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Do you encounter buggy and broken software daily? Do you think 4GB of RAM to run the modern equivalent of IRC is horrible? Do you want some cool stickers?

Wait no longer! Some friends and I will be printing these beautiful #softwarewasamistake stickers. If you want some as well, please let us know so we can adjust our printing order. We will be printing the stickers in time for #36c3 and #fosdem, where we will be able to hand them out 🎉

More info: softwarewasamistake.eu

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If you want to try an activity for assessing risks for your favorite superheroes, a hypothetical jewelry store, or
threats more realistic for your community, try using SEC's threat modeling handout (now in Spanish and English!) sec.eff.org/materials/threat-m twitter.com/TXJennieK/status/1

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Verschlüsseln. Jetzt. Zwei #Berlin #CryptoParty s diese Woche:
* Mo, 19 Uhr, #Schöneberg: cryptoparty.in/berlin/aha-berl
* Mi, 19 Uhr, #Kreuzberg (ausschliesslich FNTI*): cryptoparty.in/berlin/westgerm

[Anmerkung: FNTI = Female / Non-Binary / Trans / Inter]

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#TodayILearned: Closed source is the new carbon!

At least when it comes to #IoT:
German startup Locumi Labs files for bankruptcy, shutting down its servers and turning all of its “Nello one” smart locks into heaps of e-waste.


So... what's our closed source phase-out plan again...?

#TIL #BitsUndBaeume #NelloDarknessMyFriend

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Image: GAME introduces 'Christmas Tinner' for gamers who can't stop ... images.app.goo.gl/PoAN4bWDoPkG

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JackieHagan/status

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To be clear: Digital Sovereignty isn't the 'freedom' to choose who controls your data (choices: Microsoft, Google, Apple and maybe 2 more). Digital Sovereignty is being in control yourself. Maybe not always but that's certainly the easiest and most certain way...

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Nextclouders/statu

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how do i make sure that something from appimagehub.com is trustworthy?

i am looking for for , for a friend...

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