“ deshalb die Vorteile Freier Software auf:

Verfügbar unter CC-BY-SA 4.0 als PDF und Hardprint: (EN)

#publiccode #netzpolitik

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People who try really hard to look / but reject you for being "too " ... I don't get it. Well I guess its their right so say no without any explanation... But then stick to the no explanation part. *shrug*

I'm 75% through Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, narrated by Richard Ferrone ... And I really start to hate this Frank Charmers dude.

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Writes Firefox extension to change "cloud" to "someone else's servers in west virginia"

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Eine EU-Initiative kann dazu führen, dass OpenWRT und andere, selbst gebaute Software auf Geräten mit Funkschnittstelle nicht mehr installierbar sein darf.

Bitte beteilige Dich an dieser Stellungnahme! Bisher sind erst eine Handvoll Kommentare eingegangen:

Wenn Du Formulierungsprobleme hast oder keine Zeit dann kannst Du die Info trotzdem gern weitergeben! 👍

is fucking weird when jung people are concerned. We are expected to be good at and go , we should be and do , we should go found , we should be part of the , we should go and have . We should engage more in , we should do service. We should save up for old age.

But helping us our studies, finding affordable , paying for , paying health care .... No that's our own problem too.

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So, I have been learning some lately. Anybody knows a good project to contribute to based on the language ... that's friendly?

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I’ll delete my account on the 30th of February.

It was nice knowing you all.

That moment when you start your application ... no compiler errors ... no crashes during start up ... it just runs. And you as a squint your eyes and be like: "I have a bad feeling about this"

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Trauriges Urteil für E-Mail Dienste wie posteo & Co:

Das Bundesverfassungsgericht urteilt, dass IP-Adressen gespeichert und herausgegeben werden müssen.

I'm 50% through Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, narrated by Richard Ferrone. And it is getting strange... Very strange 😁😸 still slow and schemy and politics and drama... But very captivating. Although there are plenty of ... Like sci-fi anachronisms? Like having weak AI, but still driving/flying by hand or guide beacons. Simulating atomospheres and weather patterns... But still plotting it on graph paper. Its fun and refreshing to miss alot of the modern tropes

My calendar says: go to the . My body says: naah, I want to be !
My brains says: but you'll feel so much better after.
I guess I'm stuck here for a while … 😂

Wanna ascend into the sphere of gods? Or just get into the basics so you are not totally scrwed in the fateful event you accidentally find yourself in Vim and never ever want to :q! ? This flashcard stile app will get you at least to mastery of some basic commands 😁😍

People who say the Mass Effect 3 ending was bad, never Played Donkey Kong 64. Never seen a greater and utterly unrelated end to over all really great game.

To all testers and human interface designers and user experience gurus: Fields for username and passwords must not disappear or reset when they lose focus. All the fancy flipping, flopping and sliding makes password manager unusable!

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