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🏚️ This years Halloween Event is featuring a scary haunted house!
If you are brave enough, give it a visit - can you solve the parkour?
The haunted house is right next to the travelcenter, come and try your best!
Read more about our event here:
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🎃 Players of Illuna, our Halloween Event is starting! 🎉
Our lovely, mysterious, flying pumpkins returned, we've heard some of them actually carry precious items! Get them!
Read more about our event here:
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We have updated our website so the livemaps now load manually - this should be a huge performance boost for visitors with slow network connection. 😄
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You may have noticed that the in-game chat wasn't transported to the external groupchats a little while - except mainly join/leave notifications. This has been fixed for techeth - the patch will be applied to the other servers within the next hours!

Hooray, the TechEth Livemap on our website is working again. :)

Hey partypeople, we are currently fighting lag on our TechEth server.
matrix_chat and showbones are disabled and glowworms generation has been disabled (while the mod remains active).

More on this, here:

Instead of being connected to the IRC, our servers are now connected to the channel - which is still connected to Telegram and IRC though.
Right now it's still the classic way, the fake-users way may follow (player appears as chatuser).

We changed the drawtype of leaves and disabled waving of plants by default on our Capture the Flag server to lower client lag.
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Illuna did not sign the Outer Space Treaty - time for some Space Mining!
Hurry, deadend99 is already there!
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Yum, look at this beautiful scenery - there is an integral tree hovering above a canyon with a redwood forest on the ground! ✨
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Behold, the tower of FoxZOolm - which is totally worth a visit!
Check it out on our VIP server, it is in the travelcenter.
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What about building a little asian styled bridge with pkarcs? 🤔
This one was created by Viki - looks great right?
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Pro-Tip for getting started on Illuna: Did you know?
You can move way faster when using water on your mine stairs and you don't even need a boat in order to obtain this advantage! 💨⛏️
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What would you do, if you had the power of two nuclear power stations available?
Whatever you gonna do, be careful with it. 😉⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

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