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The World of Illuna

Heads up!
As the young Zombies are very smart and often find a way into players buildings,
we sent them on vacation for now.

This means no new young Zombies will spawn for now but already spawned ones will remain because they didn't listen to us. πŸ™„

TechEth Livemap is online!

There are still things to do like a few wrong colors (castle roof for example) and some css/script work but hey you can have a live-view (30sec interval when the play button was pressed) of your TechEth servers map now! It will be integrated into our website soon. :minecraft_pick:

Hint: as mountains and biopods would disturb the view, it got a Y limit of +2000 nodes. πŸ˜„


Random Facts about Illuna:

The VIP World currently contains 23 032 991 blocks

Hooray, a new Update Collection is out! πŸŽ‰
Time to set some caves on fire! πŸ”₯

Watch the video:

Get a detailed list in our Communityforum:


There is a crazy place for looters in our map. πŸ”₯
Be the first one finding it and lead your team to win!
:minetest: not :minecraft:

What would YOU love to see on Illuna next year?
Participate in our Communityforum today!

Today was unreachable a while and only worked. It turned out that Freenom canceled our domain without any note about it. They now forced us to ~9€/year because a "meaningful dictionary word" on re-registering the domain.

Sorry for the confusion.

During the past week, we removed the ownership feature from anvil and the moneychanger as lot’s of players requested.
Also the integral tree leaves are now behaving as most of the other trees leaves - you can climb around and they’re rendered as expected now and we got a cool new Capture the Flag server!




More parts of our spawncastle are accessible now! Meet our greenhouse to see available plants on multiple tiers - it allows you to go outside too! Enjoy! πŸŽ‰