actually in the UK they call them crisptunes

cartoonish outdated apocalyptic movie

This 2011 low-res docudrama is hilariously bad. Al Qaeda will obviously destroy DC with a nuke. 🙅‍♂️

(story) Your party is out adventuring, when 

suddenly you hear a Sending spell in your head. "&" it says. "&&&&&&&"

After you determine that it has the signature magic of a wizard friend you hadn't seen in a while, your party makes the trek to her wizard's tower. You still keep getting periodic "&&&&&" put telepathically into your mind.

She answers the door, surprised to hear what's happening. She then looks in the other room.

To find her cat familiar has fallen asleep on her open spellbook.

Computers are rocks we tricked into thinking by shoving lightning into them, it’s all made up, eat trash be free.

So I made a bot, @PieceOfSky which will post a photo of a small, random part of the universe every few hours. Follow if you think you would enjoy that sort of thing.

there's a snek in my toot 


If you take the standard deduction, the only reason you have to file a return is because Grover Norquist and Intuit want you to keep doing it. The former so you'll hate taxes and the latter so you'll pay them to do it for you.

Thought on Mastodon v. big 2 social media: birb & facey have conditioned us to "want" certain things out of "social media" and a lot of that is:
🔹 likes
🔹 followers
🔹 constant stream of content
Basically, it's evolved into more a marketing media than the social media in began as:
🔸 a place to feel comfortable
🔸 share interests
🔸 have conversations
🔸 have income-independent fun.
I don't know if mastodon will get me back to that, but I hope so, and I want to be open to it.

Petition to replace the term 'walking simulator' with 'stroll-playing game'

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